persona 5 depths of mementos map

You can play on any difficulty, though some are uncomfortable with playing on the lowest, Safe, as they feel it makes the game too easy. Atop Countless Sacrifices Gallows executions are available from the Velvet Room from 06/21 onwards. Select any floor of Mementos that isnt a safe floor or end floor, and stay there for five minutes. The trophy will unlock once you do. As such, the above list is more meant for those not following the spreadsheet by choice. Shujin Academy School Library, Aoyama-Itchome: Books here are borrowed and read one at a time, you cannot borrow another until you return the previous one. Anubis enemies on the 10th and 11th floor of the Path of Akzeriyyuth, or in the Pyramid Palace, are the best options. A Phantom Thiefs Duty Also, when fighting Treasure Demons, they automatically will join you when you enter negotiation phase.

I found tapping to be more efficient than holding . This way, you can fuse Satanael even if youre below his level, which you probably are since hes level 95.

To earn this trophy, you will have to catch the toughest fish at the fishing spot in Ichigaya, the Ichigaya Guardian. Mask Collector Its a tough one. The trophy will unlock as soon as you obtain 30 Personas through negotiation. Note that the deadline is listed November 20, but the actual hard limit to enter this dungeon is November 16 due to a wall and some mandatory story stuff. To xNinjaOfChaos on GameFAQs, for his carefully formatted tables, which will be featured throughout the guide. You can use Concentrate to power Ann, and use a move such as Debilitate to lower the enemy defense. You earn this on your first visit to the Velvet Room once you gain access to Palaces. - 1 when Futaba scans an enemy for treasure Also note that some of these drinks drop from enemies in dungeons; this does not count towards this trophy, you must buy them. There are twenty Confidants in the game, and it takes a great deal of planning to be able to maximize your Confidant rank with every one of them. The best way to farm materials is to run around from floor to floor in Mementos while grabbing silver cubes. As you may be able to tell, the fight is rather tough. Because of the high cost of all of these, it is recommended you have a large sum of money ready. Incubus, Evil Touch (Fear): The Path of Qimranut, The Path of Aiyatsubus, Succubus, Marin Karin (Brainwash): The Path of Qimranut, The Path of Aiyatsubus, Sandman, Dormina (Sleep): The Path of Kaitul, Yaksini, Wage War (Rage): The Path of Chemdah (rarely), The Path of Kaitul, Lamia, Ominous Words (Despair): The Path of Kaitul, Black Ooze, Famines Scream (Hunger): Spaceport Palace, The Path of Akzeriyyuth, Kaiwan, Makajam (Forget): Spaceport Palace, The Path of Akzeriyyuth, Narcissus, Nocturnal Flash (Dizziness): Cruiser Palace, The Path of Sheriruth, Regent, Emperor lv.10: Weak to Psy and Nuclear - Museum Palace, The Path of Chemdah, Queens Necklace, Empress lv.15: Weak to Gun - Bank Palace, The Path of Kaitul, Stone of Scone, Fortune lv.20: Weak to Curse - Pyramid Palace, The Path of Akzeriyyuth, Koh-i-Noor, Priestess lv.25: No weaknesses - Space Station Palace, The Path of Adyeshach, Orlov, Strength lv.30: No weaknesses - Casino Palace, The Path of Sheriruth areas 1-5, Emperors Amulet, Hanged Man lv.35: No weaknesses, The Path of Sheriruth areas 7-13, Hope Diamond, Death lv.40: No weaknesses, The Path of Sheriruth areas 12-13, Crystal Skull, Fool lv.50: No weaknesses, The Path of Sheriruth area 13. Also, it may benefit you to use the Persona 5 Google Checklist, created by Anubit3Blad3, which allows you to track your progress. First and foremost, wed very much like to thank YokA_sun for his absolutely tremendous, generous contributions to both the main trophy guide and roadmap, and particularly the supplemental guide. To chinhodado on GitHub for their fusion calculator, to be used for Mask Collector. The vending machines are located in Yongen-Jaya, Shibuya, Aoyama-Itchome, Shinjuku and Akihabara. (MISSABLE) - 1 for the final boss battle using its Pride move: 1 When the aforementioned date arrives, venture to the Velvet Room and perform a Gallows execution. Groups of two or three vending machines sell different drinks per vending machine, so you must position yourself so that you can press on each individual vending machine. A red (strong) shadow appears