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At Benedictine College, professors know that their work is held to the standards of the Catholic faith in three ways: Through a mission review by the faculty hiring and Rank and Tenure Committees, Board of Directors and Administration in promotion and hiring; through a curriculum committee; and by a student evaluation review in which students are given the opportunity to share any and all concerns with every professor yearly in an anonymous way. Please identity the courses that students may choose from in order to satisfy common curriculum distribution requirements: Introduction/Survey Courses in English literature, history, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, art, music, theater, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, as well as theology and philosophy courses. Darren Muggli, chair of Benedictine Engineering which was awarded a $250,000 Keck Foundation Grant, totaling $1 million in grant awards since 2009. Does your institution have formal programs to foster Catholic prayer life and spirituality in campus residences? Hunger Coalition, Knights of Columbus and Ravens Respect Life. The grotto is the site of the May Crowning "send-off" of student vocations to the priesthood and religious life. At the request of Most Rev. The town boasts of more than 20 sites on the National Register of Historic Places and is the birthplace of famed pilot Amelia Earhart. Does your institution offer retreat programs available to all Catholic students at least annually? There are also two- and four-bedroom apartment-style residences for upper-class men and women. Are you aware of any graduates from your institution (not including seminary students, if any) who are ordained to the priesthood or have entered religious life? The Circuit, October 1989. The results are impressive. For the gender breakdown for all students, go here. See racial/ethnic breakdown for all students. (Yes/No). Is every undergraduate student required to take one or more interdisciplinary courses relating theology or philosophy with other disciplines? Also, Benedictines nursing program was approved by the Kansas State Board of Nursing in 2010. Speaking engagements include: The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C., Legatus society meetings, Catholic lawyer groups, and Catholic radio. In 1970, Fr. It has 2,128 students aged under 25 and 88 students aged 25 and over out of 2,217 total students. Get in touch with Benedictine College to schedule your campus visit: 1020 North Second Street Benedictine is careful when hiring theology professors. The incoming freshman class is required to attend chastity talks as a part of their orientation weekend that promote both physical and emotional chastity. In 1924 Mount St. Scholastica's Junior College was opened so these young women could continue their tertiary education. 7 university presidents, including presidents of Boise State and the University of Dallas. Noon, Ordinary Form, spoken antiphons; Department of Mass Communications, classrooms, offices and Benedetto's Pizza on two floors, with Residence Hall above. National Association of Schools of Music Are members of your faculty officially informed of their responsibility for maintaining and strengthening the Catholic identity of the institution? Any Student who wishes In addition to the Introduction to Theology course, all students take two additional courses to satisfy this requirement. Seventy percent of new students sign up for the 72 FOCUS Bible studies taking place on campus, and nearly a quarter of the student body attends the FOCUS national conference. John B. Mige, S.J., Vicar Apostolic of Leavenworth, two Benedictine monks arrived in Atchison from Doniphan and opened St. Benedict's College, a boarding school, in 1858. Communion & Liberation, Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), Knights of Columbus, Legion of Mary, Mystery Makers, Nun Run, Ravens Respect Life, and Saint Pauls Outreach. 66 students lived in Kansas or jurisdiction in which the school is located are enrolled exclusively in online courses and 84 students live in other State or outside of the United States. Does the local bishop (or other competent ecclesiastical authority) select or approve the appointment of your chaplain? [5] It was agreed upon, and the universities merged on July 1, 1971, to form the current Benedictine College. Do Catholic members of your institutions governing board(s) make the Catholic Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity? Graduating 65% of students, Benedictine College alumni go on to earn a starting salary of $32,700. Benedictine College has an amazing community built upon faith and reason. About 70 percent of students majoring in natural sciences continue in graduate and professional schools, nearly twice the national average. The students who attend the Leadership Seminar will then serve as cultural agents who educate new students about the mission and values of the college. Benedictine offers a study abroad semester at its Florence campus in Italy for up to 40 students per semester. Henry Lemke in what he called a miracle of the Mother of God.. There is no dress code, and moderate drinking is permitted by students of legal age. Other active groups on campus are the Communion and Liberation group that meets weekly, and a Hunger Coalition that serves approximately 400 meals to the Atchison community each week. 806 All-Conference student-athletes in five years. Despite efforts to maintain a strong Catholic identityfor instance, the Abbey leased its land to the College on the condition that all students take nine credit hours of theologythe College became something of a party school