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The Growth has been challenging at 40% every year and the industry expanding in domestic horizons. New products are innovated and customisation of the container plays a major role. Truck/chassis sub-systems dont play a role in supporting the refrigeration unit operations.

Marine, trailer and rail refrigeration solutions under SLX and precedent series is one of the unique products in the Industry and is a benchmark product in its category. What are your thoughts on different customer segments, retention and USPs to stay ahead of competition? On return to the warehouse, the Refrigerated Trucks is plugged in, so as to refreeze the eutectic plates and the cycle continues. Take us through the other processes such as body-building / integration of sub-assemblies, quality checks, testing, etc. JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

As mentioned above, through Composites Consulting Group (CCG), we offer full engineering support in structural design including FEA analysis. They provide specific solutions for both individuals and OEMs. Our role has been crucial in regulating and rationalising the cost of Truck Refrigerator in India which is critical for the growth of the market. We operate in lease cold chain warehouse from our trusted partners, since trucks are used only for pharmaceutical transportation, the cold chain facility warehouses will be of clients and we need to provide transportation most of time. While on delivery, the rear doors remain shut and the products are unloaded through side service doors. Skilled personnel not required for handling system, Life of system will be as long as the life of the truck, Excellent product protection in case of breakdown of truck, Temperature maintained without use of external energy source.

Mr. Sanjay Sathyapalan, Business Head Southern India, Hwasung refrigeration unit firm, affirms that knowledge dissemination and training are important for the correct handling of cold chain products to maintain the quality and as well ensure economy of operations. He adds: We have installed GPS and data loggers in a few of our vehicles on a trial basis. From the vehicle OEMs I believe Ashok Leyland is the only one really offering a complete package reefer truck. Hence it should come as no surprise if the cost optimisation approach has been accorded highest priority and importance in the cold chain terrain to bring down the enormous wastage of fruits & veg and allied products, poultry, fish, meat, milk & dairy products, etc., due to lack of cold chain infrastructure and/or transport facilities. The immediate requirement seems to be around 30000 vehicles. Also there is a certain amount of customization which is not easy for OEMs. This way we can show how we are better than the competition and if there are any problems then we can learn from the same and improve.

Today Milky Mist dealership family has expanded to 800 members and we cover all the southern states. How does Sub Zero go about with its reefer building/integration program? We provide many different qualities of FRP/GRP as per customers requirement and their special process of manufacturing GRP sandwich panel technology. According to our forecast, the average annual demand for Refrigerated vehicles will be in the range of 6000 to 8000 Nos per annum. In transit, at toll booths, we generally have a priority because of short shelf life perishable products we carry and do not face much of a problem.

So we are in the process of setting up a new greenfield project with state-of-the art automated machinery near Erode. The efforts have paid off and a dealer doing about Rs.6 lakhs per moth saw his sales zoom to Rs.60 lakhs in the same period; and we now insist that all our dealers must have reefers for deliveries to stores. Growth drivers are sum total of the initiatives and ground level actions by both govt and domain players. Bengaluru, Karnataka, NO.5 MAIN CHANNEL ROAD SARASWATHI NIVAS ULSOOR Saraswathi Nivas, Jogupalya, Bengaluru - 560008, Dist.

How do you see the future for reefer semi-trailers in India? that has a dedicated staff and workshop to attend to service needs. Being a global player, what are your views on reefer semi-trailers for long haul? The main products are milk pouches in various denominations depending on the fat content plus pouch packed curd and allied products under the brand name Amirthaa. After understanding the Customer requirements and demands, the products and transport methodology were aligned to ensure that, the customer gets the best quality product in factory fresh state, thanks to the reefer route totally followed for both primary and secondary distribution. The curtains block the opening of the doors assisting in the maintaining of the temperature and therefore saving fuel!Learn More, Designed to keep Bulkheads conveniently stored out of the way, without ever leaving the trailer. GVW ( Gross Vehicle Weight): Above 15 Tons, Bengaluru Mr. Sathish Kumar of Milky Mist, asserts: In our estimate the cold chain offers an ocean of opportunity for various companies to take part and grow. As in the case of other Automotive body building activities, the manufacture of Reefer containers in organised sector is limited and such activities are more spread in the unorganised sector.

