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High tyranny helps to offset AE. I think you did something wrong reaching 100 AE. Required fields are marked *. JavaScript is disabled.

A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Imperator: Rome by Paradox Development Studio. You can use the maps to compare your game against the history, or just use this as a guide on how to evolve as Rome. A guide to population and pops, how to maximize your nations production with them, and how to create large slave estates that generate large amounts of resources and wealth for your nation and it's top families. Changing the Begin & End date of the campaign. I haven't played the game much so far, but there are a couple of things that I know of: PS: which conversion is more important?

if no number is selected it will automatically add 10. army 00 PROVINCE adds selected number of archers in the province you want. (30% -> 63%). Your email address will not be published. With appeasing stance, AE burns quicker the more of it you have. This is a short and concise guide that covers the basics about Levies. manpower 00 - Adds selected number of men to your manpower pool.Change the 00 to any number you want, including negative. you can manipulate 00 to any number you want.

Specify a negative number to reduce AE. Since release the Steam forums have been full of posts from people struggling with how to transport troops across the water, this guide will show you how. A guide to Commerce, trade goods and trade routes in Imperator Rome. forcepeace - Immediately stops all wars you're currently in.

u/cywang86 advices to conquer with claims and only take land from the war leader, which grants an AE reduction.

If done on uncolonized land, colonizes it. Change PROVINCE to any land province you want. This console command will clear any aggression expansion between the two countries with the specified country tags. Imperator Rome will be the new strategy city builder game developed by Paradox Development Studio and Publisher Paradox Development Studio. But what else can I do? Or just ignore AE and deal with the consequences, i.e., unhappy population? In this guide I will post the most useful and fun (in my opinion) console commands to mess around in Imperator: Rome. Army Composition Guide for 2.0 (Partially Updated). It works kinda, unstable until updated with current patch, thanks great mod need update at the moment, Thanks. The above console command would clear aggressive expansion towards Russia from all countries. Change PROVINCE to any sea province number you want. you can change the 00 number to any value you want. This guide aims to determine what buildings are most optimal in Imperator Rome. Over 300 tips for new and new-ish players. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. So far, I tried to reduce tyranny since it increases the chance for civil war and decreases loyalty. That's an easy way to knock off 20 AE in an instant for example. The amount of Aggressive Expansion you wish to add to your nation. (For no AE).

you can change the 00 number to any value you want. you can manipulate 00 to any number you want. Everything written up there is a personal opinion that, I believe, is based on some grounding, and I'm ready to defend this opinion. There's direct reduction effect, and 2 effects that gives diplomatic reputation. This is my guide how to manage large empires. Only hours have passed since your return, but for them, the ones imprisoned in that box, whole centuries have gone by how many beings, how many lives wasted, and all to gratify and feed the vanity of King Excelsius!. Diprep give -0.03% decay of AE per point. Privacy Contact Cookie & Privacy Settings. This cheat will increase your nation's Aggressive Expansion by the specified amount. debug_mode shows information about the provinces you look at. declare_war TAG 1 TAG 2 forces country 1 (TAG 1) to declare war on country 2(TAG 2).

Your intentions were the noblestyou only sought to construct a kingdom as lifelike as possible, so similar to a real kingdom, that no one, absolutely no one, could ever tell the difference, and in this, I am afraid, you were successful!

Observations and analysis of how 1.4 I:R calculates research output. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. Imperator Rome is the new city builder that sees you expand your empire. Beginning of game. make_Child FATHER_CHARACTER_TAG it creates a child for the selected father character. Russia's country tag is RUS. Then problem solved. Change the 00 to any number you want, including negative. Because it will take quite some time. marry CHARACTER_TAG1 CHARACTER_TAG2 - Marries two selected characters. Especially as long as you're expanding in your own culture group you're okay. So image some gamey tactic like grabbing the main land you want and then only grabbing 1-tiles of separate provinces with intent on making them a tributary? revolt TAG - Makes the selected tag/country to fall apart. If you're planning to conduct a lot of expansion, oratory tech is the way to go. - I would advise against vassalization as they will, 1) likey be disloyal as high ae reduces this subject loyalty. you can change the 00 value to any number you want. Any easy/gainful ways to increase tyranny? u/Aerie-Chemical , u/veggiebuilder and u/TriggzSP suggest going the diplo annex route via tributary -> (-> improve opinion) -> event to convert to client state -> integrate. I conquered Italy in first 20ish years and AE wasn't really an issue. To use them, you need to type in`/~ to bring up the console, at which point youll have to type the command in. This website is not affiliated with Europa Universalis IV, or Paradox Interactive. Vassalize instead of conquer? state_loyalty PROVINCE 00 changes the loyalty for the selected PROVINCE. stab 00 - Changes your stability. u/ggmoyang points out, that separate peaces and thus accumulating AE gradually can help managing AE and optimise AE reduction. Change the 00 to any number you want. This cheat would add 10 AE to your nation.

