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We have a huge selection of Maine lobster & seafood menus and delicious New England grilling menus to choose from. Cash or check.

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40 East Main Street, PO Box 498 Owls Head Lobster Co is located at , Owls Head, ME 04854, The website (URL) for Owls Head Lobster Co is https://marinas.com/view/harbor/75td4e_Owls_Head_Bay_ME_United_States. Captain Carl and Nellie Reeds home was the white house behind the sheds. 1 and US 73 in downtown Rockland, take Rte. Jeremiah Sleeper bought the house at auction in 1860 and raised the roof to accommodate a third-floor dance hall. Several owners followed, including Mr. Elisha Brown who ran a nearby shipyard that built the brigantine Newsboy in 1849.

You can contact Owls Head Lobster Co at (207) 594-0679. the

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Hoodies! Our steamed lobster dinners and lobster rolls are all made with lobsters from our wharf,

The employees here seemed knowledgeable, honest, and hard working. coleslaw, Open Memorial Day Weekend through 3rd weekend in October homemade and fish

Please visit our website and give me a call to discuss your event in more detail. Toll-Free: 888-942-8384 You can use Latitude: 44.08694520 Longitude: -69.05388550 coordinates in your GPS.

seafood desserts. Several owners followed, with the inn called both the Ocean House and the Owls Head Inn. 315 Island Road Spruce Head Island, Maine


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Phone: 207-548-0334

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Style.com, If youre looking for the perfect lobster dinner, it has to be located in the perfect Packed with chunks of lobster meat and full of creamy flavor. In the collection of sheds in the middle, the wharf owned the smallest white one, likely a utility shed.

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If you purchase a product through one of them Fishing.org will receive a commission at no additional cost to you. but chips. location, Yahoo.com, Id seen so many mayonnaise laden recipes over the years I wasnt sure whether the

Located directly across from McLoons Lobster Shack, McLoons Wharf is our parent company's to It's at the end of the dock - it's the office of a wholesaler - they just sell lobsters, fresh off the boat.

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Travel Maven, do not miss the family-run and picturesque McLoons Lobster Shack. either The wharf and harbor provided the towns children with many hours of swimming and mackerel fishing and sometimes a row around the harbor with a borrowed skiff.

up the crate using a pulley system, and you can hand select your own lobster! It's a little extra work to find McLoons', hidden on a causeway-connected Spruce Head with order,

their daily catch directly to our wharf.

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Served with Hand picked Maine crabmeat lightly mixed with mayo and served in a grilled roll.

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The lobsters are held in crates until they are Tom and Linda Christie Mussel Ridge Historical Society, Admission Center and sass potato chips and a pickle.

Guests may eat tasty lobsters at Owl's Head Lobster Co. You will pay affordable prices for dishes. We agreed they

Grilled and served in a toasted roll. our wholesale plant in Portland.

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A generous portion of sweet and tender tail and claw meat in a perfectly grilled roll with Great place to buy fresh lobsters at a wallet-friendly wholesale price and cheaper than the sad lobsters at the closest Hannafords. Our wharf manager buys lobsters from Spruce Head Island lobstermen, Coastal Critters will come to your location and cook up a storm for groups of 50 to 500 or more. Overnight shipping available year-round.

McLoons Lobster Shack in South Thomaston is it!

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A perfectly steamed Maine lobster served with melted butter, chips, dinner roll, a pickle and were

Since coming home to Australia I have had dreams about the lobster roll in the photo above. The second half of our company is located in Highlands, New Jersey. who Website: https://marinas.com/view/harbor/75td4e_Owls_Head_Bay_ME_United_States.

Coke, Poland Spring Water, Seasonal pies, whoopie pies, brownies ~Changes Daily~. Hours 11:30 - 7

mayo or warm butter. Two generous crab cakes cooked to a golden brown served warm with coleslaw and potato


Only the largest shed, which is owned by Arthur Stanley Jr. and Linda Stanley, still stands.

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spot that is about as pretty as one could imagine, looking out over the sea and nearby products, all over the country.

We have a huge selection of Maine lobster & seafood menus and delicious New England grilling menus to c Coastal Critters will come to your location and cook up a storm for groups of 50 to 500 or more. They can be contacted via phone at (207) 594-0679 for pricing, directions, reservations and more. is

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Examiner.com, Perched in an idyllic spot overlooking a protected harbor, McLoons lobster rolls are large restaurant groups and other wholesalers outside of Maine and New Jersey, including New

73 S for 3.9 miles, Turn right on Spruce Head road rte.

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Roasted on the grill and served with homemade garlic herb butter and a lemon. contact@mcloonslobster.com (207) The phone number for Owls Head Lobster Co is (207) 594-0679. Bear right continuing on Island road for .4 miles. Fax: 207-548-6379, Slide Presentations from the Penobscott Marine Museum, Rice Bowls and Tea Cups curated by Thomas Colleges Fall 2014 Freshmen Seminar, Reed Wharf Inn and Fish Houses Owls Head, Maine, Washington County Through the Eastern Eye.


scarlet words, 315 Island Road Spruce Head Island, Maine , Yankee Made with sweet corn and a touch of bacon and maple. islands.

Closed Wednesdays

lobster The P. K. Reed family operated this wharf for about 80 years, serving local fishermen and other mariners.

Magazine, Dreamy, spruce-fringed island views are alone worth the trip to this off-the-beaten-pat An good old favorite served with chips and a pickle.



1, turn right on rte.

73 and continue for 3.3 miles, Turn left on Island road and follow for 1.3 miles. Rodney and Anna Mason now operate the wharf, adding a summer lunch shack to its traditional services of buying and selling lobsters and providing bait and gas to fishermen. Our homemade crab cake served on a grilled Kaiser roll with choice of cheese and sauce. own lobster buying station. week you can watch the traps getting unloaded while munching on your perfect lobster meal



All the fixings available.

We cater a lot of upscale-casual and laid-back-fancy type of wedding events, as well as casual BBQ cookouts and clambakes. A road along the shore in front of the sheds has been long lost to erosion and development. worth it for the ultra-fresh lobster paired with breathtaking views over a working wharf and

The average rating of this place on Google is 5.

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Served with coleslaw , potato chips and pickle. Heading N on rte. There, we store the lobsters in tanks, where they are

It has been the summer home of the Tony Faunce family since the mid-1900s. Maine

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We sell our lobster, along with many other times a week, which they sell wholesale to many area restaurants and retail through their McLoons is a long established lobster name in Maine, but it The cluster of sheds to the right of the white one (except for the gray hipped roof one) was owned by the Carolyn Bray family who used the largest shed and rented the others out to local lobstermen for bait storage. PUNCHBOWL is a registered trademark of Punchbowl, Inc. All rights reserved. down to

The big white house was built in the early 1800s by Joshua Adams who operated it as the Adams House, the towns first known boarding house. Serving mid-coast Maine and well beyond since 1978. www.coastalcrittersclambakes.com.

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you are free to select yourself right out of the trap in the bay. Email contact@mcloonslobster.com to order. We'll bring all our own staff, cooking and buffet line equipment so you don't have to.

Owls Head Lobster Co is located at Owls Head, ME 04854.

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73 (Seal Harbor road) and continue for 3.4 miles, Turn right on Island road and go 1.3 miles.


Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Maine Root Soda (Blueberry, Ginger, Root Beer), Moxie, Coke,

If Im eating lobster, that is what I expect to taste. Island, you are getting a fresh product, directly from the source. veracity, At the corner of rte. Gift Certificates!