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At this point, you should test if everything works correctly and if it doesnt there are quite a few things you can try. To connect a subwoofer to the Onn soundbar, get the remote and press the mute button for 7 seconds. To get the full experience on Sony.com, please change your settings to allow JavaScript. Follow the instructions down below to connect your soundbar to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection: At this point, your phone has been successfully paired to your soundbar via Bluetooth. However, when you need more in-depth Onn soundbar troubleshooting, consult this guide. Disconnecting other devices will give you an exceptional experience with your onn soundbar since youll have eliminated distractions. .expand_parent_dev.toggleFocus{font-weight: bold;color:black !important;} After both ends of the aux cable are connected, you can go to the settings section of your television. Your TV and soundbar have different volume meters. Your device should discover the soundbar which is called Onn 36 5.1 soundbar . If these steps dont stop the soundbar from cutting out, you may want to try replacing the speaker wires, try another set of speakers or do a factory reset. Learn more about using your Roku TV, locate help resources, and share your experience. As an affiliate of retailers(like Amazon), we earn from qualifying purchases. The shutdown can be caused because the volume is not calibrated correctly. There is a relatively simple answer for your Onn soundbar turning off. Where is the reset button on my soundbar? .expand_parent_dev{text-decoration: underline;display:block;} If the soundbar still isnt working after trying these options, consider contacting customer support. This onn soundbar troubleshooting measure may remedy the problem because static noise arises when the volume of the source is lower than that of the input. When your Onn soundbar wont turn on, you need to check to see if the indicator light is on showing that the unit is powered on. Read Next: How To Fix NBC Sports App Authentication Error? Connecting your soundbar to the subwoofer is pretty simple since the process doesnt take longer than several minutes. I have an LG Roku TV with HDMI ARC support, and this was very frustrating to get the LG sound bar to work. Try these solutions and steps to fix the problem. .expand_child_dev + p:empty {display:none} There is a simple fix for this problem. Dolby,Dolby Audio, and the double-D symbol, Point the remote control at the remote sensor, Replace the batteries in the remote control. I also have enough experience in SEO writing.

I am not able to hear anything from my ONN soundbar. How to Set Up Intruder Alert on Alexa? -Alternatively, press and hold the source button on the soundbar for 3 seconds until the blue indicator light is flashing slowly. While its fun and sometimes more cost effective to Do It Yourself. Follow the steps down below to connect your Onn soundbar to a subwoofer: You will know that the pairing has been successful once the mixed color LED turns into solid bright blue color. Thankfully, these issues are relatively easy to fix. Locate an aux port on your tvs audio output port set and the Onn soundbars. You can correct the error by counter checking that all your TVs and soundbar cable connections are secure and not damaged or worn out. 2011-2021 Techshift.net All rights reserved. I write out about what Ive learned while researching DIY projects and I enjoy sharing about my experiences while working on different projects. Once youre done hooking up the speakers, your configuration is ready to go! Connect the other end of the aux cable with the aux port on the TV set. The screen shows HDMI IN. Connect the Satellite Speaker Ports between Subwwoofer and. Mine shows 2 lights next to ARC on the sound bar to signify this. I dont have the ability to connect a HDMI cord. However, most of the time these can be resolved. Select Onn 36 5.1 soundbar. Scan with your Walmart. .expand_child_dev {overflow:auto} If this issue continues, you can disable this feature through the control panel. However, the cost of products remains the same for users. There are several issues that your Onn soundbar may have, including blinking lights, fading audio, and more. .expand_parent_dev:before{text-decoration:none;content: '+';margin-right: 5px;color:grey;text-decoration:none !important; display: inline-block; border: solid lightgrey 1px; padding: 4px; line-height:8px;font-size: .9em;} . When the soundbar isnt working correctly, it can make viewing films and tv shows frustrating. Know in Details! Most of the time, this is automatically set to 15 minutes. Heres How To Fix!