from the 1970s to the early 1990s. We make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, Benedictine College Faculty Racial/Ethnic Demographics: Learn more about the faculty at Benedictine College. ), Matthew J. Ramage,Dark Passages of the Bible: Engaging Scripture with Benedict XVI and St. Thomas Aquinas, John Rziha,The Christian Moral Life: Directions for the Journey to Happiness, Andrew Swafford,Nature and Grace: A New Approach to Thomistic Ressourcement, Mark Zia,The Enduring Faith and Timeless Truths of Fulton Sheen. Additional Institutional Identity information, clarification or description (optional): Benedictine College honors Catholic identity through: Humanae Vitae Award, for making the Catholic Churchs teaching on life, bioethics or human sexuality better known and appreciated. Total number of certificate degree programs offered online or through distance education. If students of the opposite sex are permitted to visit students bedrooms, does your institution have an open bolt policy? The admission rate range is 90-100% making this US higher education organization a least selective institution. These will not be new activities for Benedictine College. In 2016-2017 academic year, Benedictine College's tuition was $26,730 for all students regardless of residency (0.2% cheaper than the national average tuition of a typical 4-year private institution). Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology* 5:15 p.m., Ordinary Form, hymn; Officially accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, Benedictine College (BC) is a small (uniRank enrollment range: 2,000-2,999 students) coeducational US higher education institution formally affiliated with the Christian-Catholic religion. List the schedule for Confession by day and time: Mo 12:30 p.m., 4:00-5:00 p.m., 9:00-9:30 p.m. Tu 12:30 p.m., 4:00-5:00 p.m., 9:00-9:30 p.m. We 12:30 p.m., 4:00-5:00 p.m., 9:00-9:30 p.m. Th 12:30 p.m., 4:00-5:00 p.m., 9:00-9:30 p.m. Other: All retreats, at spiritual direction, before All-School Masses, before Baccalaureate Mass and by appointment with chaplains. As a liberal arts college, Benedictine College is dedicated to provide a liberal arts education by means of academic programs based on a core of studies in the arts and sciences. The abbey has a current population of 53 monks, while the Mount monastery numbers 147 community members. But there is also a deeper meaning: the Abbey tower sits precisely above the Tabernacle at the center of the 100-acre campus, a reminder that Christ and His Church are the true foundation of the monastic community and the College. The recent changes made by President Steven Mennis have been incredibly successful. The first three initiatives call on the college to make the global Catholic Church the model for our approach to student life and diversity, to make faith formation intentional for all students, to emphasize ethics in conformity with the teachings of the Catholic Church in all disciplines and to strengthen the colleges commitment to the Catholic intellectual tradition. BC also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, housing, sports facilities, financial aids and/or scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs, online courses and distance learning opportunities, as well as administrative services. Adam Buhman-Wiggs, psychology: president, Kansas Psychological Association. We open and close board, administration and faculty meetings in prayer; board schedules include Mass. Guided by our Benedictine charism we acknowledge that student learning in the classroom and formation outside of the classroom will be enhanced through living in community. 3. At least half of Benedictines college ministry programs are dedicated to social justice and human rights. A former prosecuting attorney and corporate lawyer, Minnis is a Benedictine College alumnus. Recent recipients include Biblical scholar Sister Irene Nowell, OSB, and pro-life activist Sherry Mefford Lange. Information, though believed correct at time of publication, may not be correct, and no warranty is provided. Is your institutions president a practicing Catholic? Are all of the Masses celebrated on campus reverent and in accord with liturgical norms and directives? - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. -Added Full-tuition National Merit Scholarships and 30 endowed scholarships. Do all faculty in the theological disciplines make the Catholic Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity? Important: please contact or visit the official website of Benedictine College for detailed information on facilities and services provided, including the type of scholarships and other financial aids offered to local or international students; the information above is indicative only and may not be complete or up-to-date. Presented information and data are subject to change. Luke Turner, OSB, Associate College Chaplain: Fr. Tip: search for Benedictine College's tuition fees with the uniRank Search Engine. You have your options from a very conservative Mass [at the Abbey] to a more charismatic Mass with praise and worship, said one student. Students who graduate from Benedictines Chemistry program can receive an additional certification from the ACS. The average loan amount given out to these students was $5,548 (which is 5.9% below the national average.). Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services, Foreign Languages, Literatures, And Linguistics, Parks, Recreation, Leisure, And Fitness Studies. The displayed options may include sponsored or recommended results, not necessarily based on your preferences. Benedictine College ministry estimated that 80 percent of Benedictine students worship weekly.

