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Cerebus' Bite (L)

((Str0,8+Dex0,5)+100)/100*weapon damage=end damage. Nadir Azurewrath When you start an attack you are almost always interrupted and what good is a huge damage if you dont get it to the monster. They always stay out of the rough with their ranged attacks, but their usefulness is also limited. More than one or two points are not worthwhile, because the decoy would probably not survive any longer anyway. Widowmaker (L) Staves I never like to give values for vitality, because every player has very different items and therefore with the same vit value there are big differences in life. Pul Now lets talk about spears. Even better are War Traveller. Aha, a mass destruction kill that deals out elemental damage! Some are a bit lower in D2X, but none are higher. You get very good resistance bonuses, life/level, some strength and finally the often underestimated freezing is impossible to do.

The Patriarch, Exceptional, 1H: You take a bow with the highest possible damage to electricity, which you can buy relatively easily from the dealer, and let it socket twice more and use place runes or jewels with lightning damage. The damage has been increased and the weapon is no longer damaged as easily as before, but unfortunately the speed is still too low. Ribcracker Spellsteel As a first time 2 often underestimated sets. Bonehew Bverrit Keep Helms Herald of Zakarum Tancred's Battlegear Fleshripper Darksight Helm Fortitude (L) If you use the Sigons set or the Death and Devil set, these possibilities are of course not available. Write what you think could be added here and if you have other tactics. They offer the obligatory 20% IAS, but the most important is the 350% increased damage against demons, which is an incredible bonus when leveling in the right area. Kelpie Snare Athena's Wrath Rakescar, Exceptional, one-handed: Rogue's Bow The Sanders Set also has good set gloves.

Chains of Honor The cold damage and the degraded magic damage are not really intoxicating, but not bad either. The Cat's Eye Shadow Killer (L), Barbarian Helms In the past, speed was only important for Fend and most spear-amazons used to rely on a lance and jab. Greyform Darkforce Spawn (L), Paladin Shields But if you dont make it, Meiden is very useful. Ice (L) Doom Griswold's Legacy Manald Heal Wizardspike, All Unique Polearms Normal: Magefist Raven Frost is a must have item if you dont already have Duriels bowl, because he can not be frozen is a positive attribute. Doomslinger, Exceptional: Stormeye, Exceptional: Hawkmail Destruction (L) So a solid start which should be replaced later. Normal: Next to Valkyrie he belongs to the most important skills to make Fend more effective! Tarnhelm Gravepalm Pride (L) If the resistances of these armors are not enough, you should go for the Runeword Smoke, as it offers 50% Prismatic Resistances. Thundergod's Vigor, Elite:

If all this doesnt help you still have the dodging skills and hopefully a cushion of life. The Eye of Etlich Beside the IAS they offer either massive Dex (cats eye) or a package of skills, lightning resis and lightning damage. The monsters fall a lot faster with him and because of the higher damage you need less Manaleech and Lifeleech strikes better. Leviathan (L) Hellslayer Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. Valkyrie My relationship with the Valkyrie is somewhat ambivalent. Viscerataunt This leaves a pretty average mercenary, who has nice but not exactly exhilarating bonuses. Pus Spitter Crown of Ages Razor's Edge Slow projectiles defused almost every ranged attack, because you can dodge them manually without problems. Shaftstop Bladebuckle, Exceptional: Chance Guards If you dont mind this point this is a cheap and working alternative. Maces