DVD connects via HDMI cable to TV HDMI IN. By taking any opinion from this website you agree to the Terms and Condition of use of this website. If your model isn't listed below, check the product If it is attached to the HDMI-ARC input, go into the roku tv settings and refresh cec devices: settings> system> control other devices CEC> search for CEC devices> refresh. Plug the AC power cord back in again, and press the (power) button to turn on the unit. Even when you turn your sound bar off it will switch to the TV speakers. You can fix this issue by connecting the RCA cable directly to the soundbar and the HDMI cable to the TV; the essence of HDMI cable, in this case, is to provide images. Is Spectrum TV App Compatible with Vizio Smart TV? I had the same trouble and couldnt get in touch with anyone finally figured it out on my own . Guide, How Much Data Do Security Cameras Use? I went to the audio settings and switched it to optical, but no sound came from the TV or speakers. During this part of the guide, double-check if your subwoofer and soundbar are both working and are eligible to send & receive signals. The setting is found on some soundbar systems and not all onn soundbars. Once your soundbar becomes active (connected with your phone), you will be able to connect the subwoofer, using the manual instructions, recommended by Onn. What Can You Do with Google Home Mini? Spent HOURS AND HOURS. For instance, your laptop may be connected to your onn soundbar at the same time as your TV. How do I connect my Onn surround sound to my TV? This mode can extend the lifespan of your soundbar and it is good for the environment, but you can adjust it in the settings menu so that it is not as disruptive. Sound bar connects to TV via HDMI, cable in HDMI ARC. Other than that, make sure that you can see red light coming out of the cable, when the optical cable is plugged into the TV. Troubleshooting a soundbar can involve a lot of trial and error because many dont have a display or multiple controls that would help identify the issue. Lately, we have been primarily focused on files and file extensions. Try calibrating the audio while it is set on maximum first though. You can balance the smooth sound your soundbar produces by balancing the soundbar setting on your TV. Wait for several seconds, and then plug it back in. Your soundbar has several settings, including energy saving ones that can cause the unit to shut down if it doesnt sense that there is an active audio signal at that time. Now that you are ready with the preparation, lets get your soundbar connected with Bluetooth. I squealed in delight almost as loud as my tv can now play. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Factory resetting your soundbar will erase every setting on your soundbar.

Different USB ports may provide different levels of power, so its worth determining if that may be your issue. I had already done the auth pass-through and it didn't work. Make sure that all your cables are seated securely. On the unit, press and hold the + (volume up) button, (power) button, and (input select) button for more than five seconds to reset the system. Im having trouble getting my blast onn. ROKU, the ROKU Logo, ROKU TV, ROKU POWERED, "Streaming Stick," "HAPPY STREAMING" and "NOW THIS IS TV" are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Roku, Inc. in the United States. Were here for you every day from 7 a.m. 9 p.m. CST. How To Clean Vizio Smart TV Screen? Eliminating the potential for interference for other electronics may also correct the situation. When the soundbar is turned on, the devices will connect automatically; If this does not happen, please pair the subwoofer to the soundbar manually. Wherever a power cable is plugged into your soundbar, you need to check it. Once your devices are restarted or reset, you should check if they will connect. It will happen when you turn on your TV only to realise youre experiencing onn TV sound issues. Start troubleshooting using our steps one by one to check which one will actually help. This is why we will now guide you through all of the steps included in the process, so you could easily get your subwoofer hooked up. --First, make sure you have the HDMI plugged into your sound bars HDMI input, mine has an HDMI output and I accidentally plugged it in that since it's already mounted an hard to see. If these steps dont correct the problem, the soundbar itself may have internal damage. .expand_parent_dev:before{text-decoration:none;content: '+';margin-right: 5px;color:grey;text-decoration:none !important; display: inline-block; border: solid lightgrey 1px; padding: 4px; line-height:8px;font-size: .9em;} . The factory reset will revert all settings to their default state, which means that you would have to carry out the initial setup over again. Failure to see the indicator light also implies issues with the soundbar failing to turn on. For more similar