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I have been driving for Sparks since early May. Love doing the deliverys and being able to pick and choose which one is best for me so Im not away from home all day but when you pick up multiple orders in one batch and going from one store to homes around that store location is great but when they send you to another city in the same batch its no point in that when there is a Walmart in that city and thats where their product as well as driver should come from. I don't know I guess it depends on the store, I'm thinking it does vary from store to store, or depends who is working. It makes no sense to me for someone to get an extra $3 for a high demand offer while I am setting here waiting for something to do. App is pretty user friendly, and you can actually make some pretty decent money being a Spark Driver. Often, when I go inside to pick up no one is there and I have to wait a very long time. Ive addressed this multiple times with tech-support and have gotten nowhere. Ive called multiple times to tell them whats going on and they keep telling me that offers are not guaranteed. Can you use Zipcar with a non-US drivers license? Ready to explore them? Check your email for exclusive deals on popular Apps. Are you sure you want to delete your app review?

Sometimes they act pissed. I had to manually put in all of the barcodes because my phone would not scan them. I do all the other major delivery services, (Instacart, Shipt, Doordash, etc). I believe I just decided that is what I will do. As a spark driver you wouldn't know the order has been canceled, you just stay out there in the parking lot waiting for the order to come out. Your task is to provide an exceptional experience to every guest who stays with us. 2- The customers have 24 hours to change the tip. YMMV. I love this app and the incentives, but I had been off this app for a while after my husband got covid and fell broke his leg and one thing led to another and hes Ben down for 1 year now as of Oct 6th but I really need to make up some money now, so I had been taken off the app because I hadnt been on for so long , so I called and they re-instated me. Just put all pickups at grocery. Notation Pad is our runner-up as you can easily write and share your original song creations, complete with lyrics and chords. With thousands of Bible cross-references at your fingertips, you can easily improve your understanding of God's Word. Its Too easy to change to the last screen instead of proceeding. Press J to jump to the feed. Consult with the Talent Manager and People Analytics team to use data to inform, The successful candidate will have robust brand strategy experience, specifically in managing complex consumer brands across multiple online and offline. I will add that while shopping the cold chain timer starts when I tap on a cold item on the to do list even if the item is not scanned. And 3-one of the Walmarts I went to was extremely backed up. Wait time is always under a minute and they are quick with fixing issues. Thank u for the tip. They can easily change the tip to less money. Another thing would have the option to go back to "found item" if you couldn't find the item immediately while shopping for customer. Store Associates need to be held accountable for us being late or not getting our orders on time. I only have one Walmart in my zone, when there are over 20 Walmarts in my city. Now the majority of the time on the days Im unavailable offers come in quite often. But I typically get several offers multiple offers throughout the day and Im not hardly getting any offers at all. I'm now on the verge of deactivation because customers can rate drivers on a rejected and returned to store order??

Luckily the app lets me change the zone and I can go to another city to work. Reviewed my 8ndoor and outdoor cameras and discovered driver took it and charged 1500.00 on draft kings.

