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We are looking for more players that will join the small community that we are making on the IDs sharing page. Order is Orange and Chaos is Purple. 2674820c8, Fresh inv code for yall love 249d080c8, Fresh fresh fresh invitation code free soul for summons! 200 souls for free, Event > Invitation Pack 17 Slots Remaining, 1aa1520cc It's always safe to invest in the units in A and S rank on our tier list, so if you got any of them, you're set. The destroyers are the characters that you want to use when you are looking to do a lot of damage. Submit Here, Active invitation code (200 soulgem): please add me to get gifts!

Invite code, welcome to use it. The UR Dolls are the best characters in the game. This list ranks the best characters to play in the game, so you know who to choose for your next battle. Copy the Invitation Code 1d779c0cc and start your witchs journey hand-in-hand with your companions! Why do players use the Revived Witch tier list? It is a strategy game that can be played by anyone, regardless of their experience with games. Invitation Code: 197de80cc Use my code: 18bdac0c8 6227c0cc, Rebirth Champions X Codes Wiki[LAB! What is the Revived Witch character tier list based on? :)) use it for more gacha thingy, Copy this invitation code for free gems 1820d80cc, theres 2 flora man, one is a healer and one is a mage, its canon and its in the latest xmas event, Copy this invitation code for free gems 1b85fe0ca, Select event in the upper right corner > select invitation pack > enter code 1dcdda0ca to get 200 gems, click event in the upper right corner > select invitation pack > enter code 1dcdda0ca to get 200 gems, Click on event, then invitation pack, then this code 1c94b60c8 and get 200 gems. , 200 more souls to roll some dolls! Discover the best Dolls for each class with our Revived Witch tier list. But at the very least, this should give you a decent idea of who is worth aiming for in terms of reroll. You can get it in Event top right of main page ! Revived Witch healers can keep their teammates alive and heal them for a large amount of HP. Thats a total of 288 passive stamina gain per day. Copy the Invitation Code 189cf80c8 and start your witchs journey hand-in-hand with your companions! The ratings and characters available for the live launch of the game will be slightly different, but you can still gauge the overall usefulness of each doll.

Use this invitation code, so we both get the rewards, Copy the Invitation Code e2f740c8 and start your witchs journey hand-in-hand with your companions! 2022 GINX TV Ltd. Looking for free gems? please copy the Invitation Code: 1460d60cc. Passive can trigger active skill that causes AoE DMG/Dispels enemies buffs and reduces their magic DEF, Skills: Generates shield to protect allies, AoE DMG, disples enemies; buffs, reduces enemies magic DEF, Skills: Support allies by redirecting DMG, AoE DMG, Dispels enemies buffs, Skills: Single Target DMG, generates shield, AoE, Stun, Skills: Protect allies by generating shield, AoE Magic DMG, Skills: Support allies by redirecting DMG, AoE, Stun, Skills: AoE Healing, Increases Dolls ATK, Skills: AoE Healing, Reduces all allies DMG taken, Skills: AoE Healing, Reduces allies DMG taken, Skills: AoE Healing, Front ally healing, reduces DMG taken, Skills: Dispels debuffs from allies, heal an ally, Skills: Single ally healing, increases dolls ATK, reduces the DMG on doll, Skills: AoE Magic DMG, Reduces allies DMG taken, Skills: AoE healing, single target magic DMG, Skills: Buff allies(increases DMG Dealt), heal all allies, AoE PHY DMG, Skills: AoE Healing, AoE DMG, Increases allies DMG, Skills: Single-target magic DMG, AoE Magic DMG, Reduces Magic DEF, Skills: AoE Healing, Front Row Ally Healing. Here is a Revived Witch destroyer tier list which will help you choose the best destroyer for your team. 1adcc60cc enter this code in events to get awesome rewards!!!! Hello, We are playing duo here. Use for free 200 souls 2173c80c8 The ones you must avoid, only for emergency use or if you don't have a character to fill in a specific role. Come play with me and get resources for free! Event > Invitation Pack They are also great at taking down guardians quickly. After all, that's why these units are the rarest in the game (excluding EX). (Also, see Revived Witch Codes). [PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5], Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List (July 2022) Best Characters, Is Hunt Showdown Cross-Platform in 2022? All the codes below are real. Tier A and B characters are in the middle. Fey: Destroyer & Saltstone Passive: Penetrate, Primula: Healer & Brimstone Passive: Flower Dress, Acheronte: Mage & Mercury Passive: Divine Tsundere, Eulalia: Healer & Saltstone Passive: Celestial Blessing, Cuspidata: Mage & Mercury Passive: Evil Eye. Get 200 gems rewards ! The Revived Witch tier list is based on a variety of factors, including character abilities and strengths. Also, each pull can only have 1 UR + 1 SSR. Special L2D skins can also be unlocked once reaching certain limit break levels. It can be difficult to know who to play as, and the Revived Witch tier list makes this process much easier. Since its release, Revived Witch has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Cathrine, Ella, Dorin, Celanya, Akasha, Afallen, Tuonel, Metamorphoses, Mineer, Ushpia, Amanami, Arcana, Sher, Cersivey, Mayahuel, Akasha, Nannar, Yui, Caledonia, Cynetia, Flora, Lilia, Goorveig, La Crima, Pakane, Inn & Lou, Kyphon, Luan, Flora, Norn, Tama, Czerni, Mikoto, Acheronte, Viola, Anenome, Cuspidata, Yothaya, Ruda, Croche, Mortimer, Eulalia, Primula, Cetess, Avil, Yurugu, Nocturna, Elis, Nemesi, Shuffle, Octavia, Miku, Fey, Hilda, Yothaya, Croche, Ruda, Mortimer, Eulaliia, Primula. e81ac0c8.