guides, make sure to check out our online technical blog and discover a solution to your smart devices. Sound bar wont connect to onn. This may correct the problem. The quality of the sound produced by the onn soundbar when watching TV is a worthy and entertaining experience. This post may contain affiliate links. Usually, Onn and Roku soundbar flash red when they arent getting enough power. Optical connections are better for sound quality overall, and this can help with some issues. I had roku scan for the soundbar, and adjust the settings to optical, but nothing seems to work. Same on the TV HDMI ARC. For example, digital devices such as HDMI and optical devices might not process some audio sounds like the blu-ray player that produces audio in DTS, which onn TV soundbars cant detect. Press and hold mute on the remote for 7 sec., soundbar's LED display will show, 2. HT-RT3, .expand_parent_dev{text-decoration: underline;display:block;} The best steps are to check all of the connections, as well as, trying the power button located on the soundbar itself rather than the remote. .expand_child_dev + p:empty {display:none} A power cycle may just be what your entire sound and TV system need to eliminate the issue of sound and images being out of sync. The last step in your sound configuration is to install the speakers. Complete Guide, Wait a couple of seconds until your phone says , Press the pairing button and hold it down for another. Keep reading to learn all the hidden details about connecting an Onn subwoofer to a soundbar and how to do it as efficiently as possible. If you have a separate ROKU device, it should be connected to the TV using HDMI, and the soundbar should be connected to the TV using an Optical cable. Its, therefore, a wake call to every onn soundbar user to be conversant with Onn soundbar troubleshooting measures. Simply position the satellite speakers delivered with your Onn soundbar in a comfortable position and make sure the RCA unit will reach, without getting twisted somewhere on the way. As a rule, you should try disconnecting the soundbar from power first. You can change these from your TVs settings menu. I called onn. . Complete Guide! Make sure that they are connected to a reliable power source and everything is working as expected. How Do I Pair My Onn Bluetooth Speaker? Asking how to connect Onn subwoofer to soundbar? This error may arise because youve adjusted the volume of your television or soundbar to its lowest. Finding the cause of issues with your soundbar is not as easy as it sounds. Any time you wish to undo the connection, simply go to your phones Bluetooth settings, locate the soundbar settings and tap forget. Techsmartest.com Tips and Tricks for Smartest Technology, How to Perform Onn Soundbar Troubleshooting: All You Need To Know, How To Fix Onn TV Problems: Best Solutions, How to Get Discovery Plus On Roku: 2022 Complete Guide, How to Fix a Samsung TV Screen that is Too Dark, Ways To Ensure the Best Online Gaming Experience, Ways To Extend Your WiFi Connection Using WiFi Extenders, How to Fix YouTube TV App Not Working on Samsung TV. After eveything is set up and its connected to HDMI ARC do the following, settings>audio>S/PDIF and ARC>auto pass through, and it should work ! Static noise is an irritating sound that causes buzzing in the soundbar system. The reset method differs depending on the product. Menu > Sound > Surround Sound > Select On. Same issue about a year back. Try these options first.

Disconnecting other devices can prevent interference and allow you to cleanly connect to your unit. If you find Onn TV remote not working, fix it by replacing batteries or getting a replacement remote. If the wires in the sound system are faulty, then its advisable to replace them. Audio enhancement modes are settings on the soundbar system of which, when turned on, interfere with an original sound of the soundbar system. in the literature accompanying the appliance. Additionally, unexpected turning off of the soundbar system can result from damaged wires. Usually, there are multiple ways to connect your soundbar to your TV. .expand_parent_dev.toggleFocus{font-weight: bold;} Leave them unplugged for up to a minute and then create a connection and check if the issue has resolved. