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This printer is extremely small and light. For this category we used most of the same criteria as we laid out for color print-only machines but lowered the price ceiling to $250, looked for excellent scan and copy quality, and ruled out any model without a duplexing automatic document feeder. Laser printers can print in monochrome or full color.

Operating costs for the M255dw are low. It wasnt quite that fast for us, but it still seemed speedy enough for just about any home or home-office use we could imagine. *At the time of publishing, the price was $110.

It comes with a number of handy built-in apps, including Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can walk up and print directly from your cloud accounts. For this guide, we looked for the best options in each of these categories. Toner is affordable at just 3 per black-and-white page and 15 for each color page, and it comes in extra-large cartridges that should last most people a very long time before they need to be replaced. However, they also mention networking issues with some routers, along with parts failures. But if you want to keep your annoyance to a minimum, we recommend a laser printer: Not only do laser models print sharp text and crisp graphics, but they also run more reliably than inkjets and wont clog if they sit unused for weeks between jobs. The Brother HL-L2390DW and HL-L2395DW are essentially the same machine as our budget pick, the Brother HL-L2350DW, but with a flatbed scanner bolted to the top, plus or minus some extra software features. HPs one-year warranty for the M479fdw is shorter than what some rivals offerCanon in particular provides three years of coverage on its machinesbut it may actually be better than competing policies. The HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw is fast, powerful, flexible, and refreshingly easy to use.

(The newer Canon ImageClass MF269dw we tested in 2020, which also does two-pass duplexing, had strangely slow scanning performance over Wi-Fi at just 2 pages per minute single- or double-sided.). Weve scanned thousands of customer reviews to pick out recurring issues with specific models. If you can find the M454dw on sale, go for it, but at normal prices we think the M255dw strikes a better balance between price and performance for most people. The HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw has an attractive cost per page and a nice touchscreen interface, but owner reviews are deeply mediocre. In addition, these estimates may not line up with the reality of how you print.1 If you print a lot of full-page color photos, you can expect to get fewer pages out of each toner cartridge, while text-based pages with a few color graphics could stretch the cartridges beyond their expected life and lower your cost per page. And the optional 3,000-page high-yield cartridges mean you wont need to replace your toner too often. Even though HP includes a USB cable (a rarity these days), we think most people will use Wi-Fi, so thats the way we chose to set up our machine. Print quality was mediocre overall, and colors had a distinctly greenish hue. To test printing speed, we ran off four copies of the four-page ISO document in both duplex (two-sided) and simplex (one-sided) modes. We clocked it at 25 pages per minute while printing single-sided PDFs and 12 pages per minute while using duplexingfaster than our color top pick, the HP M255dw, in both cases.

Thanks to its USB port, this machine is capable of printing JPEGs, PDFs, and Word files, and it can also save scans as PDFs, JPEGs, or TIFF files. We love this printers responsive control panel, the modern design of HPs PC and mobile software, and how easy the machine is to set up and get on Wi-Fi. In our tests, it produced sharp black text, vibrant full-color graphics, and even photos good enough for a school report.

Like our top pick, the M479fdw requires official HP toner cartridges. After four years testing printers, he has confirmed that they all suck, but some suck less than others. For professional-looking brochures or presentations, youd probably want to use a printer like our upgrade pick, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw, or punt the job to a pro print shop instead.