The Revived Witch Assassin tier list helps you to choose the best wiccans for your team! Copy the Invitation Code 142dde0cc If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comments below. Updated: December 22, 2021 Added new Witches and adjusted ratings. All the characters in Revived Witch possess unique skills and belong to one of the six main roles; Destroyer, Mage, Guardian, Healer, Compeller, and Assassin. through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. sullivan operetta With so many different characters to choose from, it can be hard to decide who is the best. Use this invitation code to get free 200 gems. Much appreciated and thank you. Use for free 200 Souls

It takes into account a variety of factors so that players can make the most informed decision possible. Do you have any suggestions? If you are a beginner Revived Witch player, or if you just want to see how it compares against other characters in the same tier, then check out this tier list for Revived Witch. Why is the Revived Witch tier list so important? If you do want to reroll with a new account, heres a method of rerolling that might work: Goto Profile > User Center > Link your guest account to Yostar using random email generator > clear data account.

gods war characters kin ahau tropes tv pmwiki 11 Slots Remaining, Invitation Code: 20347c0c8 & if anyone has one I can use that hasnt reached its max comment it under this plz, invitation code: 10c3a00c Use this invitation code to get ur 200 gems! Use them in the code event. Use for 200 soul, new inv code: 1e96940ca Use for 200 souls, USE MY INVITATION CODE AND GET FREE 200 SOULS Do you want to know which characters (Dolls) are the most powerful? Good luck have fun . After that, there will be two summon options: the regular pool and the rate-up pool, which will offer the chance at a 50% discount for a ten summon with each new banner. Of course, each character might seem very strong at the beginning, but the more you advance in the game, the more difficult it'll be for the R and SR characters to keep up in terms of power. (With full backup of Mercury as well, Ushpia, Mayahuel and Luan.). Copy the Invitation Code: These items provide stat boosts for the character. S comprises the strongest Revived Witch characters and C is the weakest. Copy the Invitation Code 1911540c8 and start your witchs journey hand-in-hand with your companions! Guardian role characters are tank/frontline units. The game offers a wide variety of characters to choose from, each with its own unique abilities. It can help you choose which character to play with. Thank you, dd9340c8 gift code invitition 200 gem free. Copy and paste the code at Event top right of main page. 1aebf20ca go to events and press invitation code and use mine to get some cool rewards, Go to event tab then press invitation code and just enter and enjoy, For 200 free gems go to event tab. Invitation Code: 27e1860c8 for 200 souls. Redirects all DMG intended for friendly unit dolls to self for the next X10 seconds and recovers Health equal to 30% of Physical DEF every second. Use this code, may RNG GOD bless you with UR! It goes without saying that the above list reflects the authors opinions. Not a lot of them, but one - Pakane, who is a Mage able to apply stacking Frostbite to enemies which will deal increased damage. for 200diamonds free , Input my code for great rewards. Use this code, may RNG God give you Tier 0 Easy. Players use the Revived Witch tier list because it provides them with guidance on which characters to use. It will surely help you understand the game. The list is based on a number of factors, including each character's strengths and weaknesses. Copy the invitation Code: f99e40cc and start your witchs journey hand-in-hand your companions! Read on Revived Witch Tier List guide. Playing games like this one with friends is not the same as playing solo. 11349c0c8, Hi friends, my invite code is e81ac0c8, use it and we can become friends in game:), Copy the Invitation Code e2f740c8 to get 200 gems. As time goes on, a lot of the nitty-gritty details and rankings are likely to shift, as people decide who's good, and the meta changes with new characters. Use this to get 200 souls. It will help increase your chances of winning battles by choosing the right character for the right situation. help yourself! In this article, we will look at Revived Witch tier list that will make your gaming experience more professional and exciting. Use for free 200 souls Released in November 2021, The Revived Witch is a tactical RPG game. In order to win in Revived Witch, it is important to have a well-rounded team. Wed love to hear which character worked best for you as well! Copy the Invitation Code 128eb60ca and start your witchs journey hand-in-hand with your companions! Then look no further, because we've created a complete Revived Witch tier list to help you pick the best characters to upgrade and add to your team formation. Invitation Code: 21925a0c8 6.

