poe splitting steel not working

If it's too slow for killing bosses (and it is), switch to shattering steel.

"nne" > "nn" due to skiNNing knife being in the game. If anyone wishes to start practising early - it's 100% Act 5 Kitava category. Where did the Cartographers Hideout go after the change to the Epilogue? Same goes for Brutus. Got bored of the league, so decided to improve the most annoying thing for me in the game - leveling through the acts in a league starting/ssf scenario.

Maybe not exact same yet the difference should be less obvious. funnily enough that's why tytykiller starting speedrunning in the first place, he hated doing the campaign so he wanted to spend the least time in it as possible, want to spend the least time possible in campaign, proceed to spend more time in campaign than 99.999% of playerbase. JavaScript is disabled. Was there any confirmation from GGG that this is still supposed to work?

And not wrong.

start treating it like a speedrun every time for the sake of self-improvement), it becomes a lot more fun than otherwise, Unfortunately, I really find speed running boring.

However, after 3.5k hours played, I decided that 8-11 hours for acts isn't a thing I can tolerate anymore. Then lava! AoE modifiers do not modify the damage values in the skill popup for the same reason as Fireball - not all the damage the skill does is AoE. If it's not your cup of tea, then fine, the dude is just sharing his critique of it.

All Content. Speedrunning downvotes on Reddit counts right? [3.18] Donkster5' LS Champ (Bright Knight) SC HC SSF Leaguestart to All Content. How much time would you say you have you spent on acts now purely to spend less time on acts? I always wished they did something like that.

My tool tip is the same whether I have 0 or 4 Intensity. [3.18] Beginner-friendly Spectral helix champion. [3.18] Velyna's HoAG Storm Rain Cheap and Easy Leaguestarter | Hidden and Feared Viable, [3.18] fezz's Toxic Rain Champion - Step-by-Step PoE Build Guide for Beginners & Casuals, Path of Exile - Sentinel League - Champion Builds. I disagree. Tailor as you will with the | symbol to add in "nne" for runners or "magic" for magic wands or whatever else you like. I've been using Caustic Arrow + Burning Arrow Ballista (swapping to Rain of Arrows + RoA totems at level 12).

Get 2 decent wands in lower prison, or get nothing till merveil. In the latter, you have to complete every side mission and mini game before beating the game. There's no reason for them to have huge efficiency differences, every skill you get should be enough to at least do acts 1-2 comfortably. What am I missing here? How can it be improved? These are more useful questions than "where does it stop?!?!?!". Not to bring any speedrunners down but it saddens me that the most optimal way to play the campaign is to ignore 99% of the content because it's all fucking useless. They usually have a bunch of videos featuring different builds that are worth studying if you wanna speed your acts up. Then buff base damage and nerf backend scaling. We stop at making sure no skill that sucks at level one is available at level one and vice-versa.

And those stormblast mines + orb of stroms annihilate him in seconds.

Might make it even more fun for you. If you compare completetion times for all characters using various gems, is there a range? I personally love trying to make an end game build work as soon as possible, so I'll take the deaths and run in circles tickling Brutus, it's part of the joy to see it struggle at the beginning and excel at the end. The explosions from Blazing Salvo are aera damage and scale with area damage modifiers. I tried climbing the platform on the top left (turns out this isn't Star Wars and just getting the high ground wasn't possible) and I tried going down the stairs, which also didn't help either.

For example: https://poehub.gg/articles/layouts/act1/the-upper-prison/. A lot of the mechanical differences wouldn't be able to be balanced - ie. Like starting duelist to get steel+bleed or another class to get a target skill. Ya know balance around the early game as much as the end game. But, as I didn't test this route, i'm not sure if it will be possible to do act 10 in 4:30 or so.

Especially i cannot cast it with or without shards. Only one mule character is allowed (to get desired gems which your class doesn't have).

It shouldn't be this way in end game and some skills might have better scaling and other better base, but early on why not give them same kind of a baseline of playability.

It's great for clear.

Yay! Any projectile damage dont work with splitting steel. This site is fan-made and not affiliated with Grinding Gear Games in any way.

Increasing AOE does not appear to increase the size. But no, obviously not. It used to be very different, but then you would still skip most content and make up for lost levels in Felshrine Ruins, Docks and (once we got act 4) the Dried Lake.