Its easy to set up and simple to use, and it produces great-looking results, both in color and in black and white. Wed love to look into this topic more someday. The 250-page main paper tray (which can accept everything up to legal size) is larger than many in its class, so youll have to fill it less often. These tests gave us a feel not only for how fast a printer would be able to spit out a 10-page book report, but also whether the differences between the models were substantial enough to make a difference in day-to-day life. This powerful machine marries the basic utility and reliability of our Brother HL-L2350DW budget pick with the versatility of a flatbed scanner and a single-pass duplexing automatic document feeder. (However, like most other laser printers, the HL-L2350DW comes with a puny starter cartridge good for just 700 pages.). In October 2020, HP released a firmware update (version 20201021) that prevents the printer from working with non-HP toner cartridges. (It sounds absurd, but such hacks have happened.) In our tests, we found the default print quality from the MFC-L2750DW to be good enough for home and internal business usea small step ahead of the results from our budget pick, the Brother HL-L2350DW, with sharper text at small font sizes and marginally better graphics performance. The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e is our favorite all-in-one for most people thanks to its ease of use, great print quality, and low cost of operation. Test graphics and photos, on the other hand, were merely mediocre at default settings, as some light banding was visible in solid-color areas, and graphics appeared a little grainy. We didnt observe any jagged lines or banding in solid-color areastwo problems that often plague cheaper models. We considered setup a success when we were able to print a two-sided document from each platform over Wi-Fi, turn the machine off and back on, and do it again. When you first set it up, just be sure to check for any plastic pieces that might have jumped out of place, and run a few print and scan jobs to make sure everything is working properly. The HL-L2350DW works with Windows PCs, Macs, and even Linux systems. For a small business with more serious productivity needs, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw is a worthwhile upgrade over our other picks. Theyre also sturdier and more reliable than inkjets. The MF264dw also lacks fax capability. This multifunction printer adds a flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder to the HL-L2350DW, significantly upping its home-office utility. Third-party toner is available for around half the price of the genuine HP toner, but we cant guarantee itll work for you; explore that option at your own risk.3. Since Google Cloud Print is still important for Chromebook owners, we made sure each printer worked with that. This isnt a problem limited to the M255dwalmost all home laser printers (including alternatives we considered and tested) come with corner-cutting starter cartridgesbut its annoying nonetheless. You can scan to email, a network computer or drive, an FTP server, or cloud apps like Dropbox and Google Drive. If not, you can painstakingly enter your Wi-Fi passkey using the printers up/down buttons to select each character. Ben Keough is an editor covering powering, home office, and hobbies at Wirecutter. With a machine this straightforward, physical setup is quick. When we crammed the main paper tray with as many as 50 extra sheets, a warning popped up on the control panel saying the tray was overstuffed, and the machine refused to print. For this guide to laser printers, weve considered 157 different printers and tested 19 of them since 2011. Printers are annoying. Learn more. Run a home business? We also had issues getting the printers to accept a properly formatted USB thumb drive, which seems like a thing that shouldnt be hard to get right. Subscribe now for unlimited access. Brother claims the HL-L2350DW can print at up to 32 pages per minute, 5 pages per minute faster than the machine it replaces. Some people swear by third-party toner and even third-party imaging drums. Once the M255dw is connected to your network, you can grab the appropriate drivers and software for your Mac or Windows PC by heading to and clicking Download. Some models drop one or the other, so be sure to check before buying. However, you may have problems getting the printer to complete Cloud Print registration; we certainly did. If you want an Ethernet port for wired Internet, you can upgrade to the otherwise nearly identical HL-L2370DW. Like our top pick, it requires you to use official HP toner. We reached out to Brother for comment, but the company wasnt able to provide any explanation for the print-quality discrepancy. Youd have to try hard to find a laser printer that doesnt offer at least respectable print quality, but some still manage to stand out from the pack. In addition, since its duplex printing isnt single-pass, it took nearly twice as long to print two-sided documents as the HP. All of the other printers we tested for this guide use old-school resistive touchscreens that arent nearly as accurate or easy to use as the capacitive touchscreens on most smartphones. As with its now-discontinued predecessor (our top pick for the past two years), one of the best things about the HL-L2350DW is its low cost of ownership. Weve never tested any of these offerings, but based on what weve read, using third-party toner seems like a more reliable option than using third-party ink in an inkjet printer. If you need (or just want) a more serious printer than our other picks, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw is expensive, but its one of the most affordable color laser printers that offer all the same productivity features as our favorite inkjet model.

