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Any reserved life prevents you being on full. I can see PB being used instead of Discipline for various builds including what you're talking about here. Rage support has a terrible ramp up mechanic, used rage support for my facebreaker build, until i get to max rage its not a smooth experience. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/mcqir3/314_league_info_megathread/gtw9p0g?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3, Thanks for the info. Spiritual successor to Diablo 2, Press J to jump to the feed. For builds that gain eHP from other sources, such as Corrupted Soul ES, or MoM Mana, with tons of regen Yeah this is a feasible skill that gives you good damage at a slight loss of defense. Much like Shavs enables LL ES builds. Edit: damn thanks all, kinda ruins my build so i guess ill replan my defenses lol. with overleech no - if its active you literally have the case of the overleech actively leeching the health back starting the 'millisecond' the beam hits you. Is this viable at all or is there an idea parallel to this one that may be viable? cant leech shit anymore, cant leech physical damage with spells that I can even remember offhand, can only leech energy shield, this discussion imo is primarily about combining them with the new spells, no shit you can just leech with attacks thats fucking easy to solve, trying to mitigate the cost of the spell/living without spell leech is just great, you basically need regen/recovery so you get to choose Inquisitor or Agnostic. It's truly disappointing that the 40% didn't increased to 50% with gem level or quality (hopefully we will get an alt quality that does it). If the reservation reduction only applied to mana and the gems could only reserve life, they could just delete the line of text off the item because it could never have any effect. Yes, the line would become useless if not changed, which is not a guarantee that they actually changed it. You don't take that damage. PoE: Petrified Blood - you reserve your mana to gain buff that divides your health into 2 parts but only take part of 40% of damage taken as damage over time, and you still get oneshotted because this mechanic wasn't tested by real players. PB only protects the lower half, nothing about it not be active. Before then, just gonna use a terminus est. u/ragnorke Otherwise i think most if these dots are to be neglected through overleech/regen .. Its not like you get 100 to 0 in maps through that within 2 seconds especially on a char with natural regen. Yes and no. This.

Lifetap: 29% more damage up 40% of the time. They mean exactly what they say and nothing else, which can indeed cause some confusion. The point is that you're referring to the reservation reduction, anf when I read that I still hadn't seen that GGG stated most such modifiers would change, and Prism isn't in the patch notes itself. I'm sure folks will find a way to abuse it nicely, but for "normal" players it seems kinda whatevs. Pair that with vaal pact, Slayer leech, and maybe some life on hit and you've got some insane recovery. I just wanna try PB. Tbh, 20% EHP for slayer leech and PA seems worth it to me.

Those builds were heavely relied on mana for defence+offence. Al Lezbian will still be a major issue.

Like a single nonbuffed vitality is already enough to handle them outside of like a crit ignite or s.th.. This game is too damn dark on full life. You would get 1 shot by big chaos hits and you needed a lot of chaos resist investment. I'd imagine you can't rely on having perm life leech all the time. Agnostic would drain mana continuously unless you're actually at full (100%) life. I don't think it works this way, since the 40% deferred needs to be taken from the life pool which Petrified Blood is affecting. It's actually funny thinking about just how big of a difference only 5% would make in this situation. You are pretty much looking at not being able run less recovery, vulnerability, desecrated ground, always ignites (unless immune ofc), probably a bunch more stuff and combos that a normal build wouldn't be too concerned by. Whereas others would prefer Agnostic.

I'm planning on using trickster since they get free recovery, prolly start out with ED and maybe swap to the phys dots once I see how poorly or not they are doing. The flat cost auras like Vitality/Clarity i suppose, but is it worth losing 35% of your mana for Vitality/Clarity? Although if it happens to be an old unique modifier, who knows what they forgot :/. Maw of the Conquest turns 30% dot into 10% dot. If you're above 50% for the hit you wont get the defensive benefit for that hit, If you're below then just consider them all the same hit. If you're at half HP, that's 40% of your life pool. Pretty sure Mark said that PB effects the lower 50% of your HP whether you are lowlife or not..

Some people have theory crafted the idea of not being at "permanent low-life", by not reserving their life, and just using Petrified Blood as a situational defensive layer that helps them out in dangerous situations. Usually, you decide if you want to go Full Life + regular damage or Low life + huge benefits." If you have life recovery rate like from vitality watcher's eye, that dot becomes even smaller. I've run the numbers by dropping auras and using different shields and offhands but it ends up being less damage in the end. Agnostic will heal you for 20% of your unreserved mana per second, which would be 0. https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Armour for damage mitigated chart, if have a use case of being a champion with 20k armour and perm fort

and cuts your "normal" recovery by quite a lot, which is very important on tanky builds. Would be a bit busted otherwise. I suspect PB gets better the more defensive layers you have. Yeah. taking a single 10000 damage physical hit; But the above situation, will be something you have to plan for all the time when playing.