OTOH a pokemon red speedrun or a super mario 3 speedrun at any% is literally just bugging the game to roll the credits, so it's playing even less of the game than a PoE speedrun. Practice for the gauntlet a bit. I'm not interested in speedrunning instead I want to feel how a character grows/changes as much as possible while leveling, so I tend to level with my final mainskill as soon as I can even if its dogshit for early leveling. Act 1, in my opinion, has 2 major problems: Mud Flats and Brutus. You realize that you can balance early game skills provided by the story so they are all equally effective at levelling right? What's the alternative? Keep an eye out for an announcement at the end of gauntlet. The problem of the bug, that i able to summon steel shards, but i can't use the skill. And how things are different if i manage to get at least 1 of them.

you'd have to get rid of the damaging trigger part of orb of storms, dot skills would probably have to be adjusted to do less dot damage to be 'fair and equal' to on hit abilities, etc.

Grumbling about the vendors not having any required 3-links on both mule and main. I jus started playing this game yesterday. Really appreciate a google docs. So, I decided to improve my performance here. It's really insane how stormblast or spark just deletes Brutus while a bow character clowns around with 3 different dot skills for like 5 minutes. Like clearly not all things are equal, but if we set a metric of complete this act within this amount of time, but not too fast! A rogue lite island or some league type would be insanely fun in poe. And I dont speed run like, for record time. Or just move SRS to an A2 gem where people will have an expanded tool set to properly use it and not be handicapping themselves, Or maybe it stops where you think it stops with build filters and there's no point to any kind of feedback or the system will explode. Yeah, surely a much worse option than there being an absurdly huge gap between skills for no reason. A new player for instance will be very overwhelmed with all the new zones, mobs, and systems and they will all matter. And it's working similarly to Fireball right? This discrepancy bothers me so much. Perhaps it stops when all available gems in act 1, will all deliver an act 1 completetion time within an acceptable window of time? As a tip regarding level tresholds, try to aim for 12-13 on Merveil, 20-21 on Oversoul (22 is still fine, since that means your exp is gonna be giga-insane for act 3), 28-29 on Dominus, 32 when doing Grand Arena/Kaom's Stronghold (really important), 34-35 on Malachai.

Got any tips for a complete newbie? But there's a million factors, as to why your build isn't working. Mana sustain alone makes it unbearable because once all mana flasks have run out I might as well die and refill that way.

Avarius in Act 10 is the furthest I've got so far, but I'll eventually get Kitava down in between new leagues. Recording (or streaming if you want people to help you out) your runs is also really nice since you can analyse what you did wrong in some runs and how you could improve in the future runs. For people out there who wanna know how to level fast, I recommend looking at tytykiller's and imexile's YouTube channels. Fucking pokemon did it THIRTY YEARS ago, no reason why it can't be balanced in this game.

Then gasoline!

yah if you never play b4, you will find it addictive once you start farming and trading.

You can have an easy to pick up and play game, with an incredible high ceiling(the crafting and end game in this case), so why make the early game more difficult or obnoxious? I understand you're attempt at logic, but try putting more thought into it. unironically - yes? But, if you come in at the end to find out what the best optimizations are, of course its going to appear like its already solved and there's nothing more for you to try, because that work has already been done.

And those stormblast mines + orb of stroms annihilate him in seconds. You can now only pick and find gems that you should be using.

With caster I can skip 2 locations entirely, while relying on getting ruby rings before brutus. If you want to be more serious, you can start aiming for 13m Brutus and 17m Merveil (or 16m Brutus and 22m Merveil if off-meta).

It's been REALLY insane. I'm being facetious to prove a point. So, i started to test several routes to optimize things following general rules: And i'm having SO MUCH fun testing different things here.

Yes, TR still works, [3.18] Shockwave Cyclone Build (League Starter) | Champion | Sentinel | Path of Exile 3.18, [3.18] Shockwave Cyclone Build | Champion | Sentinel | Path of Exile 3.18, [3.18] CheapBunny Petrified Blood Low Life 6 Aura Double Strike Champion, [3.18] Elemental Hit Build | Champion | Sentinel | Path of Exile 3.18, [3.18] The Fortified Summoner: HoP MI Champion.

I'd recommend giving it a try at some time. Don't play meta league starters like seismic trap/tr/cf using relevant classes/ascendancies. This is true for AoE it seems as well. Many people find watching speed running boring, but find when they actually try it they enjoy jt themselves.

This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts. I recently leveled a witch with full twink gear in sc trade (tabby seven league step etc) and I was moving almost the same speed in SSF HC, following imexiles DD necro run.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. those skills typically begin to sort themselves out mid-campaign, they really ought to just not suck such huge dick earlier than that, So your logic is that if a build struggles on any boss in acts it wont be able to handle any end game content?

They do not display on the popup for the same reason they don't on Fireball - because not all the damage the skill does is area damage - the projectiles only do area damage when they explode. Where can i find arma brand run you mention? If a level 1 gem is subpar until you reach a certain level or acquire a locked away support gem, then why is that gem a level 1 option? Reconsidering how to approach the game has made the campaign (and even the game in general) more enjoyable for me as well.

