mindfulness care package

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This is the gift set you turn to whena friend has had "one of those weeks"--the kind that calls for dimming the lights, turning the tap to HOT, lighting a candle, and brewing a cup of relaxingherbal tea.

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    Great for storing my various wellness tools.
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    Mindfulness crystals [[[#image]]]
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    link.addEventListener("load", promote); [[[/exact_shipping_date]]] TOP TIP: Use your knuckle to scoop & then easily rub around the hands. size="30" maxlength="5" type="text" [[[#product.images]]] Mindfulness has been shown to help with a number of conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress and even some physical conditions such as chronic pain.
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    FREE shipping, ad by mindfulzebra OurWellbeing Care Packageincludes somerelaxing, pampering and practica Arestful care packagefilled withitems specifically chosen to help encourage calm.
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