close to a chest in the room, which always spawns five enemies that are weak to gunshot. Each question will have been asked of you in a lesson earlier in the year. It can be found here. The following is a video example of this trophy being performed with Ann. Story related. PlayStation Trophies is not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You can also use moves that reduce the overall defense of the enemies. Because of this, save the location books for last as that will save time. Stealing: In this scene, you will be appointed the leader of the Phantom Thieves, and you will select a name for then. The bad ending can be obtained on November 19th, with the good ending and true ending being earned on December 24. Additionally, for a quicker method, Tower Confidant Rank 1 gives you access to the Down Shot, which downs any non-boss enemy, including Treasure Demons, at the expense of all of your bullets. The Treasure Demons, their weaknesses and locations are below: Note that the last three of these, Emperors Amulet, Hope Diamond and Crystal Skull, cannot be found in Mementos until the Ship Palace is completed (Cruiser of Pride Sinks) Unlike Persona 4, the true ending path is a lot simpler in Persona 5, and can largely be explained without spoiling. They can pass the turn to the next player. The roadmaps path, specifically the spreadsheet, covers every trophy except for three in the first playthrough. 2022 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Great Phantom Thieves Convene You will also awaken to the trophy immediately after. The spreadsheet has you to farm lines on 10/30. As for the Strength Confidant, as can be seen above, you will need to rank up that Confidant in a different manner; specifically fusing Personas with a certain moves. The trophy will unlock as soon as you exploit 100 weaknesses. One more suggestion is to Register the Personas you contribute to the compendium in the Velvet Room. The Reaper will then commit suicide, and the trophy is yours. The list of books, with page amounts, is as follows: Anyone that played Persona 4 Golden, yes, this is back with a vengeance. Alternatively, Persona 5 features a system where you can get online assistance in rescuing the hostage without having to negotiate. Atop Countless Sacrifices Video Guide: (MISSABLE) Again, do not accept it. After that, negotiate with the demon to get it on your side, taking it like a normal Persona. As for the rest of Mementos, there are eight areas: For a total of 67 floors, thankfully not quite the behemoth that Tartarus was. (MISSABLE) Also, make sure youre checking all vending machines, including those that are side by side. Bank of Gluttony Goes Bankrupt Because of the diverse range of affinities and skills in your party, I recommend finding a group of enemies that are weak to physical or gun attacks instead of spells. - 1 for each party member being debuffed in attack, defense and agility: 3*8 = 24 Or alternatively, if you are keen to not waste days, make a save before coming to the fishing spot. The trophy will unlock as soon as you play all of the games to their completion. This may also be the last trophy you earn. A Perfect Job Video Guide: (MISSABLE) - 3 for acquiring random items stolen from enemy using physical attack (Magician Confidant 5): 3 To spawn the guardian you need to catch 5-6 fish consecutively before it randomly spawns. While at the batting cages, aim your bat using so that the indicator for where the ball is going to land is about two thirds covered by the top half of the bat. Secondhand Shop, Yongen-Jaya: Other materials can be obtained by defeating shadows in Palaces and Mementos, or by breaking objects in Palaces. Nominating the Twins Video Guide: (MISSABLE) (MISSABLE) Craftworker My Backyard Trophy Video Guide: (MISSABLE) Story related. - 1 each for against one, two, three, four and five enemies higher level than you Also, you can use these to save-scum and reload your game after you have finished a trophy. Its a long fish that only goes after the Top Class Boilie. Story related. The trophy will unlock once you take the Persona out of lockdown and it has learned a skill. Final boss:

To unlock this trophy, find a group of three or more enemies with weaknesses that your party can exploit. If youre 100% against encountering spoilers, simply follow the roadmap and ignore the trophy list. Exiting battle: If they greatly dislike your second response, the battle will continue. Youll then want to fish and practice several times before you take on the Guardian. [PST Would Like To Thank BeforeJam for this Roadmap]. Under-the-Table Goods The trophy will unlock if they all die at once from a single grenade. A negotiation is an option when having downed all shadows on the field through either hitting weaknesses or getting a critical hit. What is your sin and what would your palace look like? Note that 11/17 is the last day to get a book from the Shujin Academy Library due to story happenings until 12/22. Once you reach the bottom of Sheriruth, youre ready for the true ending of the game, which will unlock this trophy in the scenes that follow. - 1 for each party member downing one, two, three and four enemies: 4*8 = 32 Make saves in different slots frequently as if something goes wrong, you can reload a save to fix the problem. To get all five lines, you have to fail the boss fight and start over. A Baton Pass is available when a character exploits an enemys weakness. If you are only fighting three enemies, when the third goes down, press to cancel the negotiation so you can baton pass to the final character. Optional boss fights: The trophy will unlock once all locations have been unlocked. They all require a different amount of points to unlock, and each has associated activities with earning those points: Each stat also has associated books, video games and DVDs, which will be your main source of stat boosts when you have free time and no other activities to do. Consecutive Baton Passes are available so long as there are enemies left on the field to down. 47 Lines Assuming you have done all of this, and cleaned up any remaining trophies you may have missed, you should then have achieved your true rehabilitation. Entering battle: My Best Partner Complete your fate on December 24. - 2 for escaping: 2 Lastly, the highest level Persona of each Arcana can only be created once that social link is maxed. Most are bought, others borrowed from the library, plus three earned from requests completed in mementos. He will learn Charge at higher levels. Due to the aforementioned glitch, its recommended you avoid her services entirely to make infiltration tools until you unlock this trophy. Youll get Futaba as your navigator about halfway through the game. Passionate Listener Video Guide: (MISSABLE) At higher levels, Anns Persona Carmen can learn the move Concentrate which more than doubles her attack power the next turn. The Bank Palace is the third dungeon of the game. A New Journey Weakness scan (R1): If you do not, no need to worry, the DLC Personas are not required at all, they just make some fusions cheaper. During this step, youll earn: In can be seen here, and will be extensively referred to throughout this trophy guide and roadmap in order to ensure the smoothest path for you to complete the platinum trophy. The trophy will unlock the first time you perform a Group Guillotine execution. Bookworm Once you catch the guardian, the trophy will unlock. Competent Negotiator Video Guide: Defeat 3 or more enemies at once with a single round of bullets. Mask of an Honor Student When you begin a battle with an advantage (sneak attacked): As the true ending is relevant for the above trophy, The True Trickster, we will now discuss how to get that ending. The costs on this calculator are estimated based on the base level of the Persona, so small variances are normal. Through Ones Sentence Magician: Morgana Ranked up automatically, Priestess: Makoto Niijima Ranked up socially, Empress: Hara Okumura Ranked up socially, Emperor: Yusuke Kitagawa Ranked up socially, Hierophant: Sojiro Sakura Ranked up socially, Lovers: Ann Takamaki Ranked up socially, Chariot: Ryuji Sakamoto Ranked up socially, Justice: Goro Akechi Ranked up automatically, Hermit: Futaba Sakura Ranked up socially, Fortune: Chihaya Mifune Ranked up socially, Strength: Caroline and Justine Ranked up through fusion tasks, Hanged Man: Munehisa Iwai Ranked up socially, Temperance: Sadayo Kawakami Ranked up socially, Sun: Toranosuke Yoshida Ranked up socially, Judgment: Sae Niijima Ranked up automatically, Serious attitude: Likes irritable responses, Ambiguous attitude: Likes gloomy responses. palace persona niijima gamers samurai nijima p5 infiltration overview royal guide