Change 00 to any number you want. power 00 - Adds selected number of military, civic, oratory and religious power to your nation. This does bring up another point that expanding to Helenistic provinces as Rome early will allow quicker assimilation before you have you stats up late-game. There is a tech that lets you release a province as a tributary and then you lose 5 AE. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Change PROVINCE to any land province you want. If your bottleneck is truce/siege time/manpower, then take more territories from non-war leader. if no number is selected you will automatically get 100k men. To make things more fun and interesting you can also use console commands. Change CHARACTER_TAG to any character tag you want. debug_mode - Shows information about provinces you look at.


manpower 00 adds the number of men to your manpower. Always try to separate peace so you accumulate AE gradually to maximize AE reduction. Conquer with Claims, and limit what you take from non-war leader. tyranny 00 changes the tyranny chances. Stabbing the pig twice gives you +.30 stab modifier which negatives around ~40AE, I believe. If you do not specify a second country tag, aggressive expansion from all nations towards the specified country will be reset. These commands are basically cheat codes that give you close control over certain aspects of the game thatll make your life easier or the game more fun.

Just gonna add that you can use troops as garrisons, which can give your province a -4 Unrest. make_Child FATHER_CHARACTER_TAG - Makes a child for selected father character. I save influence points in reserve to stab the pig twice every 5 years. you can manipulate 00 to any number you want. And can't you integrate tributaries now?

For those who want to see the knowledge applied I have several Youtube series of varying complexity that will show how it is done. Here you will find how the real Rome expanded between 278 and 170 BC. Now there's a veritable ping-pong of AE fuelled revolts. this should bring out the console but if the console doesnt appear then it means that you have not enabled it and you have to do it manually. Browse and rate player-created guides for this game. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a531ac5866523fd2ff53fc6da7eecf8e" );document.getElementById("c08a1a06c7").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Imperator: Rome - Console Commands (Cheat Codes), Imperator: Rome - How to Fix Bad Research Ratio, Imperator: Rome - How to Fix Starving Pops and Cities, Imperator: Rome - How to Get Units on Ships, Imperator: Rome - Five Tips for the Minmaxer to Get the Most Out of Pops, Imperator: Rome - How to Manage Large Empires, Imperator: Rome - Dictatorship Guide (How to Become a Dictator), Imperator: Rome - Senate Guide (For Republics), Imperator: Rome - Building Guide (for 1.2). centralisation 00 - Changes your centralization to selected number. Our Imperator: Rome trainer has over 17 cheats and supports Steam. You are using an out of date browser. Change FATHER_CHARACTER_TAG to any male, married character tag you want. just change the PROVINCE to any land you want. I will start a new campaign and focus on the following: Stay at bellicose stance to reduce AE taken from wars (instead of switching to mercantile stance for money). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It takes 18 years to clear the AE of taking two provinces from Etruria.

Rome, how they expanded year 278 - 170 BC. You can add some more of course if you have any ideas that I missed or bypassed. How to be free as Athens in 3 months - Needs to be updated for 1.5. Thanks!

If you get later in game with decent economy, you can build wonders that helps with AE. This will allow quicker growth and dilute the disloyalty of provinces where religious conversion must be done. You get -2% AE per each point of AE above 50, so you don't get much more AE when you already have high AE.