Our major customers are from the integrated logistics companies, transport companies, exporters and also OEMs.

We have a fabrication team to prepare floors and chassis subframes. As regards vehicle or reefer equipment problems en route, we have a team that can attend to the same fast. The market size is not big enough to make the OEMs jump. How to ensure productivity thro effective transport and the service providers meet the market expectations? 5, Sonawane Wasti, Nigdi Talawade Road, Near Jyotiba Nagar, Chikhali, Et300 Ac Gps Tracker Gps Accuracy: Excellent. Some of the products manufactured include fresh Paneer, various grades of cheese including Mozzarella & Cheddar, Fresh Cream, Butter, Ghee, Curd and Yoghurt. Your comments on reefer semi-trailers for long haul and International logistics trends?

Moreover currently there is nil custom duty on truck refrigerator. Can you outline your working arrangement with vehicle OEMs? We have been able to address the expanding refrigeration truck reach of our customers with service along the route concept with a dedicated back office application engineering team and 24*7 customer call center support team at Bangalore. You say refrigeration unit forms the heart of the reefer please elaborate. This is required by ATP standards in Europe. Our products are available at We have gained proficiency in providing a wide range of Telecommunication Vehicle to our valuable patrons. Kindly start with a background on your journey in India.

Vehicle powered products (also called as VP Series) have special features making it compatible with low engine power vehicles, No vehicle modification required with minimum maintenance cost.

Market size for reefers in India and future demand your views? Bengaluru, Karnataka, 132 LALBAGH ROAD, Bengaluru - 560027, Dist. TRANS ACNRs country wide service network and readily available spare parts at affordable prices makes good buying sense while opting for Hwasung Thermo reefer units. We are supporting the market with technological help along with finding partners to bring in technological know-how transfer details on GRP sandwich panel manufacturing highlighting the various possibilities to make good panels. Today we have designs for manufacture of MS, Aluminium & GRP Reefer containers on the smallest commercial vehicles like TATA ACE to the largest Multi axle rigid trucks, which can accommodate Reefer containers of size up to 34ft long (Maximum). Bengaluru, Karnataka, 47, IVTH Main Road,Third Phase, Peenya, Bengaluru - 560058, Dist. It has a milk processing capacity of 2 lakh litres per day; and typically around 1.5 lakh litres are despatched every day to the consumers. Mani & Mohan Dairy (India) Pvt. Once the product quality and timely service are addressed, growth will automatically happen. Distribution operations are managed by our transport dept. Bengaluru, Karnataka, #16, Elegance Royalle, 4th Floor, Behind VISL House, 2nd Cross,, Off J.C Road, Bengaluru - 560002, Dist. Products are arranged according to delivery priority on roll containers and loaded on to the truck through rear doors, Refrigerated Trucks is charged for one hour after loading of product and start delivery run. The company has 4 own milk chilling centres and around 600 village level collection points; from the collections centres, milk in cans is transported by small vehicles to the chilling centres.

Each Reefer container manufactured by us is water/steam washable. Optiplan GmbH, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) in sheet or coil form.

Eutectic plates provide necessary cooling hence nullifying use of fan cooling type evaporator unit, Use of roll container system and side service doors, Rigid Polyurethene Foam used as insulation for body, Economical transport with savings on fuel, energy and labour, No moving parts while refrigeration system is in operation, Easy unloading of products from roll containers through side service doors, RPUF ensures good thermal insulation properties with conductivity as low as 0.022 W/M-K. GRP sheets ensure lowered weight hence higher payload capacity and effective area for merchandising. Routine maintenance checks are done at our workshop and the same eliminates most of the road issues; and trained technicians can rush to attend the difficulties if en route problems arise. Unorganised sector is mainly limited to the small scale investors and low capital business sector where transportation is involved. Optiplan is a manufacturer of premium GRP/fiberglass flat sheets.

After having understood the dramatic improvement in product quality thro the reefer route in the primary distribution, we knew that all our efforts would be futile if the reefer route is not followed in the secondary distribution.