And experienced players just never bother with it until later making it's purpose in the game seem malicious(trying to trick/trap new players) or inept(there are more efficient ways to scale the early game around early gems).

Is this just a tool tip bug or are the modifiers not applying?

Should it be improved? for real - if a skill cannot be useful to a player at a point (esp an early one), then why is it offered to the player? The same goes for Intensify and Pinpoint Support. I understood that part from other comments however I am meaning the actual size/area of the explosion. But at that point, we're just moving the problems a few act - Probably making it worse, even. For Kitava, you're looking at 34-ish in act 5 any%, 36-ish in act 5 100% and 40-ish in a full run. It only does area damage when the projectile explodes. The fact that your first decision in town is picking a skill means you have no learning experience to draw from, in which case they should all be balanced properly. Players who don't figure it out, waste time, struggle and eventually quit the game. If you want to get more serious about speedrunning, I would suggest keeping track of your splits in a document (I like to split on Brutus and Merveil) to see how much time you're spending per segment and where you need to improve.

Wait, but there's no skinning in PoE. Remove difficulty, aquire accessibility!

EDIT : Scrolled down and saw another gentleman had already posted it, practice a campaign you hate for dozens of hours so you can shave off 2 hours on league start, When you change the way you think about campaign (e.g. A jump king speedrun is just doing the whole game, but perfectly. With helix route I will spend less regrets later, but waste more time in library. Random of drops. Splits is kinda non-representative sometimes because of exp coasting, no? I'm not sure if i will go furter in speedrunning, but merveil in 20-25 minutes is my current goal.

Its not that everything is useless, its just that its slower not to skip. After testing this doesn't appear to be the case. Each zone has one layout that is the fastest and every zone has multiple different layouts. Just basically do a relaxed version of a speed run.

Should the top performers be nerfed?

All skills do the exact same DPS? There are also some resources over at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1D-1MrLGXZlVXXPfoDJs-mr0Irt9w7I3GQ-ujdp16kJM/edit#gid=1295593775. Yeah.

Like Splitting Steel + Chance to Bleed utterly destroys Mud Flats on a white 2h, and zombies or most of melee/short ranged skills get destroyed by rhoas. You hit a brick wall at whatever boss, cause the game didn't communicate that you were making a poor decision (which it doesn't at all, other than you just not being able to kill things) But surely the player hitting this wall earlier, before being attached to a build, would be preferable. Why not do a build filter, like a loot filter!

For act 1, i think all skills having very similar dps is good? were the projectiles not forking AT ALL or some other issue(s)?

Because most interesting games give you tons of choice, inevitably the pursuit of optimization will make all those choices for you, and you'll simply be left to execute.

Stop trying to use the slippery slope argument on things that are perfectly controllable.

Can you finish Act 1 using any random skill, adding Act 1 supports to it and using reasonably found gear? Watched tytys latest arma brand guardain, act5 1:20. Splits aren't that beneficial for tracking progress in poe speed running. Projectiles were forking, but projectile damage modifers were not applying. Currently. If you really want to play with splitting steel, go gmp and barrage for maximum projectile. u/E_Feato


Careful, there's actualy a bug right now. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ.

Exploring which skills/spells are at least decent at mud flats besides splitting steel. Is there a reason for that? Activated the Call of Steel skill, but the Splitting Steel skill remains unusable 'Can't use this skill'. In the patch preview post there was this line: "Fixed a bug where Splitting Steel and Blazing Salvo weren't affected by Area modifiers.".

Others are the opposite. Eesh. I noticed in the patch notes for today that it is being corrected with projectile modifiers. You should join a speedrun community. You must log in or register to reply here. So, i decided to give a few runs of act 1, since, after some consideration, i started to think that it's very important to get through this act as good and fast as possible to ensure a smooth sailing to the point of snowballing. Took 4 deaths including one accidental return to town instead of from last checkpoint.

I know most of us are seeing this from a perspective of "The acts are boring as fuck, I want to finish them as soon as possible" but I do not think the game should be made with this idea in mind. That process is interesting and exciting if you're a part of discovering and testing those optimizations. Its all useless because speedrunning is basically deconstructing the game to its most optimal. Good job and thanks for the incoming fix!. If one of the tools we gave you to complete the task is subpar, why? Fork is working for me, however the % projectile damage increase is not shown on the tool tip.

It's only there to trick/trap uninformed players. Where does it stop?