Petrified Blood denies the recovery from a mana flask that is recovered as life by Indigon is that correct? it technically would double your life leech cap to 40% per second to your relative life pool if you're always on lowlife, which is nuts. Bro, solid ass assessment. 76% of 40 is 30.4, "is lost over 4 seconds" -- you will take 30.4 damage over 4 seconds. This is already insane, if you combine it with Doomfletch or Voidforge it becomes the biggest damage support gem in the game for a specific build. However, I think literally every league, my build doesn't work because of some kind of bug, so I won't be surprised if this is the one. Along the lines of what OP posted about not going low life with Petrified Blood, I was thinking that it might be worth as a Shadow(since you get a lot of life/ES nodes) to go Petrified Blood and use it similarly to going CI. Will it increase the life loss conversion? This can be done with a life flask or by turning petrified blood off quickly while leeching. If it increases to 50%, it almost becomes a no-brainer for most life builds to take, assuming they can out regen the dots. And there are ton of situations where you can get by a dot without strong leech going. I think Al Hezmin would still be a major issue but PB could fit in here. Doing a desecrated ground map with vulnerability and less recovery rate. Personally I think it's not going to work out in practice (the whole using a flask to keep at 99% hp) but the theory works. At least that's what the wording suggests. It's 20% EHP, plus the mana reservation, plus taking a lot of DoT damage. My main point is that you don't just take a straight loss of ehp by using petrified blood, if you use life flasks to stay above half you gain a massive increase in your ehp on a level that's nearly unprecedented for the cost of just one gem slot and 35% reservation.

Arcane vision is really far from STR builds who would've benefited most from Petrified Blood (INT builds were already able to go low-life even before this gem). If I'm wrong about this plz chime in. At least from what I see on the gem I think people are somehow expecting it to be a defensive layer for any life based builds when it seems to be only there to enable LL life based builds and the benefits that come with such a build. Where is the source of "petrified blood buff is only activated on low life"? Been one shot is NOT fun. You are underestimating how much damage Bloodthirst carries. If you reserve >50%, then yes, no more overleech. mb mortal conviction for even more life or only blood magic for full mana reserve The new skills that only have a life cost won't be affected, and skills with a mana cost can be reduced with Elreon jewelry, which will in turn reduce the life cost. u know how when u fight shaper and get hit for a millisecond with his beam and get to 50% hp while you move out? The extra damage from PA/Bloodthirst basically becomes free, and the Overleech. Thank fuck Champion now also gets permanent Adrenaline on top of his permanent Fortify. I wonder if Petrified Blood will end up being good on high evasion/dodge builds with something like Kintsugi; a lot of one-shot prevention and the ability to run low-life buffs could be good? It's not an aura. I understood it as though reduced mana cost has no effect if you covert the cost to life, but tbh I haven't read it very carefully yet. I think you might be underestimating how easy it is to use a skill to drop below full life so that you can get overleech again. For builds that rely purely on life for eHP, this makes you a glass-canon. I don't get it, why would you want to be as high as possible without being full life? I rather confirm death after 1~4 secs than just been one shot.

People die during maps tho. Imo for a life-based LL build, it's either Mortal Conviction (EZ banner+PB+ Aura 45%) setup, Prism Guardian, or Devouring Diadem. Also just thought of this whole writing the post. personally im going to use it on champ in combo with the new bloodthirst supp to get some juicy dmg, will also basically have adrenaline up 99% of the time by just using a life flask every 20s. This is a net negative of 10% eHP Edit: 17% eHP (Effective HP) against hits. Auras are either on or not, having half the reservation for an aura doesn't mean you get half the effect, it means you get none of it. You have to choose low life or overleech.

I'm kind of doing that but I haven't found a convincing setup that doesn't use it and still gets me the same level of damage and EHP. IF you build a character, almost identical to last league's, with Indigon and flask recovery stacking clusters/mods, PB is the ultimate defensive layer. It also reduces reservation by 25%. This seems like a no-brainer buff right? https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/mcqir3/314_league_info_megathread/gtw9p0g?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3, https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Armour, https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Receiving_damage. You just need to have less than 50% hp reserved and have a life flask. But of course they should have. Then you look for options to mitigate the downsides of low-life, which petrified blood does amazingly. Nothing you've suggested here makes any sense. The gem info was released and the general consensus seems to be that the new Petrified Blood skill looks like a disappointment which simply isn't worth the cost. At those numbers it's a lot more flat phys than Rage, on top of the 20% more multi. Sure it's probably viable, but it's far from optimal. Added Cold adds over ~210 average at L20 for comparison. I'd probably press a button twice every 20 seconds if it meant I got an extra flask. Bloodthirsty does have a meager more multiplier, so maybe it's not quite as bad as it seems. You pop the buff once at the beginning of a map, and then you spend the 205 life once every 6 seconds (without duration modifiers, meaning this buff can probably get up to 10 seconds or more with those) to maintain the buff. You would aim to get 4k ES minimum and maybe 3-4k life minimum, a goal that actually requires little investment for Shadows. But then you're giving up your off-hand slot to use this shield, so more opportunity cost.