You can do this up to 100 times. You can Evolve them, but don't waste any resources for them. Revived Witch is a game where you have to choose your guardian and fight against the enemy. use for 200 free souls It's easy to reroll in Revived Witch, since the game actually has an in-built functionality to do it, so there's no need to mess around with clearing caches and game storage. The R units (Rare) are actually the most common ones from the gacha. Invitation Code: 20413c0ca Just complete the tutorial, then summon. In our tier list, we've divided all the characters into rarities, starting from UR, quickly followed by SSR, SR and lastly R. As you might expect, the UR characters stand at the top of the ranking, being some of the best in the game overall. Please join my guild 6461c0cc Have fun . Home Guides Revived Witch Revived Witch Tier List & Reroll Guide 2022 (July). If youre looking to improve and become a better Revived Witch player, we highly recommend using the Revived Witch tier list. Thanks, good luck! Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective New players will be able to use a Beginner pool with 100 ten-times summons until they get the UR hero they want from the four on offer. You can get a top-tier character, in the beginning, using the reroll guide. The overall Revived Witch tier list contains all the Revived Witch characters that are currently in the game. All dolls can be equipped with weapons and gear. Dolls are what characters are referred to in Revived Witch. Still, if you don't have any other better Mage with AoE damage, she'll do the job. How To Get More Energy In Raid Shadow Legends, How To Get Sacred Shards Raid Shadow Legends, Raid Shadow Legends Champions Tier List Guide, Valorant Night Market July 2022 Start Date, End Date, How To Access, Diablo 3 Sanctified Powers For All Classes In Season 27, All Genshin Impact Phantasmal Conch Locations In Golden Apple Archipelago, Dead by Daylight - Best Survivor Builds July 2022. ](July 2022). Revived Witch mage uses magic to inflict damage on enemies and has several skills that deal damage over time, including Hellfire Blast. Use my code to get a free 200 soul EVENT > INVITATION PACK, Event > Invitation Pack code ceeb00ca for 200 gems, Thanks for the code! The characters in the tier list are listed under five levels explained as follows: Tier S The best characters in the game, taking into account the current metagame. Thank you. Use my invitation code to get gd rewards! In this section, we will cover assassins, who specialize in killing quickly and efficiently. [PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5], Melty Blood Type Lumina Tier List (July 2022) Best Characters, Injustice Gods Among Us Tier List (July 2022) Best Characters, 3400+ Golf Captions For Instagram (2022) Funny, Cute, Short, Is Elite Dangerous Cross-Platform in 2022? Check Out Best mobile games. Use my invitation code 1a4ee40c8 and enjoy the 200 gems My inv code is e81ac0c8, lets play together:), Use my code: e16020cc for 200 gems. Also Related: Alchemy Stars Tier List (2022). Awakening is a simple way to upgrade dolls. Just by sending this code -> fc3160ca Copy the Invitation Code 1bb9b00ca and start your witchs journey hand-in-hand with your companions! Guild ID: 28441577210, Code in event invited by player 1b2b820ca and get 200 gems, adventurebegins and THEBEGINNING are code to put in redemption code to get reward. Use for free 200 Souls The SSRs are also pretty good, in certain situations even better than some URs. Tier B Good characters who can balance our team if we don't have the best. Copy the Invitation Code f55ce0ca and start your witchs journey hand-in-hand with your companions! Please Redeem code 90c520ca and both of us will get free items.

