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Head to the south-eastern corner of the keep, go through the kitchen, then climb some stairs to reach Yennefer. Enter the cave and head uphill to the south-east, turning south as the passage turns to reach a large chamber, in which the Chort resides. Information on how to complete all the Gwent quests and obtain all the Gwent cards, including detailed Gwent strategies. Geralt hoped the support he had secured would be enough to defeat the Wild Hunt.

Added Death March difficulty tips and commentary throughout the guide. In the morning the experiment on Uma will begin. You must recover Ciri, but when you do so, the Wild Hunt will immediately find her and inevitably follow. Equip the device [R1] and head down to the main level of the keep, then head over to Vesemir and Uma to get a good reaction out of the device. Loot her chest and put on the clothes you find there, then the three odd Witchers will do their best to work Yennefers megascope. Its time to stop running from them and fight back. Drop off a ledge and do battle with the Chort (level twenty-seven); damage-over-time effects like burning (Igni) and poison (Poisoned Blades) work wonders. At this point you can just fast-travel back to the Kaer Morhen signpost, from whence you can easily return to the keep.

Organisational changes throughout the walkthrough to provide a no skulls path through the game. Question Yennefer further if you wish, then head downstairs, where Vesemir will make a power-play on Yennefer and decide to try a less risky cure for Uma. Sadly, Yennefer arrives and puts an end to the fun before the three can cause too much trouble with the megascope. Shell give you a Potestaquisitor, a device with which youll have to play a game of hot-and-cold to locate the offending disturbance. Youll be given the task to brew a potion, and correspondingly shell give you the formula for the Decoction of the Grasses. Talk to Yennefer, who seems to be in a worse mood than your fellow Witcher let on - if you press her too much on matters concerning Triss you could end up taking an unexpected swim. Ask Vesemir about his attempt to remove the curse, after which Yennefer will hand out more tasks. Its even better than the Superior Griffin Sword! Before the communication is ended, however, youll have to hear some more warnings concerning Ithlinnes Prophecy. Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Granite! Yennefer and the three remaining Witchers will sit around and decide to waste the evening drinking and catching up. What more could you ask for? When the trial is over, youll learn where Ciri is. Return to Kaer Morhens keep, where youll find Vesemir tending to Uma, Eskel peforming an autopsy on a Katakan (you can help him with this, if you care to) and Lambert being Lambert. Of all of the Witchers, however, Vesemir is the most interesting to you right now. No excuses left; its time to face Yennefer. There was no other option. Remove ads and unlock special features, Off to Oxenfurt - From Crows Peak to Lindenvale, Off to Oxenfurt - From Lindenvale to the Ferry Station, Off to Oxenfurt - From the Ferry Station to Oxenfurt, The Fall of House Reardon and Ghosts of the Past, Ladies of the Wood - The Whispering Hillock, Velen Exploration: Coast West of Midcopse, Velen Exploration: From Condyle to Duen Hen, Velen Exploration: From Duen Hen to Firschlow, Velen Exploration: From Frischlow to Olenas Grove, Cat School Gear - Armor and Aeramas Abandoned Manor, Novigrad Exploration - From Alness to Yantra, Exploring Skellige - From Kaer Trolde to Rannvain, Exploring Skellige - From Farylund to Blandare, Exploring Skellige - From Blandare to Fyresdal, Exploring Skellige - From Rannvaig to Arinbjorn, Exploring Skellige - Sailing to the Whale Graveyard (Part 1), Exploring Skellige - Sailing to the Whale Graveyard (Part 2), Practicum in Advanced Alchemy - Skellige Spirit, Practicum in Advanced Alchemy - Pimpernel, Practicum in Advanced Alchemy - Rain Ritual, Exploring Skellige - from Spikerogg to Undvik, Helping Crachs Children - The Lord of Undvik (Part 1), Helping Crachs Children - The Lord of Undvik (Part 2), An Skellig - Urialla Harbor and Ursine Armor, An Skellig - Tower Outta Nowheres and The Path of Warriors, Exploring Skellige - From An Skellig to Spikerogg, Exploring Skellige - From Ard Skellig to Faroe, Faroe - Following the Thread and Mastercrafted Feline Armor, Velen - The Mystery of the Byways Murders, Unfinished Business - The Final Contracts, The Beast of Toussaint - The Tourney Grounds, Turn and Face the Strange - Mutations in Moreaus Lab. Seems the setback that prevented him from completing this sword also ended his Witchering career, or at least his affiliation with the school of the wolf. Zoltan will always help you, but it's best to ask him for it once you've completed "A Dangerous Game" quest, otherwise you won't be able to finish it. Play some Gwent, a drinking game (which, if youve played the previous two games, youll be drinking a lot) and, if you drink too much, youll have to go on a hunt for a missing Eskel, who wandered outside the keep after going to fetch some more vodka. You are Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster-hunter known as a Witcher. Lambert will come up with an awful idea but if you continue to indulge your drunkenness, youll find yourself in Yennefers room as part of a ploy to liven the party up. Gwent: To Everything - Turn, Turn, Tournament! Dijkstra will not go to Kaer Morhen, but if you have managed to get information about his treasure in "Count Reuven's Treasure" quest, then he will give you 1000 crowns, Diagram: Tracker's gauntlets, Greater Stribog runestone, and Greater Devana runestone.

