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The Brokerage API enables your customers to buy and sell crypto directly from within your app. An integrated platform to effortlessly meet all your Anti-Money Laundering and KYC requirements with an extensive KYC/AML API for Payments Wallets, Lending, Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), or Remittance Businesses. Any attacker would need to compromise at least three different entities in order to theoretically gain access to your keys. TRM Labs has built a platform designed specifically to streamline on-chain AML compliance for digital asset companies, saving them time and reducing risk. Transparent and verifiable scoring pattern Free Testing. Client segregated cold storage combined with live trading accounts provide complete control over the custody and transmission of digital assets. Stay on the right side of regulators with our fluid API-based messaging platform. With Cryptowerk HORIZON, its easy to verify whether the data your are using is trusted data. The World-Check data is fully structured, aggregated, and de-duplicated. Confidently transact with corporate and retail crypto customers. Our KYC is integrated by default into our solutions, allowing the compliant and convenient onboarding of your customers. Trusted by 2000+ businesses, including Binance, Bybit, Huobi, TransferGo, Moonpay, iTalki, Didi, Hyundai, Exness, ESL Gaming and more. One cohesive platform to screen, monitor and investigate cryptocurrency wallets, transactions and entities. Financial Institutions, Blockchain Industries, Governments. Chainalysis offers cryptocurrency investigation and compliance solutions to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity companies globally. Access the entire platform or just the solutions you need today. Sentinel Protocol, operated and developed by Uppsala Security, is the world's first crowdsourced Threat Intelligence Platform powered by blockchain technology to protect the cyberspace. GlobalLedger is a forensic AML company that enables banks, FinTech and Crypto-oriented companies to reach crypto compliance, mitigate business risks related to money laundering and encourage law enforcement. Receive a vulnerability report with an executive summary, vulnerability details, and mitigation guidance. Target Customers. Should you need to deploy on-premise or in the cloud, we work with you closely to deliver the right outcome for your organization. The API, mobile SDK and the web app enable institutions to verify people and companies across global sanctions, watchlists, and politically exposed persons (PEPs) databases, provide aliases, criminal records, court judgments, document verification and much more. We maintain accountability in the cryptocurrency space with our social platform where we source, review, vote, and discuss cryptocurrency market insights. SlowMist Technology is a company focused on blockchain ecological security. Whether youre fighting terrorist financing, money laundering, human trafficking, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, or other cyber crimes. Start Immediately. 1) GL-Vision With our simple API integration you can go to market in next to no time. our sites and services. Easily integrate our AML data with your preexisting workflows using our industry-leading APIs. Full history of flows for transactions, addresses, and balances. No Setup Cost. Our APIs hide smoothly behind your frontend, meaning you can offer your solution entirely in your branding. Multiple trading accounts. Insightful Finding Investigation. Our partner network allows us to complete fast and accurate Identity Documents Verification from over 240+ countries and territories. Understand, evaluate and mitigate crypto and fiat AML exposure and counterparty risk. Wallet tracking wallet profiler to follow whales, traders, institutions, etc. We are a veteran-owned small business striving to make digital assets accessible to traditional financial institutions and government through data. Sygna Bridge helps virtual asset service providers (VASPs) meet the FATFs recommendation 16 Crypto Travel Rule as required by domestic regulators for licensing in various jurisdictions. Compliance is a competitive advantage that builds trust with regulators, customers, and partners. Private, enterprise grade installation with GL-VISION and GL-CONNECTION capabilities, custom scoring algorithms, ongoing risks monitoring and more. Fast, friendly and secure identity verification for today's digital-first economy. We help our customers experience the most insightful and powerful tools for AML compliance. Monitor your customers and distribute results. Coinpath depicts a clean data graph for money flow by analyzing wallet transactions and addresses and creates a clear path from funds origin to different crypto services and VASPs. Multi-sig wallets. Smooth Transactions. Identify risks before they become threats and protect your business. Trading platform (in the later stages of development). End-to-end secure custody architecture for crypto assets. See how our team leveraged our CISO solution to quickly locate and trace these infamous hacked funds for law enforcement. While there are many firms in the financial compliance space, BitAML is unique in that it specializes in developing holistic, customized AML compliance regimes specifically for cryptocurrency concerns. Look up addresses and transactions to understand which entities control a wallet. We help you to comply with regional regulations. It streamlines essential accounting and back-office ops, including: Surface the Signal in Blockchain Data. One of Zero Hash's main philosophies is 'maximum flexibility,' and so this document will not only provide you with the complete set of API endpoints and connectivity options that are available, but also suggested implementations to help you think about which parameters are most applicable to your use case. Scorechain Entity Directory helps you to screen VASPs with detailed information on KYC, AML and risk exposure for a better risk-based approach implementation. - Auto transaction labeling, cost basis (FIFO & WAC), gains/loss reporting Compare Solidus Labs alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. It provides the infrastructure to help blockchain companies, crypto-exchanges, investment funds, banks, and regulators perform due diligence on the blockchain. A single, unified Javascript SDK, for over 40+ blockchain protocols. Solidus Labs offers the first crypto-native, comprehensive, autmated and testable market surveillance and risk monitoring hub tailored for digital assets. I, Coinfirm is a blockchain technology company focused on compliance as a service. Having the most accurate AML monitoring solutions is critical, as is investing in your team to build the knowledge needed to remain compliant.