Milk and milk products demand keeps changing and also we have seasonal demands due to marriages and other functions. As stated above, We have now developed technology for manufacture of All Aluminium Reefer containers as well as Aluminium GRP Composite Reefer containers ( mostly for Small and Light Commercial Vehicles) which are corrosion and maintenance free. This trend is likely to grow upwards and arrangements are being made for post sales service support for the end customers through the dealers of both vehicle OEMs and Reefer unit suppliers. We are the first company in the organised sector in India to commence manufacture of fully built Reefer vehicles for the vehicle OEMs. Our facesheet products are designed and engineered for reefer-truck sidewall-roof-bulkhead, and flooring composite sandwich-panels. When approaching potential users of our products we discuss in detail different ways and options, employing GRP.

Your observations on cold chain logistics services market size, volume and growth please. 7A, Ponniamman Nagar, J J Street, Ayanambakkam. DIAB India supports its customers through the sales office based in Chennai. Unique value proposition of these products are that there is no need to modify the vehicle body to accommodate these units..

Transport fleet size: 15 vehicles all owned, 5 trucks leased.

We have been in the manufacture of Refrigerated containers since 2003 and initially we commenced the activities with manufacture of MS outer body Reefer containers and the interior with food grade stainless steel finish. Apart from the above, we utilise insulated Stainless Steel tankers for transporting milk at 2-4 deg C from our own chilling centres. The technology for manufacture of Pre-built Reefer Containers was indigenously developed and perfected by us. I believe OEMs will start to offer complete solutions for reefers sooner rather than later. How do you work with vehicle OEMs and direct supplies? Tell us about your dealer network and secondary distribution approach. Thermo King as brand has been present in India since over 2 decades serving 100s of customer in Reefer truck and HVAC bus segments. Acceptance of composites is very high due to advantages being, Good alternative versus steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

How do you engage with customers in their body-building activity? It is rather difficult to precisely estimate such a demand as the organised manufacturers are not many and the major share of the demand is catered to from the unorganised sector. Kindly elaborate on your reefer building/integration program.

Couple of years down the line taking market inputs, I ventured into making paneer in a small way.

TheChill Kartis Rinac's line of eutectic trucks that offer transport of goods requiring temperature maintenance between -15 deg. Having longtime experience in many different markets around the world, we are more than aware of the challenges and can offer technical assistance and solutions for setting up panel-manufacturing facilities according to requirements and capabilities of the individual potential customer. We design boxes eliminating any thermal bridges. Bengaluru, Karnataka. Usage/Application: - Ice Cream/Candy - Fruits-Vegetables - Frozen Foods - Dairy Products, Nelamangala Taluk, Bengaluru We started with 120 visi coolers in 2012 and today taking over 100 visi coolers a month to provide them for shop keepers. Please share some background info on Optiplan and its product range. To ensure our products when delivered thro the reefers to the shops do not degrade before being sold to customers, we provided visi coolers at our cost to the shop keepers. Though more than 30,000 reefers ply all across India, most are run by unorganised and small service providers. DIABs range of foams has been globally used in varied environmental conditions cold mountains to hot deserts and have delivered excellent performance over decades. Today, we are the largest manufacturer of fresh paneer and cheese in south India, handling around 2.5 lakh litres milk per day and producing over 2000 tons of dairy products a month-a feat matched by few in India.

In foreign countries transport of food and pharmaceuticals in light weight FRP truck bodies made of sandwich construction with composite material is the standard. Marigowda Road, Near Lalbgh.

However, we are open to explore other options to service the customer as we grow in future. Can you share your views on reefer fleet maintenance, driver issues and going pan-India?

For the insulation material we are using PUF for most customers as this is the best material one can use in terms of insulation properties. Sustained temperature control all thro the supply chain ensures the product reaches the consumer in fresh factory produced condition., Mr. Sudarshan S. Ananth, Territory Vice President and Business Head, Thermo King refrigeration unit firm, comments: There is increasing demand in reefer semi-trailers for long haul as transporters want to carry more load per kilometre. What according to you are the major constraints and challenges in this domain? All major pharmaceuticals companies handling API (Active Pharma Ingredients) through the country are our customers. We are into perishable product business and if the product does not transported through the cold chain route, quality deterioration is swift. Bengaluru, Karnataka, 5, Saraswathi Nivas, Main Channel Road, Ulsoor, Jogupalya, Bengaluru - 560008, Dist.