You could provide them! The thing I think is different in PoE's case is that no one would say that bugging the game to skip to the credits is the most optimal way to play those games, while many veterans believe that, between veterans, playing like a speedrunner is the most optimal thing to do even if you aren't actually speedrunning. Just got back into the game. I know running the campaign to get to maps isn't really an any% run but it tries to get as close as possible.

I really felt like playing a roguelike game. I don't know what to tell you, by that logic, some jackass microbial life that discovered eating, should have eaten the entire universe a long time ago. Poe speedrunning is very much about RNG and the splits won't be worth much unless you compare between the same layout selection.

Just to let you know, a speedrunning event open to everyone will start at the end of July. https://www.speedrun.com/poe#A5_PtsLab (be sure to select 3.17) also has various runs from other people with different builds. I do enjoy playing the campaign with minimal prep. So when it hits an enemy for the first time and will still travel, it'll not explode and fork, it'll just hit from the projectile and fork without explosion on 1st hit.

I didn't figure out that you had to stand inside his rune circle to avoid damage from his blood rain move. This is not the case right now but it should be. And let's address that, is SRS too shit without right keystone passives or support gems? I would also heavily recommend doing act 1 any% runs (ignoring the Dweller, lab trial and Fairgraves), as you can get more runs done in the same timeframe and also makes the runs a bit more difficult as you're not getting the exp, skillpoints and gear from doing those optional objectives. Like, going casting route, if i didn't get a recipe wands with added flat damage to spells before Brutus - run is ruined. If something is working early game, but for no obvious reason, it falls off later - And you're too inexperienced to understand why, isn't that way worse? In the former, you are skipping as much content as possible to rush the final boss.

I made a post about it before but if you like poe and deckbuilders, try gordian quest. it shouldn't be difficult to just bump up the damage of certain skills in their early gem levels. That is kinda funny when you think about it.

As a new player it was really Dominus that kicked my ass the most going through the acts. If you can't understand the spirit of the discussion. My runs are long but they've been interesting. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts.

Stormblast mines/ orb of storms is insane for first 2-3 acts. I did multiple runs yesterday, and I really feel so refreshed after all that endgame mapping/bossing/simulacrums so I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.

For most games speedruns aim to play as little as possible of the game being ran. [3.18] Donkster5' The Toxic Tank! Oh my, that's a great question! What is that range? That's a good point. As a player going through the campaign and gains access to means of scaling damage one way or another the difference should become more obvious but early on like if one skill is utter garbage and other one is god sent I simply can't do shit about it, I might like the second one more mechanicly/visually but how am I gonna use it if it requires 10 manapools to kill a mini-boss? Each attempt is a fresh start. Chamber of Innocence is still being farmed, but that's more for safety than a necessity.

You are supposed to skip as much content as your category allows while still completing the game. It's fun to try new and challenging things. I'm not sure if anyone has spent more time in the campaign. But with that logic, where does it stop? Here: https://www.speedrun.com/poe/run/y9v6njrm. Also, opening up new possibilities as you progress is a cool mechanic that people enjoy.

Speedrunning ?!! Some skills have lower barriers(spells or attacks with high base damage vs spells and attacks with unlockable scaling effects). Compare Mario Sunshine any% to 120 shines. Not sure how useful it is for you, but I like to use the regex for any three link: [rgb]-[rgb]-[rgb] or [gb]-[gb]-[gb] for no red sockets. Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and Cookies Notice. almost all skills are capable of coming into their own by about act 3 or 4. even the terrible leveling skills. Learning is a waste of time, and might make new players quit. Watched some speedruns and lvling guides. Try caustic arrow + puncture with a shadow and youll achieve a 20m run easily.

Remove choice, cause choices are hard.

Players can learn about skills as they go. I bet a LOT of people quit at Brutus. A getting over it speedrun has a few skips that even non-speedrunners can use. Removing choice is not the answer, but giving the player better tools to understand what they should be doing is. I've been doing hcssf runs with no stash, no ascendancy, and only white items. I don't really want to waste quite a bit of time while Holy Flame totem/srs tickles him for eternity. I think it's not worthwhile if all you do is play 1-2 characters per league. Should Blazing Salvo be scaling with Area Damage?

"So, i decided to give a few runs of act 1, since, after some consideration, i started to think that it's very important to get through this act as good and fast as possible to ensure a smooth sailing to the point of snowballing.".

I don't think every skill should be identical in the early game, different skills work differently and interact with each other differently. r/pathofexile Where does it stop?! I feel like some archetypes are a bit easier than others.

Cause that would exacerbate the problem immensely.

GGG please fix it! How does one use the Splitting Steel skill?

Most of skills are completely outclassed by a few of others. The game currenly has a massive learning curve, and an insane amount of choice for players early on.