Find out when tokens are being accumulated or dumped with our Exchange Deposit Tracker, which keeps track of tokens in exchange wallets. By continuing to use this site you are consenting to these choices. SOC 2 Type II and regular pen testing from ComSec and NCC Group. Best-in-class visualization tools You get full visibility and complete control of how AI decisions are made. We are the only firm that provides all three, as well as the infrastructure, analytics, and expertise to make sense of it all. Real-time KYC/AML for easy compliance and effective monitoring KYC/AML platform that gives deep insights into every transaction, empowering you to make informed decisions. Trace stolen crypto, uncover hidden patterns in data, identify exit nodes and expose criminals with our investigation solution. Our blockchain-enabled platform delivers a risk management solution tailored to the needs of our users. With Solaris Digital Assets as your partner, you get everything you need to build your own digital asset product under one roof. Key information about holders (wallet types, transactions, interests, etc.) Without the ability to verify data integrity, you cannot trust your data. We are thorough and leave no regulatory stone unturned. TRM enables risk management and compliance for a global community of financial institutions, cryptocurrency businesses and government agencies. With Nansen you get an executive summary of where funds are moving. The company uses artificial intelligence to explore cryptocurrency networks for patterns of suspicious transactions and activity and allows users to detect unusual transactions and track their origin. Monitor incoming and outgoing transactions. Easy data management & custom monitoring. You can read more about your. We ensure your users return again and again by providing the highest conversion rates and industry-leading UX/UI. Breadcrumbs is an open blockchain analytics platform. AI-powered identity verification combined with human review to ensure that your users are real, always. With growing investment in cryptocurrencies, businesses without controls in place face regulatory action, reputational damage, or exclusion from the financial system. The End-to-End Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Solution for your customer compliance lifecycle. Chainalysis offers cryptocurrency investigation and compliance solutions to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity comp, TRM Labs has built a platform designed specifically to streamline on-chain AML compliance for digital asset companies, saving them time and reducing risk. Acuants Identity Document Library of 6,000+ documents is continuously updated for the best coverage and highest accuracy. CipherTraces certified examiner training provides hands-on instruction in blockchain and cryptocurrency tracing. The World-Check Risk Intelligence database delivers accurate and reliable information to help you make informed decisions. Ospree claims to be a better solution than Solidus Labs due to: Does not offer integration with KYC or other blockchain data providers. Designed for law enforcement and financial institutions, Crystal provides a comprehensive view of the public blockchain ecosystem and uses advanced analytics and data scraping to map suspicious transactions and related entities. Move seamlessly between Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than a dozen other blockchains, building cohesive visualizations as you trace the flow of funds. Settlements between Solarisbank's euro accounts and our crypto wallets are free and instant. Evidence from UnBlock. Inca Digital is a cryptocurrency intelligence company that provides data, analytics, and expertise to many of the worlds leading exchanges, financial institutions, regulators, and government agencies. Inca Digital now boasts a team of some of the best engineers, analysts, and security experts around the world. Crypto businesses globally rely on Solidus' solutions in order to apply for licensing, attract institutional investors, protect their users and grow faster - and safer. Peregrine allows for digital assets to operate without the need for costly custodial solution providers or expensive insurance requirements. Napiers single unified platform integrates multiple compliance solutions into one master dashboard. Control operational expense, reduce false positives alerts, and deploy virtual AI agents in one click to review at scale in line with your own volumes. Our software helps crypto-native businesses, financial institutions, accountants, and auditors navigate the fragmented digital-asset landscape with confidence. Ensure that all transactions meet required regulatory checks prior to posting to the blockchain-based on the location of transaction origination. Total control over assets. Since 2016 Coinfirm has been powering the mass adoption of blockchain in the new financial system. We offer a suite of products and services designed to make it easier for business owners to implement and update AML compliance policies, procedures, and protocols efficiently and accurately as they grow. The company also offers Chainalysis Maket Intel that provides on-chain metrics on the trading, demand, supply, generation, and risk of cryptocurrencies and Chainalysis Reactor, an investigation software for tracking flow of funds across blockchains. Crystal is the all-in-one blockchain investigative tool. In the spirit of decentralization, Breadcrumbs encourages the participation of the cryptocommunity when it comes to crowd-sourcing attribution data. With Acuant you have the flexibility to easily address evolving fraud and regulations. 2) GL-Connection We empower our users to make informed decisions about the blockchain regardless of class, background and budget.