How do you support your customers in their body building activity? Bengaluru, Karnataka, 4, Second Floor, Vayudoot Chambers, 15-16, M.G.

With the advancement in technology, testing procedures will only get more stringent and in a few years companies may be mapping the entire box via sensors to create a thermal plot to check performance. The drivers in our fold get all the benefits due to them and retention rate is high compared to market situations. Based on the requirements, along with the manufacturers designers an optimum solution is worked out.

DIAB started operations in India from 2007. Copyright 2022 by Insulated Transport Products. We offer high quality (truck body building) refrigerated van. While the percentage of fruits and vegetables movement thro cold chain in the US is 85%, Thailand 40% in India its negligible throwing up clearly the enormous business opportunities for the domain players. At the moment we are still very young, our target is customer satisfaction through quality and timely deliveries. Hence its just about the right time for the existing and new players to rejig their business plans and get ready to catch the wave as it rises and move up to the next level in their business operations. How do you work with OEMs and direct supplies to the market?

Bengaluru, Karnataka, Annapurneshwari Nagar, Bengaluru

Reefer body building is highly customised, we understand our clients requirements thoroughly and accordingly design boxes. These types are few in nature and we have been able to overcome such challenges without much difficulties. General trends go for light-weight solutions to reduce operating costs by saving fuel and maintenance expenses, also to cater for electric vehicles. 1/10 A, Kovil Palayam, Masila Palayam Post, Mettur Dam. These Refrigerated Van are manufactured and d Leveraging on our rich industry experience in this domain, we are engaged in distributing and supplying of refrigerated van in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, In We hold expertise in Manufacturer, Service Provider & Supplier of Refrigerated Van in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

What is your reefer production capacity and who are your major customers?

We are unable expand our marketing reach today because of production constraints at our current production facility. We have data loggers and GPS fitted in all the vehicles for dynamic monitoring of vehicle movements and product temperatures. We have a solid team of engineers from India and from Israel checking all stages of each Sub Zero project thoroughly. Need more support from Government bodies on tax part, as already all logistic owners are suffering from heavy toll taxes, State to State permit collections are priced randomly, instead of one country one tax like global operations, our country has multiple taxes on logistics and transportation like, road taxes, State taxes, AIP (All India Permit taxes) and inter-State permits. Stores your heaviest bulkheads on the sidewall of the trailer preventing employee injuries and loss of bulkheads.Learn More, Insulated Transport Products Pallet Covers and Blankets are designed to protect temperature sensitive food items during transit.Learn More, Insulated Transport Products'Tube Chutes and Unimax FingerAdapter improve air flowby distributing the air from the refrigeration unit throughout the length of the trailer. There is some problem with your account, please contact our helpdesk at to update your mobile number in our records. All our vehicles are fitted with Hwasung refrigeration unit and the temp of the product maintained at not more than 4 deg C thro the transport chain to the distributor. We are discussing with one of the largest agri businesses in the country to develop a reefer semi trailer for them. Explain the salient tech features and USPs of your reefers. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Tell us what you need, and well help you get quotes, View Other Commercial Vehicles & Three Wheelers in Bengaluru.