Among them, the Chamber Singers have traveled to Italy several times, performing in Venice, Rome, and even for the Pope. 1020 North 2nd Street, Atchison, Kansas, 66002, United States, All ranked institutions have an overall score and 4 pillar scores. The FOCUS-affiliated Varsity Catholic offers 19 bible studies for 15 different sports teams. School of Business Education Department Theology Department Engineering Department, Tip: search for Benedictine College's faculties or academic divisions with the uniRank Search Engine, Benedictine College's Facebook page for social networking, Benedictine College's Twitter webpage for micro-blogging and news updates, Benedictine College's LinkedIn profile for business and academic networking, Benedictine College's YouTube or Vimeo channel for videos, Benedictine College's Instagram or Flickr account for photos, Tip: search for Benedictine College's online or distance education courses with the uniRank Search Engine. Does your institutions president make the Catholic Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity? Please report errors and additions taking into consideration the above criteria. There is a main street with local businesses located just blocks away from campus and larger retailers located a bit farther near the edge of town. The separate colleges' corporations remain in existence for scholarships and land ownership purposes[6] and allowed the newly formed college a free 50-year lease of the separate colleges' facilities on their campuses. The legend also has the raven saving St. Benedict from eating poisoned bread. Benedictine College promotes the growing involvement of religious and laity in the Churchs ministries.

The Catholic faith is at the heart of Benedictine College and there are many student societies centred around worship and bible study. Students are required to take three philosophy and three theology courses as part of their graduation requirements. These include core courses in English composition, a foreign language, theology, philosophy, wellness for life, physical fitness, and the Benedictine College Experience. Therefore, nearly 80 percent of our entire student body lives on campus in the residence halls. Has your institutions diocesan bishop (or other competent ecclesiastical authority) officially recognized the institution as Catholic? Upperclassmen residence halls vary from suite style rooms with shared common spaces and bathrooms to apartment style residence halls where residents have their own kitchen. 6 National Merit finalists When one of our students is found in violation of the alcohol policy they receive the following consequences. [8], The School of Business offers bachelor's degrees and an MBA degree. These projects offer students a meaningful context for their liberal arts education by integrating multiple perspectives, translating understanding into performance, and extending learning beyond the classroom. Private HS: 5% Public HS: 43%. Top three states: Kansas (25%), Missouri (16%), Colorado (9%) of students agree that professors put a lot of effort into teaching their classes. If yes, please describe. If applicable,in which athletic Divisionand Conference does your institution compete? How does your institution foster sobriety and respond to substance abuse on campus, particularly in campus residences? degree as the highest degree approved. Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) We start each year with the monks coming into the residence halls for a night of room blessings for every room in each residence hall. The university is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), primarily competing in the Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC) since the 199192 academic year. Dentistry, Law, Medical Technology, Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy. Education Department, School of Business, and Departments of Theology and Philosophy, Weight room, multipurpose room, 50-yard turf field, track, basketball courts, Mother Teresa Center for Nursing and Health Education, Nursing Department and Athletic Health Care, Administration and faculty offices; Mabee Theatre, Recreation Center and O'MalleyMcAllister Auditorium, O'Malley Gymnasium, Sister Mary Noel