Use for free 200 souls That said, we thought it would be useful to create a Revived Witch tier list article for every Doll in the game so far, as well as individual tier lists for each of the game's classes. This is a Revived Witch tier list based on the opinion of many experienced CN players for the CBT. Make sure to claim your free limited Kitty Cat Avatar frame from our Revived Witch Redemption Codes page! Enter this code on Event top right menu Use invitation code 1302ca0cc to get 200 souls.

Also Useful: Touhou LostWord Tier List (2022). While this article lists all the characters from best to worst, you are encouraged to use the ones that you are comfortable with. But you can only use them once per player.

249d080c8 , Fresh invitation! There are two types of energy that are used in battle. Of course, if you're interested in learning more about the game, use the official website. We wouldn't suggest investing any resources in the SR and R Dolls, since they will most likely go to waste and you will never use them. And that's our Revived Witch tier list. Invitation code for 200 crystals: f86880cc. When you press the Star Button, you will go into a mode like . 2883ce0c8, Invitation code: 2828660c8 Use my code 10b5940cc for goodies! Destroyer/Assassin/Mage role characters are DMG dealers. To get 200 gems. The only way to increase this cap is via the Limit Break feature. Dailies provide a Big Stamina Potion which will replenish your stamina capacity. |Terms of Service|Disclosure Policy|Contact Us, Revived Witch Tier List (July 2022) Best Characters Ranked. Use for free 200 souls , btw your code can be used more than once just letting you know, Copy Code 8df300cc 200 gem These tiers are generally composed of weaker characters that will not be able to keep up with the stronger ones in terms of power and abilities. Hey friends, this is my inv code! Enter code in event section to get 200 soul. [PC, PS4, Xbox], World Flipper Tier List (July 2022) Best Characters Ranked, 10 Best RTX 3080 Laptops in 2022 (Intel 12th, 360Hz, & 4K), 10 Best Laptops for Doctors in 2022 [Recommended by Doctors], Metamorphoses, Kapla, Afallen, Amanami, Ushpia, The Miracle Cathering, Mineer, Tuonel, Arcana, Mineer, Akasha, Yui, Ella, Dorin, Celanya, Kyphon, Tuonel of Night, Lilia, Goorveig, La Crima, Ushpia, Datheios, Sher, Caledonia, Mayahuel, Nannar, Ella, Cersivey, Yui, Blue Shift Watcher, Cynetia, Tama, Inn & Lou, Luan, Flora, Norn, Hilda, Flora of Melody Lake, Nom, Pakane, Viola, Anemone, Octavia, Fey, Eulalia, Primula, Mortimer, Ruda, Croche, Yothaya, Cuspidata, Czerni, Mikoto, Miku, Acheronte, Avail, Cetess, Yurugu, Shuffle, Nocturna, Elis, Nemesi, Cuspidata, Dana, Acheronte, Pakane, Viola, Primula, Eulalia, Ruda, Croche, Yothaya, Mortimer. Merry Christmas, Please use the Friendinvite code below for extra 300 gems. All rights reserved. So without further ado, let's dive right into the Revived Witch tier list! d9c5e0c8 for 200 free gems; Skills: Provides immunity to the next X5 instances of Physical DMG, and raises Catherines PHY DEF and Magic DEF by 3% of her Max Health. e16c00c8, hey use this code: aabd40ca to help my friend out! They are well-rounded and can be played in a variety of scenarios, making them some of the most versatile characters in the game. Gear can also have affixes attached to them, and these can be rerolled. use it for 200 souls. Touch event icon at right hand side to enter code.