"On the battle-fields of Verdun corpses grow as legacy. war exhaustion 00 changes your war exhaustion. I think it is far too powerful for a faction like Rome, which expanded aggressively with the thinnest of pretexts.

Change the 00 to any number you want, including negative. In my last run, the cost was down to about ~110-120 influence points every 5 years. stab 00 changes your stability. What truly hurts from AE is the negative stab modifier. Cheat in this game and more with the WeMod app! amnesia TAG - Turns off AI of a tag/country. (You need that innovation for Assimilation/Conversion law anyway). Change 00 to any number you want, including negative. If you're a monarchy with 7~9 Zeal, try to rush Proscribed Canton for the +3 Zeal so you can activate the -20% AE law that requires 10 Zeal. When I started the run, I thought I needed to rush legions and spend a lot of innovations there. Yeah that is the real issue, my stability is on the way to basically zero, collapse incoming. This guide allow you to change the Begin and End date of the campaign of the game. Been Looking Forward For This For A While Now. And how centralized a province is will determine your best course of action for province focus. u/veggiebuilder stresses the importance of a competent character as praetor (oratory office), which gives AE reduction. Makes it easier to learn how to play the game. you can change the number to any desired number you want.

The syntax for the ae command is as follows: This command has the following arguments: Search our database of 113 Imperator: Rome commands Find below working examples of the ae command. Change PROVINCE to any land province you want. The first country tag is for the country you wish to clear the aggressive expansion towards. Heres everything you need to know about all console commands in Imperator Rome. This guide shows the unit composition that each Tradition group uses and how to counter it. (Does not enable the Senate to agree though). (Does not annex armies and fleets). In this guide I will post the most useful and fun (in my opinion) console commands to mess around in Imperator: Rome. like many, I haven't played I:R since release and now in 2.0 doing a Republic of Rome run. u/fjdknedicmdmsm recommends switching to appeasing stance after a war for AE reduction. below you will find the list of all of them for your use. This will offset the loyalty. civil_war TAG - Causes selected tag/country to erupt into a civil war. if no number is selected it will automatically add 8. control PROVINCE it occupies the selected province. If no number is selected, the game automatically sets it to 1. unrest PROVINCE 00 - Changes unrest in selected province to selected amount.

To find out a tag of a country, use debug_mode.

Below is the full list of Console Commands, which were found by Prodigy Gamers: Thatseverything you need to know about all console commands in Imperator Rome. I created this guide after completing my first successful play-through as a Barbaric tribe, in One of the first messages that are likely to pop up when you start a new save in Imperator Rome is that your nation have Scorned Families. Your nation is built on pops. power 00 adds the number to civic, oratory, religious, and military power of your nation. Change CHARACTER_TAG to any character tag you want.

It sounds like you are more concernd with the increased potential for rebellons that high aggressive expansion can bring rather than aggressive expansion itself. This is a guide on how to colonise or colonize in Imperator Rome faster than normal.

Console Commands are inputs you can type out to change things in the game.

control PROVINCE - Occupies selected province. if they are the same culture they help you stop rebellions as they reduce the % of forigen cultures. find out the tag of a country you will need to use debug_mode. Do you hate being dragged into all the event spawned Diadochi wars, which ruin your manpower and waste so much time? Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). Still, it's a personal opinion, and I can be wrong, and I remember it even when I'm arguing fiercely. Culture or Relegion? to find out the tag of a country you will need to use debug_mode.

Search Our Database of 304 EU4 Console Commands. Pretty great for how easy it is to get to. Show items tagged with all of the selected terms: Click here to learn more about Steam Guides. AE should be seen as something to be managed, not avoided. Ever wanted to try something new? conquer PROVINCE it conquers the PROVINCE just change the PROVINCE to any land province. This is a handy guide on destroying the democratic process in your country forever. A guide to military and combat operations in Imperator Rome. This cheat would remove 4 AE from your nation's Aggressive Expansion. Change 00 to any number you want. horde PROVINCE - Adds barbarians to selected province. Edit: further ideas so far (Thanks people! WeMod is always safe and always free because of our community of millions of gamers around the world. If you've complained about how hard it is to expand quickly, then this guide is for you. If you have the open diplo relations slots, you can also release individual provinces as independent.