To circumvent this, I have to close the app and re-open (as this resets the timer) multiple times per shop. adam I used to just confirm on the app, but it shows up on their system about 15 minutes later. Roll out zone selection for all. Otherwise it's a pretty solid app and it is on the right track. It was fine the way it was! It gives you orders 3 cities away to be at in 5 minutes or 5 minutes ago ( examples). Then service providers accept to complete the order delivery. This small time frame is particularly unfair when you consider the fact that, even if you make it to Walmart before your offer is reassigned, the ASAP delivery isnt even finished being shopped for so its usually a 30 minute wait for the order to be ready - and even after its been marked as Ready most delivery drivers get stuck waiting even longer (like 1-2 hours) before their order is brought out, or they bite the loss and just cancel the orderwhich means your Metrics take a negative hit but at least you might still have a shot at catching new offers and actually earning money. My suggestion: enable the shopper to skip an item without having to go between the list and shopping, as the list is often out of practical order. I find it hard to believe that after delivering to dozens of homes not a single one offered a tip. Plus I live in this town so I see these people when I shop there as well. This time of year, it's super hot and to have to go through every single step for the app is ridiculous! Particularly when it comes to EXPRESS/ASAP Delivery orders and the time limit you have to start the trip once youve accepted the order before you get a notification saying that your trip is at risk of being delivered late, and if you dont start soon it may be reassigned. Work on that instead of making the app itself more complicated! Ive only been doing Spark for a few months. Base pay went from $14 and $15 to $7 and $8 per trip (which is usually 2 deliveries). Lastly, if Walmart gives the incorrect order by mistake then have the option to bypass that order to complete other orders listed below. Just show your Exit Pass to an associate if you are asked, and you'll be set to hit the road and make your delivery! I have very good stats but I sit waiting and waiting for work and all I get is high demand or first come first serve that are accepted by the time I can even touch my phone. Save big with verified coupons on similar Apps, with a free AppGrooves account. Update: I use an iPhone SE and still have problems with the app, my accepted deliveries arent counted and occasionally offers expire before I can even accept them. But I have had issues with orders that the store do not have in stock which they cancel. Calling this delivery service an "easy money maker" is misleading. Enable location radius / store blocking please! Customer service sucks. I'd have saved myself some time waiting for sure. Only reason I still do this is weekdays are busy enough that I can just stay near one store and only get orders from that store so it gets my ratings up. Can it not be a slide? Ive never been happier but theres lots of issues. Shop and deliver, we can now jump to the items close to us instead of bouncing all around a busy and crowded store. I dont know if somebodys using a bot but its ridiculous and Im almost to the point Im about to go to a different delivery platform. I will say during my time as a driver they did attempt to make improvements on the app, but I wont be driving for them any longer due to too many missed payments and the tipping system. The way gas prices are from everything going on in our world today its crazy to be putting those orders in the same batch. We've made improvements to the Exit Pass, your ticket to a quick and easy exit process for Shopping & Delivery trips. I live about a mile from Walmart so it only takes 5 minutes to get there, and in that amount of time Ill have already been sent 2 of those notificationsI mean, the time frame is so small that by the time I pull into a designated pick-up spot, the offer has been reassigned to another driveror put back into the Open Offers queue. At the moment we can just go one by one on the shopping list, the app should give you the whole list organize by aisle and the shopper decide where to start, that would be really helpful and probably will reduce the time in the store. I need more than 3 seconds please maybe its my phone????? I will not be returning to that Walmart. The most recent app update allows drivers to see pre tips/estimates and no matter what the number always goes down to zero so cant rely on that at all. My biggest problem is how glitchy the app is. Now granite I understand those days that Im not available are busier than the rest of the week, but it still doesnt seem right. This means more convenience for customers and more opportunities for drivers to earn! Even if they don't want me to, its necessary. Today was my second attempt at it. Because it disappears within two seconds of it coming up there. Where I live they recently just started offering the shopping and delivery orders. There are also many times the notifications do not make a sound or they dont show up in a banner. The app could definitely use some updates to make it more user friendly for drivers. Its not anybodys fault but the people who abuse the system. I can not here the apps notification while talking on the phone. Please make sure that if a tip is offered that it can not be removed! They wrote emails and send them on. The app itself is fairly frustrating. Its easy to use. However, a few things could be changed. Yes call. It just seems to to the cloud and when I reload it , it just comes from the cloud in the same way so Im at a loss as to what to do so I can set my availability up and dont seem to be getting anywhere. But the problem is you can never claim any of the offers because they disappear the second theyre sent. Spark is disappointing they deactivated my account without reason unexpectedly and Ive been driving for them for a year and three months Ive did over a thousand and some deliveries and one day after doing deliveries all day when home an same day account said deactivated called no one could give me reason waited seven days for a email never got one called back and they told me the deactivated was upheld still without a reason which was confusing because I did nothing wrong at all Im almost sure someone at the Walmart lied on me because customers service said it was for behavior but only ppl could say that is store personnel which they lied cause I did do anything but delivery a bunch of stuff and its just crazy how spark just deactivated my account and cant give me a reason why not only that I had just referred to people to drive for spark and then where supposed to be 300 dollars incentive from both referrals spark cheated me with the deactivation if I knew they would do this I would have never referred anyone to drive for spark so they are unfair and leave you completely clueless less they could do if give you a reason why they deactivated your account after you made them all them deliveries and ran up all them miles on your car an EXPLANATION IS THE LESS THEY COULD DO!

A Guide (Brand Ambassador) is the face of the brand to our retail customers and is responsible for creating a best in class customer experience in the store. Supervisors give you fake names so when you call back no one knows what youre talking about and make it seem like youre lying. 3)I would love for the HELP phone number to be easier to get to. "They fixed the ratings problem". It's decent pay and easy work. I am going to call everytime. The stores I service don't answer the phone if you call, one is pretty good about going around to all the cars that pull up to check them in, the other you just wait and get that extra $2.50 a trip. Inside that door is a war zone and most of the time their end of the app doesnt show that you have arrived.