Yes we work with major pharma based courier & logistics companies through international location as our partners. A simple example being with better insulation properties the AC tonnage can be reduced which has direct impact on the weight of the unit as well as the overall costs (a smaller AC unit being sufficient). It has grown since then to become one of the leading suppliers of milk and dairy products in T.N., Pondicherry and parts of Kerala. 73, St. John's Road, Bengaluru - 560042, Dist. Ltd. (SPMD), Erode, T.N., an ISO 9001 certified company is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of milk and milk products under the popular Amirthaa brand. Thermo king and Carrier machines are mostly used for OEM built vehicles and the market acceptance is encouraging. For well over 50 years our POLYDET brand has been the synonym for quality, reliability and innovation worldwide. We use steel body PUF insulated reefers with SS lined inner chamber to transport the milk pouches. From the chilling centres the milk at 2-4 deg C is transported by insulated SS tankers to the mother dairy in Erode. Our floor is competely sealed, we never screw anything in to the floor. Reefers is a generic term, derived from of word refrigerated and referring to products stored/transported in enclosed refrigerated space, viz., in temperature controlled ambience, be it on a truck, marine / intermodal container, van or any carrier vehicle. While the road conditions are improving, driver retention becomes critical as many opportunities are opening for them with colleges and schools taking them readily with better remunerations it is a supply and demand situation. Sorry! + Subsidies given to cold chain projects and through various promotional agencies for establishment of cold chain projects and Refrigerated transport systems. S.P. Mr. Shatrughan Kumar, Managing Director, Trans ACNR (India Office of Hwasung Thermo), New Delhi, talks about developments at his company and in the segment. All rights reserved. Can you explain your working arrangement with vehicle OEMs? We are also recommending our dealers with sub-dealers to adopt the hub and spoke model to effectively meet the demand on time and penetrate the fast growing rural market. temperature, etc. Product range FLY ASH / CEMENT BULKER Wheeler Bul Make : Engineered Grade : Automatic Usage : Car, Auto, Truck Range : Based on Network Condition : New Attributes:- Maintenance Less Stable Performance We are instrumental in manufacturing and supplying a broad variety of Reefer Trucks in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Easy to install!

Bengaluru, Karnataka, Peenya, Bengaluru When not in use, chutes collapse flush to walls preventing forklift damage when moving cargo. The advantage in this approach is we get consistently reliable and world class products at optimum pricing for our customers. This parameter has a direct relation to the performance of refrigeration units and consequent its related economics like less diesel consumption, low maintenance, etc. I cannot comment on the types of vehicles as this is for our customers to say. Being a global corporation, we leverage scale and productivity of our manufacturing across several manufacturing setup spread over many countries. Cold chain transport started initially with insulated containers with/without ice and is prevalent even today in the transport of milk products, fish and meat. Mr.

We started with Hwasung and now have Thermo King Refrigeration units in all our reefers. Doors are prepared seperately and then fitted to the box.

Mr. V.P. Kindly outline Thermo Kings manufacturing and business operations in India. Varghese Managing Director talks to MOTORINDIA with his insights. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Temperature Range: -20 Degree C to +4 Degree C, Payload: 700 kg to 10, 000 KG, 700 kg to 10, 000 KG, Usage/Application: Dairy , Pharma, Perishable Food , Marine, Jogupalya, Bengaluru

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Various Government schemes support setting up of cold storages and distribution centers promote usage of refrigerated transportation. We are ISO accredited for well over 10 years, product quality and product consistency is of paramount importance to us and basis of our reputation built in over 60 years of company history in this field. Gelcoat coating to enhance surface sealing, UV resistance, hygiene-properties. Out of the 105 million ton of perishable goods transported across India each year, only 4 million ton is transported via reefers route; and the perishable goods loss amounts to Rs.

This way we ensure that customer always gets the best quality product and we also optimise our distribution costs.

The usage of composite material solutions will play an important part also in the sector of commercial vehicle manufacturing and Optiplan is at the forefront of providing innovative products and solutions in their field.

Learn More, Insulated Transport Products Air Chutes and Adapters improve air flow by distributing the air from the refrigeration unit throughout the length of the trailer instead of distributing the cold air directly in front of the refrigeration unit and being blocked by product.Learn More.

No 44, 1 street, tatabad, Sivananda Colony. Which is ma We are eminently engaged as manufacturer and supplier of Refrigerated Van in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Ltd., Pune, shares his observations about the domain. We are not able to meet the demand for our products and hence are putting up a new plant and all this means opportunities for all in the supply chain. Bengaluru, Karnataka, B2, Hennur Airport Main Road, Petra Complex, Kothanur Post, Bengaluru - 560077, Dist. Also with more dealers joining Amirthaa family, distribution routes are increasing and hence this solution will be implemented, viz., our own product collection centre at the hub to redistribute to the desired routes as per needs.