Windhammer The Amazon can only use the melee skills from her Spear and Javelin Skill Tab with spears; the javelin/throwing skills are inaccessible while wielding this item type. For PIs a larger mana pad can be useful, but for these situations I would recommend slightly modified equipment (mana arms etc.). Hand of Blessed Light, Elite: The whole thing is very tedious, but at least this way you have another variant. Stormchaser Heart of the Oak Magic Find Boots What more do you want? Donnergotts prosperity brings 20 strength and vitality and numerous means against lightning damage. Arcanna's Tricks Venom Grip Pierre Tombale Couant Avoid Avoiding is also a good skill, but not quite as good as dodging, since most bullets are easier to dodge through SM. If you die often after that you do a lot of wrong Of course, the whole thing only brings something if you also suck enough life to make the sphere full again and again! In LoD the items are often even more important than the skill, because the items have become much stronger and more frequent. sorc fcr sorceress Again, there is prismatic resistance, even more lives than in Ghostforge or Duriels Bowl(110 lives! Not much has changed in the passive skills and only small changes are necessary. You also get 15 Strength Points and some Fire Damage, which slightly increases your offensive potential. Tomb Reaver (L) Spire of Honor, Elite: Gore Rider, Elite: But since you have to pay a whole bag of SoJ for this and only become almost invulnerable, but not strengthen your offense, you can actually do without it. Sander's Folly Wrath (L) rune Soulfeast Tine Obedience (L) Stone Crusher Death's Disguise, Hsaru's Defense Memory, Oath (L) Hone Sundan The whole thing is not very fast, but safe and effective.

Swordguard, Elite, 1H: Ormus' Robes With a Speerama the decoy can also be used to a certain extent, because normally you can stand quite a lot. Axe of Fechmar Here the choice is quite limited, but because rares are the optimal belts, at least some individuality is added. Normal, 1H: Razortail In the set area there is another incredibly cheap, but also incredibly bad looking alternative (keyword: optical rape) Thanks to Duallech, Life and Resis, Tal Rashas mask covers just about everything and is almost a gift. Diamond Messerschmidt's Reaver, All Unique Bows Sureshrill Frost Elite spears are found only in the Expansion. Maelstrom Bows Lacerator Critical Strike Critical strike is one of the most important skills for a Speerama. Edge (L) Monsters are high enough level to drop them by Act 4 and 5 Nightmare, and then all through Hell difficulty. Lycanders brings Lifeleech, a Vit Bonus(60 life), 30% increased attack speed, 20 Strength, 20% improved Defence, 2 Ama Skills and 2 Spearskills and covers all points. Wormskull The Grim Reaper, Exceptional: Kinemil's Awl Shadowfang Iratha's Finery

She is an excellent blocker and endures more than anything else and without her a Speerama can hardly survive. Dark Clan Crusher

Shael Splendor, Beast The Gnasher Topaz Cow King's Leathers Nightwing's Veil Duress Arkaine's Valor Running away is the only skill that also evades magical ranged attacks and thus becomes even more useful in areas like the Chaos Sanctuary. King's Grace Harmony (L) Its very tempting to increase the hit rate just by punching through, but in the combination of dex and punching through I see the most effective way. Wizendraw Quest Items Blackhand Key, All Unique Maces Goblin Toe Warshrike (L), All Unique Javelins Grim's Burning Dead, Elite: Natalya's Odium With some +Skill Items you can bring the damage to a playable level. Bul-Kathos' Children A good choice for the defensive freaks might be for example the rockstopper, which besides almost prismatic (poison missing) resistances also reduces the physical damage by 10%, brings faster recovery after hits and a lot of vitality. Our last Unique is Vampire View and it also comes up with a good overall package. But the real highlight are the 2 sockets with which you can adapt Geisterschmiede to your own requirements (Speed, Resis or Life) I find Duriels bowl even a bit better, because it is a very cheap all-in-one solution.

Gull However, it is not as stable as for example a barbarian mercenary. Spirit Keeper, Necromancer Totems Harlequin Crest 10 Strength and vitality are nice, but the 15-25 increased damage gets a lot out of almost every weapon. Wisp Projector, All Unique Shields Faith (L) Prudence Deathbit Also here you get 40 lives, unfortunately only 10% IAS, but a minimum damage increased by 5, which can tear out the total damage of a worse weapon.

D2R Items for Sale at the Cheapest Prices. Apart from energy all other attributes have an important meaning. Endlesshail

Griswold's Edge Lance of Yaggai Normal: Atma's Scarab

Blackhorn's Face, Elite: Tal Rasha's Wrappings Unique Paladin Shields But since the defense is very low, no resistances are available and you dont get a life bonus you should look for something else later.

These skills are often summarized as (D/A/E).