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Once the subwoofers LED starts to flicker in mixed color. One end of the HDMI cable goes into the HDMI ARC input on your TV and the other goes into your smart soundbar. Wait for the mixed color LED light and another quick follow-up blink, indicating a successful pair. After I read your comment, I decided to reset system, refresh CEC, and do APT again and it worked. Try plugging something simple into the same plug or outlet to make sure that it works properly. Our site is not optimized for your current browser. Wait for the blue solid light to appear on your subwoofer, which will indicate a successful pair. If you have everything ready up to this point, lets now move on to the actual part of this process and learn how to connect Onn subwoofer to soundbar! The soundbar connected subwoofer, Blue Led indicator on the subwoofer remain. You can use them with other inexpensive Onn equipment, including TVs, subwoofers, and speakers. Onn TV soundbars do not have displays or multiple controls that you can use to identify an issue. When unit power on, press on soundbar change to Bluetooth mode. I'm also not understanding your setup, is your TV a ROKU TV or do you have a ROKU device connected to it? Intermittent sound through the soundbar while playing stereo can mean that there is either a problem with the connection itself or the speakers. Soundbars may cut out for a variety of reasons. To stop this, some users recommend changing the setting manually on the soundbar. The following fixes will improve your audio quality. When unit power on, press on remote control change to Bluetooth mode. Roku tv. An alternative solution to this problem is to increase the volume of your TV so that you can adjust the volume of the onn soundbar directly. Usually, this error occurs when the soundbar system does not turn on even after turning it on using its power button. If the problem doesnt resolve, your soundbar may not be working properly. Ensure the Bluetooth function is activated on, Ensure you have paired your unit with the, Need help? I took the soundbar back to walmart and replaced it one that had a hdmi cord and it worked. This is exactly what we are going to provide you within this post and teach you how to connect/disconnect your subwoofer at any time! Your next step is to connect the subwoofer to your soundbar. If you are using the optical input on the soundbar, that you have gone and actually selected the optical input on the soundbar. How do I reset my Onn sound bar? If youre using HDMI to connect your soundbar, switch to optical. The issues might be caused by out-of-date software. .expand_child_dev + p:empty {display:none} It might be that your TV just cant provide enough power for your Onn soundbar. Audio issues arent common with Onn soundbars, but sometimes the audio can sound muffled. Bluetooth can be turned on by going to Settings. These steps can help you identify if the problem is with the speakers or with the soundbar unit itself. This can help you eliminate other causes for the issue before turning off the energy saving features of your soundbar. Your onn soundbar will fail to connect to your TV if another input device is already connected to it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Below, well look at the most common Onn soundbar issues and how you can fix them on your own. Related Questions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. How to solve the Verizon text messages not sending error? A tech expert and has huge industry experience. Go into your TVs audio settings. Moreover, increasing the soundbar volume by using the remote can also effectively increase the sleep time of the bar system. If you find any damage to the ports or cables, they need to be replaced. Check the cables. If you can't perform the reset using the Home Menu: Repair information and service assistance, Keep track of all your products in one location, A place where you can find solutions and ask questions, CareersContact UsCompany InfoVoluntary Recall, SEL TERMS AND CONDITIONSSEL PRIVACY POLICYCA PRIVACY NOTICEDO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. .expand_parent_dev.toggleFocus:before{content: '-';color: grey;text-decoration: none !important;display: inline-block;border: solid lightgrey 1px;padding: 5px 6px 6px;line-height: 7px;position: relative;top: -1px;} When there is no sound through an HDMI or OPTICAL connection. .expand_parent_dev.toggleFocus{font-weight: bold;color:black !important;} Categories Electronics, Onn Soundbar, Speakers. This will change the timer to 4 hours instead of 15 minutes. Can Roku Remote Control TV Volume? The most common cause of problems is connections that arent snug and secure. Your TV might not be supplying enough power for your soundbar. We hope that by the time youre reading this, you already know how to connect Onn subwoofer to soundbar. Ensure the Power cord is connected securely at both ends. 36" 5.1 Soundbar; Select onn. Setting up your configuration that includes the soundbar, subwoofer, and satellite speakers are an easy thing to do, as long as youre provided with truthful instructions! .expand_parent_dev.toggleFocus:before{content: '-';color: grey;text-decoration: none !important;display: inline-block;border: solid lightgrey 1px;padding: 5px 6px 6px;line-height: 7px;position: relative;top: -1px;} Our website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. . When you turn on your soundbar, but it doesnt have any sound coming out, the first step is to check the volume first on the remote then on the soundbar itself.