Yeah that extra will make or break ya lol, It depends on the stores but most times I just confirm my arrival. Choose from verified deals for top brands like DoorDash, Walmart, and Uber. If your app sent correct location info drivers wouldnt be having a hard time. The store's system wont always uodate to show you've arrived, so i always call to ovoid longer than necessary wait times. I havent been doing this for a long time but I have noticed some things that need to be fixed. The only thing I wish was better is not have to wait 24 hours to be able to see the tip amount from the costumers and the payment method thru a digital wallet , so theres no instant cash out and you have to wait until Tuesday to see your earnings from the week on the digital wallet and then transfer them to your bank account paying a fee . So it was 2 hours waiting. So far customer service has been great for me.

I have had several issues with the app over the last few days, Ive made several phone calls with no resolve. Ive had a wonderful experience otherwise. Orders are distributed to service providers through the Spark Driver App. Police notified and I handed over video. This happened last week when I needed 30 deliveries to get $500 and I got 29 deliveries and I didnt get any more offers after that its so frustrating and this week is the same deal, theres a bonus incentive program today and one for this entire week and its the same exact thing. pier connected russian names polls voters election local tube comparison cock related galleries I know they have orders because if youre a good driver you form a relationship with the online grocery employees. Just deposit it in my bank account. Occasionally (about 1 day a week when Im lucky) I get more offers and more than 3 trips. The interface is good and easy to navigate. If you happen to have an issue involving money, good luck getting it. Normally my schedule only allows me to work 3 days a week. I believe the tech team is listening and hopefully soon this app could be a 5 star app! safaris nairobi Create a free account to receive new Since I was hungry, I went to eat and came back. There are too many extra steps to complete! However, its hard to deal with as a long term loyal driver. Be prepared to be frustrated. Wish I had found this Reddit sooner. That means nothing to anybody besides you. How to access public transportation on the Lyft rider app (Video Tutorial), How to share your estimated time of arrival on Google Maps (Video Tutorial), Everything you need to know before you book your first trip on Zipcar, What to do if youre running late, but are unable to extend your trip on Zipcar. There was no reason to change anything in the app! She was very understanding and even changed my tip and gave me more money.

I ended up having to call customer support later in the day to have the customer refunded for the item. They seem to have fixed the gps sending to the wrong address. Then theyll just come over to me when theyre finished to see what order Im picking up. Then when I continue to the self-checkout to scan the QR code to leave the store it would not scan and my app kept on crashing. Spark Driver is currently available in more than 600 cities. Customer service are there to give generic replies and not to resolve any serious issues. The Enterprise Ambassador will provide administrative, receptionist and concierge support duties in accordance with JLL policies & procedures, and, in keeping. Until they fix certain issues with their delivery system and app, I will at best use this once a week.

I don't want to use their wallet. I always call for the in-store pickups. Better than being mad about sitting there waiting. We have picked the best for you! Great app for making money. Cant average $29/hr like they say when this is happening. Easy money, IF you get to know your Walmart associates, and become a regular. It is a great concept just sucks as much money they make off us they can't get the issues fixed. I would think high demand offers would only go out when theres no one to make an offer to, that just seems like a good business practice to me. Three days ago driver walked in my apt without permission. How does it benefit your restaurant? After doing a little more than 300 deliveries I have discovered a few things that may make it more user friendly. A community for Walmart delivery drivers. It should be firm once they place the order. You also mentioned at the beginning of this year that we would start getting paid daily! 1) the slide to complete delivery button. Only issue i could found is on the "shop and deliver" offers. Its very frustrating because I am having this issue almost every day and Ive gone from 5 to 9 trips a day to 3 trips most days. Indeed may be compensated by these employers, helping keep Indeed free for jobseekers. I feel thats unsafe and can make someone sick. Finish setting up your account for the full AppGrooves experience. They're too busy to pay attention to whatever device let's them know we've arrived. The app works well, most of the time. Say I accept that order and go to a designated pick up spot. Logos Bible Study is our runner-up because you can instantly learn more about Bible references in church handouts by simply snapping a picture and finding all the verse references in the Bible! 1. Please do better with the combining orders. Yes I think I will check in on the app then call. This never works by the way, I have to log out, reboot my phone and then log back in to get a good test. The app. things keep changing, and I'm a fan of the improvements. Problem is the rating system is heavily flawed. Just confirm your arrival. Far from the heights delivering for spark used to be. He comes out sometimes before I confirm arrival and gets the name and the orders are always ready to go. It got delivered by 10pm and the person that made the order had ordered it at 1pm. A few days ago, I accidentally entered in the wrong quantity of an item and the app would not allow me to go back and correct it after I noticed the error. Same issues as other reviews. The interactive stories we tested are beyond fun. Not certain I'll be using this again. When a order is posted at 10:30am and pickup is 10:45am and u are 30 mins away u always going to be late and if u are early the store Associates are behind or can't find the order so your Metrics on Time arrival is going to be bad it needs to be fixed asap and store Associates should be held accountable for us not making the deliverys on time.