Walter Atrium, Freshmen male dorm that houses 140 students; St. Augustine's Lounge, Residence Hall on 3rd Floor that houses 42 women, A collection of four halls (Legacy Hall, Kremmeter Hall, Wolf Hall and Lemke Hall) that houses 288 upperclassmen, "Suite style" female dorm that houses 160 sophomore women; Schroll Center, Male dorm that houses 140 freshman and sophomores, Two houses (Harman & Schirmer) that can fit up to 27 occupants, which are usually upperclassmen (can vary from all-male to all-female), Freshman female dorm that houses up to 90 women; St. Martin's Chapel (located on the ground floor), A freshman female dorm that houses 140 women, Female residence hall that houses 120 women, Sr. Mary Noel Walter, OSB, Ph.D. (Acting, July 1, 1971, to February 12, 1972), Fr. 1,092 male and 1,125 female students (the male-female ratio is 49:51) are attending, 1,712 White, 64 Black, and 30 Asian students, Private, Less than 2-years | Overland Park, WellSpring School of Allied Health-Lawrence. 9:30 p.m., Ordinary Form, hymn, Tu 8:15 a.m., Ordinary Form, hymn; We offer several courses which are team taught, such as Catholic Social Thought (Economics and Theology). We regularly feature important Catholic speakers on questions regarding Catholic identity in public life, such that we have started a speech digest to share their important lectures nationally. In total, daily Masses are attended by approximately 625 students, more than one-third of the student body. [23] The college is located within the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, though it is not operated by the Archdiocese. Collaborative learningworking with faculty toward common goals; and. Because of the wide range of opportunities at Benedictine, nearly any type of student should be able to fit in and have a successful college experience. In 2010 alone, 197 freshmen signed up for FOCUS Bible studies on their first day on campus. Our alumni include 7 21st-century bishops. These 19 are housed in the Benedictine College Athletics Department: Mens sports:Basketball, Baseball, Cross, Country, Football, Soccer, Track & Field, Wrestling, Lacrosse. [24], The main buildings of Benedictine College are in many cases named for important persons in Benedictine College history.[25]. Daily resources foracademics and university staff, Everything you need for each stepof your study abroad journey. The abbey has a current population of 53 monks, while the Mount monastery numbers 147 community members. please list all student clubs not listed in the above categories: American Sign Language Club, Film Club, Pileus (Coin Collecting Club), Raven Venturing Crew, Raven Roleplaying Gamers, Republicans, Student International Business Council, Students in Free Enterprise, and Swing & Social Dance Club. Kansas State Board of Nursing**

Students from top three states: 50%, Catholic HS: 41% Homeschool: 12% In that time, most faculty members and academic departments have taken an active role in sponsoring student projects."[18]. Please. One hall features lofts, suites, and apartment-style rooms for upper-class women. Students are also involved in serving the poor through Simple House, an outreach program in Kansas City. One group of students is engaged in prison ministry. Please describe options for students to reside on and off campus: Benedictine College is a four-year residential institution. In addition to Kansas City, students can easily reach St. Joseph, Missouri, which is about 20 miles across the state border. (2004 to present), This page was last edited on 16 July 2022, at 03:17. Are the altar servers at your institutions Masses male only or both male and female? The following section details graduation and dropout rates of Benedictine College full-time students who started class in 2010 and graduated or dropped out prior to August 31, 2016. In 2018 the library has reported 173,618 physical volumes, 916 physical media and 61 licensed digital/electronic databases. Benedictine has a household program, called the School of the Lords Service, where students live together and act and pray as a community. Benedictine College is located in Atchison, Kansas, on a beautiful 110 acre campus on the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River.