However, there are a few different things you can try to make sure that its not a faulty soundbar. Youll also want to turn off any other electronics that are nearby and move the speak to another location away from any electrical cords. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. These soundbars provide great sound quality, and they are simple to set up. While this may seem like a simple fix, it can often correct the issue so that you can enjoy a home theater experience. How do I connect my Onn soundbar to my optical cable? Sound bar wont connect to onn. If this is the case, consider contacting Onn customer support for further help. An improper connection is the most common issue so check connections first. Onn soundbars are some of the more vexing soundbars Ive seen, but some troubleshooting can usually take care of the issue. To determine where the problem is, turn off the audio and video receiver then check all of the connections. If the connections are secure, try a different port and cable to ensure that the port or cable arent damaged. How do I connect my Onn soundbar to my Onn TV? Although, it is possible that some interference has caused the devices to disconnect from each other. This should eliminate many common sound quality issues. You can rectify the malfunction by disconnecting all the devices connected to your soundbar and connecting it to your TV alone. Incompatibility of the soundbar system and the settings of the input devices can also cause a lack of sound production. Your onn soundbar system goes into sleep mode when it does not detect an active audio signal around it at a particular time. How do I get my Onn soundbar to work on my TV? The soundbar manual will walk you through the steps to do this. It is not an uncommon occurrence for the sound from the soundbar to get ahead of the images that your TV is displaying. And Ivetried the hdmi and the hdmi arc both are not working or any of my tv , I'm having same problem and I'm hooked up to the ARC. .expand_child_dev {overflow:auto} .expand_parent_dev.toggleFocus:before{content: '-';color: grey;text-decoration: none !important;display: inline-block;border: solid lightgrey 1px;padding: 5px 6px 6px;line-height: 7px;position: relative;top: -1px;} We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. PCM, for example, is an audio setting that all soundbars can use. You can factory reset your soundbar and subwoofer, but we recommend doing it one by one to identify the issue. An Onn soundbar not working can be a frustrating experience but fortunately, there are simple fixes that will get it working correctly again. Luckily, this article will describe every possible or common issue youll experience with your Onn soundbar and Onn soundbar troubleshooting measures. Shielded cables must be used with this unit to ensure compliance with the Class B FCC limits. You should have audio and video. please set the output of your TV or DVD to PCM. Go into your TVs audio settings. Connection issues can be frustrating but often can easily be repaired by checking what other devices are connected to the unit and then turning it off and on. ), adjust volume, Press mute button or adjust the volume level, Check the input source and select the correct. There are many different reasons that your Onn soundbar might not be working. It can be frustrating when your soundbar wont turn on. Roku tv, Re: Onn. If you are having problems connecting to your soundbar with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it may be because already are several devices connected to it. . How To Fix NBC Sports App Authentication Error? It has to do with the way that the soundbar works. Use the information at your own risk. Then check that the connections are secure. This means that your media is quiet or the volume on your TV is too low. .expand_child{margin-left: 40px; display: block;} solid and the LED dispaly on the front of the soundbar show LINKED 3s. It means the audio source is the auxiliary input (via cable). His expertise in solving Tech issues is well appreciated. What does the green light mean on Onn soundbar? 5.1 sound bar system to connect to my 65 onn. Use the soundbars power button rather than the remote in a situation where you think your remote is problematic. . What about the optic cord? Network Media Player or Tablet/MP3 Player/Laptop. And, dysfunctional soundbar systems can create boredom if you are not used to your TVs sound. --If that didn't work, manually reset the tv with the sound bar left on, still didn't work, factory reset tv. 1. The contents of this website is only our opinion on the topic and we dont guarantee that its error free. A newer version of your browser may be available, Applicable Products and Categories of This Article, The soundbar doesn't pair with the subwoofer after a reset, Troubleshoot Soundbar Bluetooth pairing issues, HT-CT290/HT-CT800/HT-G700/HT-S200F/HT-S350/HT-X8500/HT-X9000F/HT-Z9F, Plug the AC power cord back in again, and press the. We may earn a small commission when you buy through our links. SenseMother earns a little commission being a participant of Amazon Associates Program. To connect the Onn subwoofer to the soundbar, simply press and hold the mute button on your remote for 7s. roku