So you'd have to micro with your life flasks and having a degen on you (edit : so, blood rage, or a consistent health cost instead of mana, or whatever floats your boat, really, I didn't mean degen as necessarily proper damage over time) to juggle between over low life and below, which, eh. Well said, thanks so much for the analysis.

I didn't say that. The gem make all skill cost a bit of life on top of mana, which is more concerning than other build-in draw back to counter the gem's benefit, Instead of mana pot, now you may need life pot to keep life above 50%. It's "really cheap extra ehp" at the cost of half your recovery usually. It will still protect you from any damage that results in life loss below half your life. Its not meant to be like a vitality gem you just slap on and it functions. Yes. the math I had was good prior to the release using MoM as a backup, 10k hit dropped to hopefully 5k (now 6k) then 6k damage divided into 4 seconds = 1,500 damage per second - 30% splitting it to MoM..it doesnt actually work this way of course.

As long as your max health doesn't change, you can definitely find a combination of seething flask and a specific quality level that'll give you as much health above 50% as possible without putting you at full. It is not like leech, which is removed when unreserved life is filled. What if build around stacking Life, let's say the goal is 9 or 10k Corrupting Fever: Keeping it up will be no problem, if its worth is another question. Honestly, I'm way less concerned about one-shots than I am about my light radius. The main problem is it really cant be tied to any quality because enhance and stupid problems with it scaling to stupidness :/, maybe a future opportunity for a threshold jewel in the future. I think that a reasonable alternate quality would increase the immediate mitigation AND the damage over time, therefore increasing your damage taken over 4 seconds while actually increasing your EHP. Like you said it looks like a bad poison variant ^^. Exactly. Many people confuse dying quickly with dying in one hit. Ah, I missed that because the rounding from 16.7% to 20% almost completely negates it :D. I'm just gonna slap PB on my already glass cannon Deadeye Bleed Wander, being more glass cannon doesn't matter to me! It is not as clearly stated in the gem descriptions to me when I read it for the first few times. If you get around 30% reservation reduction, you can use a 35% aura on your life with arrogance, which would make PB "free". It's techncally true, but misleading, because it's also true if you reserve 50%, or 99%. Voidforge and Doomfletch will basically be built with Low Life in mind from now on specifically because this gem is so busted, and I fully expect it to get nerfed by next league. and using blodthirst gives you a gem which give more than 70% more dmg, almost 200 flat physical dmg from Ichimonji? There are a lot of costs associated with using this skill, and we'll go over each of them in detail. Agnostic will continually drain your mana if you have any of it reserved, even 1%, since you are not at 'Full Life'. You would never actually aim to be low life and if you did lose life, you would life flask back to full. There are clear ups, overleech, new lowlife gems, being constantly low life opens up item interactions. But you have to be low-life which See: This entire thread.

Yes, I think so, since PB doesn't deal damage, it causes life loss. Will you start recharging while losing life from PB? I'm at about 65% by reserving blood and sand, a purity, and precision. I think using the March of the Legion Boots to bypass the aura limit would be ok, especially since you no longer need to have the mana to reserve an aura (unless this was nerfed for the boots and I missed it in patch notes). It's very situational. Which means Leech instances don't go away. If we're being realistic, your life recovery won't be that high without heavy investment (which could be spent on other defenses or dmg), so you're probably going to be losing 20%+ eHP. I don't understand what GGG's intent for this gem is. When GGG writes descriptions, they tend to be very exact.

its a fucking bait skill, if it reserved 35% life instead of mana it would have been actually somewhat useful. you can only use a 25% aura with your life reserves. I might pivot and just use the savior or some nutty rare shield, but I've spent the last few days tinkering in PoB and this is the thing that seems to work best for me. I think the intention is just to open up Low life builds for more than shavs & spell builds but more archetypes overall. D3: Moratorium - 35% of damage taken after all reductions is instead taken over 3-5 seconds, to prevent oneshots. I thought this build was defensively so close to being viable, but the only issue was big chaos hits. That's not too hard. It's not. 30% more spell damage or massive flat attack damage + Overleech with double recovery. Sounds like you're a globe-half-full kind of guy. A subreddit dedicated to Path of Exile, an ARPG made by Grinding Gear Games. I think 45% would have been a solid max, or they would need to increase the mana reservation cost.