Thank you. Return to Kaer Morhens keep, where youll find Vesemir tending to Uma, Eskel performing an autopsy on a Katakan (you can help him with this, if you care to) and Lambert being Lambert. There are other lootables in this cave as well, but those two diagrams are the real prizes. Organisational changes in the Velen section of the walkthrough to reflect the increased level of Griffin School Gear. This leaves only her own, personal problem to be dealt with; her megascope. This ends No Place Like Home and begins Va Fail, Elain . Youve fully regained your memories since your miraculous revival and escape from the Wild Hunt, and have cleared your name of the false accusations of regicide. After you have that, head west then north along the edge of the cavern to find some stalagmites blocking your way. Chasing down the source of Berengars frustration will also score you the last Witcher set diagram and complete the Wolven set, too. You may be wondering about this diagram, as its possible to find a Torhaerne diagram elsewhere. Blast them with Aard and plunder a chest beyond to obtain the Diagram: Superior Wolven Boots . Neat. Leave Kaer Morhen again and head south to the river, crossing to the southern shore. General strategies on how to take down foes large and small, monstrous and humanoid, boss or mundane. After a while youll be free to go report to Yennefer, who will contact a fellow sorceress and question her on relevant matters. Oh well, fun times over. Hell play Gwent with you, if you havent beaten him already. Geralt's conversations with friends and acquaintances had mixed results.

Your only task is to operate some valves (the order doesnt matter), clean up a mess, and pick some dialogue options, including telling Yennefer a story to keep her awake through the trial. Privacy policy | Terms of service | Contact us. In fact, its one of the few non-set weapons you might be tempted to craft, should you not care too much about Sign Intensity. Once its dead, loot it, then head to the southern-most end of the chamber to find the Diagram: Torhaerne . The Witchers tell stories, Lambert provokes Yennefer, and Yennefer explains her plans regarding Uma. Added DLC pages for Blood & Wine, Heart of Stone. For helping Yennefer troubleshoot her Megascope. To get back to Kaer Morhen somewhat quicker, considering swimming up the river to the north (dispatching some Drowners (level ten) as you go) until you reach the edge of the map. When Yennefer retires for the night, the boys will contemplate some serious drinking, and the mischief that comes with it or you can just call it a night, but what fun is that? Head west from Uma and search a box to obtain the ingredients you need, make the potion, then return to Yennefer, after which the operation begins.

Work your way north until you find a cave to the east - the location of Berengars humiliation. A full walkthrough thats more than just a listing of quests-its an ideal chronological order that will get you through the whole game and allow you to see and do everything the game has to offer. In the wake of the assassination of Foltest, king of Temeria, the north have been rent by warfare as Nilfgaard launches its third major invasion, and the northlands have been united under the insane king Radovid. He thus decided to seek out allies - and his first steps took him to Novigrad. Roche will help you only if you completed "An Eye for an Eye" quest and managed to save Ves during this quest. Approach the crates and Vesemir will come over and offer to deal with them while you babysit Uma. Youre almost out of excuses to avoid facing the tempest that is Yennefer, but this provides you with one final diversion. Walkthrough now includes additional information based on patch changes.

A direct fight against Eredin and the Wild Hunt had become inevitable, and Geralt knew he could never defeat them alone. In fact, the quest Brothers in Arms: Velen should complete as soon as it begins. The Torhaerne diagram you get from this quest is for a relic-quality, level twenty-seven blade with FAR superior modifiers than the one you can find/buy elsewhere. The source of the disturbance is in some crates to the south. Descriptions of decisions, quests, and events that influence the various endings of the game. This ends Va Fail, Elain and Ugly Baby .

She needs to make a call, but theres some interference, so youll have to find and remove the source of said interference. The quests Brothers in Arms: Nilfgaard , Brothers in Arms: Novigrad , Brothers in Arms: Skellige and Brothers in Arms: Velen cover this. Two birds! MASSIVE UPDATE: 7th September 2016 ongoing, Why not join us today? You can run off to go and find Ciri (the object of the quest The Isle of Mists ) but youd be wiser if you called in some favors, first. Anyways, its time to go gather some allies. If you stick to business, shell pass on Lambert and Eskels tasks to you, which youve already done. Talk to him and tell him about Berengars Torhaerne note and hell tell you of an unexpected complication in Berengars forging process. Added DLC quests Fools Gold and Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear. Overshadowing these petty politics is the mysterious return of Ciri - Geralts adopted daughter, who is now being pursued by the Wild Hunt. Hell play Gwent with you, if you havent beaten him already, but aside from all that-and some looting-theres not much to see here. Side quests, including monster contracts and treasure hunts for obtaining powerful Witcher sets. All your comments, suggestions and additions are very welcome and will certainly help other players who visit this site. This time, however, follow the river east, swimming when you must and turning north when the river turns in that direction. In fact, if youve been following this guide, youve already done the requirements to satisfy your allies, you need only ask them for aid. Head to the south-eastern corner of the keep, go through the kitchen, then climb some stairs to reach Yennefer.