The benefit of toner over ink is that toner doesnt smudge and, because toner isnt liquid, it doesnt dry up if it sits unused for a long time. All-in-one color lasers like the M479fdw cost more and are more expensive to operate than inkjet printers with comparable features, but they deliver high-quality color prints, copies, and scans at a quicker pace than cheaper models. Toner is a simple substance, and laser printers dont seem to purposely disable themselves whenever they detect non-OEM cartridges.

Printers frustrate us all. Have a student in the house? All of them. The best laser printer is the powerful, versatile HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw. The Xerox Phaser 6510/DNI is a powerful color laser machine, and both owner and editorial reviews report very good print quality.

For the multifunction printers, we added speed tests for copying and scanning large documents, again considering both duplex and simplex speed and checking to see whether there was a difference between scanning color and monochrome content.

If your printer was set to automatically update, this change happened in the background and may have broken compatibility with third-party toner. Depending on your needs, we have a few recommendations for the best printer for you. Thanks to its single-pass duplexing automatic document feeder, scanning is really quick even with two-sided documents24 pages per minute in black and white and 8 pages per minute in color. Networking failures, sky-high ink costs, and interfaces out of the 80s plague even the best ones.

Operating costs are low, too: Even accounting for drum wear, each print will run you about 3.3, which is right in line with the per-page cost of other models we recommend.

We also tested the Canon Color ImageClass LBP622Cdw but came away disappointed with its user interface, its apps, and its occasionally slow printing. With the touchscreen display, connecting the M255dw to our Wi-Fi network was as easy as picking our routers SSID out of a list and typing in the password. For people with basic needsprinting taxes, recipes, boarding passes, and so onits automatic duplex capability, large 250-sheet paper tray, reliable paper handling, speedy printing, and low per-page costs make it an excellent choice despite a few quirks. Laser printers come in a few distinct varieties. In general, we recommend that you avoid the app and print through your operating systems native print dialog, which works just great. mg6821 Results were also very good when we printed business-style graphics and household miscellany like comics, coloring book pages, and crosswords. We printed a few high-resolution photos, too, because more data is always better, and seeing how each printer handles material that pushes against the limits of its capabilities can be instructive. As a result, laser printers have faster print speeds, print sharper text, and prints dont smear when wet. Wirecutter has covered printers for seven years, and Ive written about them since 2016. In our tests, at default settings, text documents from the M255dw looked crisp, with dark black text that was readable down to 2 points.

In our testing, it cranked out a single-sided Word document at around 24.1 pages per minute, slowing only to 21.8 ppm with duplex documents. This screen isnt as big as the ones on larger all-in-one printers such as our upgrade pick, but its still a significant upgrade over the non-touch, black-and-white displays or low-res, monochrome, resistive touchscreens used in the other machines we tested.

Specifically, this model lacks duplex copy and scan, fax capability, and a touchscreen interface. Just keep in mind that color laser printers will be more expensive because youll need new toner cartridges for each color as opposed to just a black toner cartridge for monochrome laser printers. But weve got a few helpful hints. Filtering through the color laser AIOs from top manufacturers, we arrived at four models that checked off all our requirements: the Brother MFC-9340CDW, the Canon Color ImageClass MF644Cdw and Color ImageClass MF743Cdw, and the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw, the upgrade pick in our all-in-one printer guide.

Setting up the M255dw is painless, despite a fairly cryptic installation guide that relies primarily on pictures instead of words. It produces great results, too: crisp black text and vibrant color graphics. Scans from the automatic document feeder looked just fine in our tests, though they could come out a bit crooked if you dont micromanage the paper guides on the ADF tray (a fault shared by many all-in-ones).