This console command would clear all aggressive expansion towards Russia (country tag RUS) from Oman (country tag OMA). there is a problem with the fast research (not useful at all) and stability is to high (only good in short burst).But other than that its a good mod. Do you hate Phrygia? You must log in or register to reply here. This guide explains the ideal composition for a legion in single player, and some build ideas for multiplayer. How to play a (migratory) tribe for dummies by Saint Momo. If your bottleneck is AE, not truce/siege time/manpower, then stick to taking territory from the warleader. So if you just release every/most areas you take to reduce AE to zero then integrate them for just the 25 gold needed to improve relations. Massive thanks for all the hard work you do across various games !! If you do not specify a country tag here, aggressive expansion from all countries for the first specified country will be cleared. set_age CHARACTER_TAG 00 - Changes a character's age to selected number.

Or create your own and share your tips with the community. However, the limiting factor now seems to be AE and I probably will be able to manage loyalty in other ways. Change PROVINCE to any land province you want. Press J to jump to the feed. We are 100% supported by WeMod Pro subscribers. instant_war it turns on/off instant war declaration, civil_war TAG creates civil war in the selected country(TAG), revolt TAG creates a revolt in the country(TAG). All Rights Reserved. on the new window go to the general tab and click on the Set Launch Options and type -console finally press ok and launch the game from the steam library and while in game press the `/~ and the console will come out. It increases cultural conversion speed (though it also comes with problems of its own). To do this go to the steam library and right click on the Kingdom Come game and then click on properties. Your email address will not be published. you can manipulate 00 to any number you want. 2). All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. just change the TAG to any character you want. Of course, I didn't think about this. So, I did a lot of nothing for 18 years. is not affiliated with any game(s) on this page. If no number is selected, the game automatically adds 100 000 men to your manpower. 3dstats shows accurate information involving FPS in the left-center part of the screen. 3) you cant culture convert them. army 00 PROVINCE - Adds selected number of archers in selected province. unrest PROVINCE 00 changes the unrest in a selected PROVINCE. The game takes players into the journey from Alexanders Successor to the foundation of Roman Empire and to do that you will need to manage various aspect of the game like gold, diplomacy, military and more.

Fine so far, but I'm in 530 and have some 100 AEwhich will be a problem very soon, I guess. This is the way i became Dictator in Imperator Rome, playing as Rome.

imperator mrantifun cheats4game state_loyalty PROVINCE 00 - Changes selected province's loyalty.

One of the easiest ways to address provincial loyalty is to station troops within a governor's region. amnesia TAG turns off AI of a country(TAG). A strategy section for maximizing your population output. How to get your achievements to show up on Steam. I totally missed that actually since I replaces Jupiter right away thanks! change CHARACTER_TAG to any character tag you want. Perhaps it should be ameliorated more if Rome retains local aristocracy or characters on conquest, which Rome generally did. Mostly works only on big and major powers. Your email address will not be published.

you can change the 00 number to any value you want. find out the tag of a country you will need to use debug_mode. The second country tag (optional) is for the the country that is imposing the aggressive expansion. Removing manpower and production buildings and adding temples and forums to your cities should be an early move after conquest.

A 30,000-foot view on how to properly raise your legions, how to organize them, and how to maneuver them through [], This guide aims to determine what buildings are most optimal in Imperator: Rome. It will focus on basic tribal strategies and explanations to make your first go at a tribe a smoothsailing journey to a fully fledged monarchy/republic or at least work as a cheat sheet How to become the strongest nation in the world as Antigonid Kingdom. The innovations can give you ~ -25% AE with 4 innovations spent, one god omen gives -AE (some others might also give passive -AE), then one office gives -AE so give it to someone who actually has good stats for it, it is like the only office that actually matters. ae 00 - Adds aggressive expansion to your country. It seems to me, there isn't much I can do but wait. The wemod for this game makes it more easier to get my trade and military up and running so thanks to the person that made this cheats.