But now for my favourite spear. Stealskull Hellcast Ironstone, Exceptional, 1H: Lava Gout

This part is too short for me at the moment.Defeat groups one by one. Zakarum's Hand bring the dodge skills to 11/6/11), Pierce = piercing Here is of course always danger of confusion, Walkyrie = Valkyrie Lovingly called Wally. Tips are always given in this order (e.g. Lionheart, Myth Witherstring Hexfire Dexterity: In the long run, dexterity should be pushed so far that you can use Warpikes or their Amazonian counterparts. Goldskin Spectral Shard, Exceptional: Stealth Trang-Oul's Avatar, Bone Amulets The first possibility would be magical weapons with the corresponding attributes and the alternative for people who dont want to go on shopping runs for weeks and have enough money would be a fast weapon with 5-6 sockets which you can upgrade with elemental damage jewels. Slow projectiles This skill is very useful and is unfortunately often undervalued. The Barbarian's Spear Mastery boosts his damage and Attack Rating with spears, and he can of course use his Combat Skills such as Bash or Frenzy or Whirlwind for still higher damage. Item Generation Tutorial You should also place a point on GA or on the Cold Arrow, because they always hit and you can bring the damage safely to the monster. Plague Bearer The Amazon has a full skill tree devoted to Spear and Javelin skills, and her Spear and Javelin Skill Tab makes her powerful with spears, though spearazons and javazons lag behind Bowazons in overall success, due mostly to the lack of quality spear or javelin skills. Rings, Weapons Here are the names of the Ama Skills. Tiamat's Rebuke Tal Rashas mask looks like shit**, but you cant see it on the mercenary and its very cheap. But unfortunately too little Dragon

Enjoy 5% Off Voucher code: D2TROPHY to buy your D2R Gold, Runes, Runeswords and any other items! Iceblink Lidless Wall Gravenspine Amn, Sol This way you can also take one or two blows, which will give your blockers time to bind the melee fighter again. Langer Briser Arm of King Leoric 15 Dex and a gigantic sum of up to 65 lives make these shoes very useful. Stormguild Raven Frost Earthshaker, Exceptional, 2H: Body Armor But above that the increases are too small. Spirit Ward, Class Shields: Bartuc's Cut-Throat It has a sick life and vitality bonus, and once you wear it youre swimming in health. Javelins If you use amzone spears you can add a few more points, because the damage is also increased by Dex. Bramble Phoenix Their striking speed is not as fast as smaller weapons such as swords or blunts, but they are not so slow as the massive axes or polearms, and will not have very high strength or dexterity requirements, making them useful weapons for every character class. The General's Tan Do Li Ga Veil of Steel, Circlets:

My guess would be that each enemy can only take damage once, even if they are struck by lightning several times. Arachnid Mesh Amethyst If you have problems with Crowd Control but certainly worth a look. Check out our brand new D2R build guides: Copyright 2019 -2021 NEW MAIYUAN TRADE DEVELOPMENT CO.,LIMITEDRoom D, 16 / F, Hyde centre, 18 Luab Road, Wanchai, HK. Normal: There is another possibility and it is certainly very effective. If you attack a group of enemies, there will be so many flashes that the framerate will be reduced, but unfortunately not the enemies life points. Thul Normal: So, what are you waiting for? Suicide Branch Lo

Tal Normal:

Stormshield The first is to put a Bow with Amplify Damage in the Slayers hand and hope that she curses as many enemies as possible. Ravenlore Immortal King Download the client and get started. Nagelring Leadcrow Lifeleech is relatively easy to get over a helmet. Jalal's Mane Rain Barb Helms Gloom's Trap Blade of Ali Baba Soul Drainer

Dracul's Grasp Therefore only one point to get to the other skills. Strength: Strength is a very important attribute, and you should aim for a value of at least 150 to be able to carry most of your equipment. Skull, Crafted Items The Amazonskills. Silkweave

Crushflange The Salamander Masas scarab is not so good for Bowamas, but for Speeramas it is certainly worth a look, because a high AD chance is more important than a high AD level. Lance Guard The physical damage reduction is quite controversial, but since a Speerama almost counts as a Fun Char it shouldnt really bother you. Scepters Larger and heavier than javelins, spears are melee weapons that do far higher damage than javelins, but can not be thrown. The Scalper, Elite: But this will only be possible if you keep her on a relatively small level.