My editors and I have kept an eye on feedback from comment threads, email, and Twitter to better understand our readers real-world needs. The output is good enough for personal use or internal business documents, and you can improve it with adjustments to toner density and resolution settings (at the expense of toner longevity) if you need to hand out documents to clients. The prints were a touch washed out, but we got accurate colors, lots of detail, and relatively low noise. We also checked out each printers quality options, including toner-density sliders and any available print-resolution settings, to see what you can expect with toner-saving options and to learn if we could eke out better-looking text. To put that in context, the Brother MFC-L2750DW spit out its first sheet in 12 seconds, the Canon Color ImageClass LBP622Cdw produced its first print in 11 seconds, and the ImageClass MF269dw was even faster at 7 seconds. It stands out from the competition with an easy-to-use, smartphone-style touch interface and 21st-century mobile and PC software that makes daily use far less frustrating than on other printers weve tried. After researching the category, we considered machines such as the HP LaserJet Pro M118dw and HP LaserJet Pro M203dw.

The bright, colorful, smartphone-style touchscreen interface is easy to work with, though it isnt as large as the one on our upgrade pick. We printed instructions for 1099 tax forms, star charts designed for lens sharpness testing, and an office report with each printer. Its cost per page is a reasonable 3.3, it sticks to Wi-Fi like glue, and its price generally hovers around $100.

As of this writing, our budget pick is out of stock, but all Brother L2300-series models will get you similar print performance with slight speed or feature differences. Popping the piece back in where it was supposed to go was simple enough, but it speaks to the HL-L2350DWs flimsiness (and shoddy packaging) that the problem happened in the first place. We hopped on the phone, and a Brother customer support agent quickly diagnosed the problem: a plastic guide in the paper path that had gotten knocked out of place in transit. When we put exactly 250 pages in, it printed normally; same with just a single sheet in the tray. Role-based access control for multiuser environments allows you to choose who can access which printer features. (Yes, including faxing.). Print quality is excellent across the board, and all of the features you might expect from a high-end printer are here, including auto-duplexing, plenty of networking options, support for common mobile printing standards, and a bypass slot for odd-size media.

That gives you the HP Easy Start installer, which walks you through getting the printer connected, registered, and working with your computer. The Canon ImageClass MF264dw and MF267dw are very similar to the MF269dw we tested, but both have a smaller ADF capacity and neither offers duplex scanning and copying. If you like the sound of our budget pick but want the ability to scan and copy documents and photos too, the Brother MFC-L2750DW should fit the bill. To help you decide if a laser printer is right for you, take a look at this brief list of things laser printers tend to do better than inkjets: But laser printers arent for everyone because theyre not great at everything. It also has just 25 percent as much onboard memory (which means it might balk at large print jobs) and runs a little slower. *At the time of publishing, the price was $300. But itll just as easily find a space on your desk or anywhere else you might want to shove it. It has other features that businesses will appreciate, too, such as duplex printing and a fold-out bypass paper tray for one-off print jobs on different paper sizes. We like these models, but over time reader feedback has led us to favor multifunction printers with automatic document feeders. Google Cloud Print doesnt work from the get-goor didnt for us, anywaybut you can fix that by disabling IPv6 in the Web control panels networking options. Unfortunately, although they produced excellent speed and output in our tests, we found them much more difficult to work with than the HP M479fdw due to their clunky UI, resistive touchscreen, and outdated PC and Mac software. Although the slide-off scanner glass is large enough only for letter paper, the automatic document feeder can handle legal-size documents.

Theyre still expensive compared with inkjets and monochrome lasersespecially when it comes time to replenish tonerbut the convenience and flexibility of a color laser machine cant be overstated. Yes! For simplicitys sake, we stuck with the estimated capacities that the manufacturers advertised. The 250-sheet paper tray has adjustable guides for envelopes and other different media. The HP LaserJet Pro M203dw has a low cost per page and a reasonable asking price, but owner reviews are poor, complaining of difficult setup, unreliable Internet connections, and breakdowns. At its core its a very similar printerand its just as easy to set upbut it also has a flatbed scanner and a fast, single-pass duplexing automatic document feeder on top. He previously spent more than a decade writing about cameras, printers, and other office equipment for Wirecutter, Reviewed, USA Today, and Digital Camera HQ. techpatio printer a3 brother india laserjet cp2025 hp series cp2025dn productivity cp2025n enhances doc return