document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); Copyright 2022 Prodigygamers. you can manipulate 00 to any number you want. Check out our reviews on Trustpilot. just change the FATHER_CHARACTER_TAG to any male and married character tag. cash 00 changes your money. I always took land from every war participant, this must have increased my AE enormously, thx! Short version is, convert the rural areas with province focus, and let city buildings do the heavy lifting for you in large cities. technology 00 increases your technology level. I also pick up divine sacrifice cost reduction techs. set_age CHARACTER_TAG 00 changes the age of a character. if no number is selected it will automatically add 1. legitimacy 00 changes the monarchs legitimacy to any number. ): u/Sertorius126 utilizes tyranny around 60 to reduce AE. yesmen / yesman / ym makes the AI accept all the proposals but it cannot make Senate agree.

annex TAG annexes the a country(TAG). u/ggmoyang highlights that diplomatic reputation provides an AE reduction. Howdy fellow armchair generals, I am back for some ancient monkey-stomping shennanigans, Paradox-style, with a guide for Imperator Rome! centralisation 00 change your centralisation to any selected number. By continuing to use WeMod, you accept our use of cookies, revised.

flip into appeasing stance for the AE reduction. Optional. Home Guides Imperator Rome: All Console Commands. 3dstats - Shows accurate information involving FPS in the middle-left of the screen. If no number for unrest is selected, the game automatically adds 8 to selected province. Thank you for doing an awesome job putting all cheats into one place :). Trade for capital honey surplus as it increases diplomatic reputation, which in turns reduces AE. The country tag of the country that has aggressive expansion imposed on that you want to clear. If your somewhere line the Western Delta, an early depopulation of Alexandria to the settlements will boost trade goods while speeding up the province conversion and assimilation. So if you dare to go really high with it, you can conquer the most by the end of the game. tyranny 00 - Changes your tyranny. Contact Us | Privacy Policy 2016 - 2022 | - Game Guides, Walkthroughs, Tips & Tricks, Cheat Codes and Easter Eggs.

declare_war TAG1 TAG2 - Forces selected tag/country 1 to declare war on selected tag/country 2. conquer PROVINCE - Makes the selected province yours. Take some time off between wars, or have really good guys on the job that reduces AE in the government positionsalso there's an Omen for Hellenistics that reduces AE, right? pirates PROVINCE - Spawns a pirate fleet in a province. you can manipulate 00 to any number you want. If no number is selected, the game automatically adds 10. kill CHARACTER_TAG - Kills selected character. This short guide's target audience are beginner/intermediate players. Five Tips for the Minmaxer to Get the Most Out of Pops. They give you tax, they give you research, they give you manpower. In this guide I will post the most useful and fun (in my opinion) console commands to mess around in Imperator: Rome. Sometimes getting AE(with actions like insulting) before peace deal could result in less net AE. This will constitute a very large chunk of your monthly AE reduction so long as you appoint the right man to the office. To use the console commands first log into the game and press the default console key `/~. Other Imperator Rome Guides: []. So my answer follows that assumption.

I rushed trade routes with my influence points but pig stabbing is a good idea, thx! Change the 00 to any number you want, including negative. Tributaries could be created via peace deal or by releasing provinces later. help - Shows All the console commands there are in Imperator: Rome. Make this number negative to remove Aggressive Expansion. ae 00 adds aggressive expansion to your country. horde PROVINCE adds barbarians to the province. There's a tech very early on in the oratory tree that decreases AE impact by 10%. Change PROVINCE to any land province you want. But 60 works for you? Religious conversion first in rural areas, then cultural. you can change the number to any desired number you want. I usually hover around 60 tyranny to further reduce aggressive expansion. It can be quite complex and you may want to use console commands to make your life a little easier. Many Thanks Again. It will help you understand the mechanics and start enjoying the game. But if you take territory from other enemy participants, that's +33% AE, and pretty much doubles the AE you take from the enemy given the above reduction. t / tag TAG changes the current country to selected country. if no number is mentioned it will automatically add 20 aggressive expansion. Culture is more important, but wrong religion gives a big malus for culture conversion, so usually it's more effective to go for religion first. Change 00 to any number you want, change PROVINCE to any province number you want. Honestly seems tough to get up in a monarchy unless you're deliberately fucking up your nation by tossing random people in jail.