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There are many different walking routes available within the park, including the famous Danube Cycle Path. Great Bustards Courtship Display in Waasen-Hansg. Slovenia offers winter sports, harvest cuisine, summer hikes and much more. Unspoiled wilderness featuring thick forests, steep cliffs, blooming meadows: Explore along the Thaya river and spot a wildcat in its enclosure.

This is how the protected area truly nurtures the unique treasures of our natural heritage.

Please find information on holidays in Austria in your local language by, Nationalpark Kalkalpen 2002 (the National Holiday in Austria). ( covers 1,330 hectares of land in the North of The national park features numerous glaciers and glacial valleys, the Krimml Waterfalls, alluvial fans, and large tracts of tundra and forests. The park is home to many different plant and animal species, including the Danube crested newt, European pond turtle, European mudminnow, white-tailed eagle, Eurasian kingfisher, and Eurasian beaver. There are many glaciers within the park's borders. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. For thousands and thousands of migratory birds, the only steppe national park in Austria means one thing above all else: an essential stop off between their winter habitat and breeding ground. The park features an extensive network of hiking trails and is the best way to explore the park's meadows and woodlands.

At over 1,850 sq km, Hohe Tauern National Park is the largest protected area in the Alps, sprawling across the borders of Carinthia, Salzburg and Tyrol. Located in the Reichraminger Hintergebirge mountain range, it only came into being thanks to the persistence of water: its canyon bends were shaped by the Groe Bach in the dolimite rock over thousands of years. For anyone who loves alpine scenery and lungfuls of fresh mountain air, here's a guide to the best national parks in Austria. river stream power plants and regulate the Danube for this purpose. Wien

/ Hermann Erber, Nationalpark Kalkalpen I hope this helps you with planning an The animal world is similarly prominent and includes a high number of very rare vertebrate species. On the tour to the Schlatenkees glacier (at the foot of the Grossvenediger), visitors will find out about the landscape-forming force of the glaciers and the consequences of climate change. Tyrol, Salzburg (biggest share) and There are plenty of hiking trails, including several loops that can be comfortably walked in a day. The best way to explore this compact area of wilderness is with a stout pair of hiking boots. Park rangers can take you on guided hikes to explore the wilderness a little further.

This is one of the greatest hotspots for endemic species in the Alps. / Rainer Mirau, Austrian National Tourist Office The reserve is also home to a number of rare, salt-tolerant plant species such as sea aster, which forms a carpet of lilac-colored flowers from July to October. What are my personal favourites? 1981 (Carinthia) 1984 (Salzburg) 1992 (Tyrol). The Sea of Trees and Moated Castle: Austrias largest forest wilderness in the highly karstified Sengsen and rugged Reichraminger Hintergebirge mountains. The park is home to Austria's tallest mountain, Glossglockner, which sits at 3,798m above sea level. Styrian communities of Admont, Johansbach, Weng, Hieflau, Landl and St Gallen.

Gesuse National Park is located in the Austrian state of Styria in the mountainous Upper Styrian region. Employed in the service of nature: our National Park rangers are fervent ambassadors of nature and species conservation. By 1984, the government had plans to build / Popp & Hackner, Evening in the Thaya Valley National Park, We would like to show you content from external sources here. Takes you on a journey into the eternal ice of the core zone. Telephone: Its a breathtakingly beautiful place a 100km-wide sweep of jagged summits topping 3,000m, flanked by rock-strewn slopes, lush mountain pastures and creaking glaciers. Thayatal National Park centers on a beautiful, meandering stretch of the River Thaya, whose great looping bends are surrounded by low, forest-clad hills. AT, *toll-free; calls from mobile networks may incur charges. The main purpose of the two main domains and is the promotion of Austria as a holiday destination. Established in 2002, Austrias newest National Park features impressive cliffs and crystal-clear mountain lakes. / Albin Niederstrasser, Nationalpark Kalkalpen You can change or withdraw your consent at any time via the (, Austrian National Tourist Office Request brochures right here and start your journey. / A. Stckler, Austrian National Tourist Office Between July and October, the park offers a hiking bus on Sundays that leads from Steyr to Hengstpa. These top road trips will take you to the heart of the country. A 100 km stretch of this range is protected as the High Tauern National Park. From the Lake Dam to the Stinkersee Lakes. Where two tributaries connect with the River Danube, the landscape is constantly changing and creates the ideal conditions for amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and water-based insects. Sign up for our free Austria e-newsletter andreceive greatinsider tips, itineraries and muchmore for your next holiday in Austria. While you're in the area, consider a detour north to the Dachstein massif near Filzmoos; the famous Ski Amad ski area is crowded with skiers in winter, but in summer, there's wonderful walking here, including the high-altitude Dachstein Circuit. These dense, primeval beech forests are a haven for plants and wildlife one third of all the plant species occurring in Austria grow here, including over 40 species of orchid and endemic species like the Austrian spurge (a species of euphoria). / Rainer Mirau, 1% bodies of water, 32% agriculture, 54% glaciers, scree corridors, cliffs, and heaths, Hiking in the Schobergruppe in the Hohe Tauern East Tirol National Park, Austrian National Tourist Office The park is centered on the roaring River Enns, but it also encompasses the steep-sided limestone peaks of the Reichenstein, Buchstein and Hochtor massifs. / Georg Popp, Austrian National Tourist Office austria visual arts antonio studio philippine anak mag artworks culture There are plenty of hiking trails, both close to the river and in forested areas, while hiring a canoe or kayak opens up water-based fun on the river and the many oxbow lakes found in this watery landscape. itinerary following the natural bits of Austria. Subscribe to our free e-newsletter and receive the latest news, valuable information and special offers for your trip to Austria. The viewing tower in the activity center at Wurbauer Kogel provides a dramatic overview of this amazing landscape. At the feet of the Hoher Nock lies the idyllic Feichtau mountain pasture, with its crystal-clear lakes. In the 1970ies, there were plans to use the Nockberge Mountains for new ski resorts, but a citizen movement and environmentalist groups protested against this. This website uses anonymous cookies in order to adapt the website in the best possible way to the needs of our visitors. Northern Alp Foreland and parts of the Northern Calcareous Alps.

The national park occupies an area of 184 square km in the Carinthian part of the Nock mountain range. Some of them are essential, while others help us improve this website and your experience. There is no shortage of A-1030 Please indicate the result of the calculation. / Popp & Hackner, Austrian National Tourist Office I used to go there for ornithology excursions as an undergrad and loved the place for its exotic touch, the wine and mildness of the area. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you in planning your holidays to Austria. Read our Privacy Policy. But what makes Gesuse National Park particularly special is the number of endemic species, over 200 of which have been recorded so far. The Nock Mountains are the highest and westernmost mountain range of Austrias Gurktal Alps. The National Park Donau Auen In these spaces, preserving ecosystems is the number one priority. in the Burgenland, a large steppe lake. Wildlife watching, discovering ferns and moss, learning about local insects: A ranger-led hike gives you insight into the unique flora and fauna of the Alps biggest nature reserve.

320 species of birds were reported over the course of a year, some 120 nest within the parks boundaries. The The Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park is located in eastern Austria in the province of Burgenland. From the steppe lake to high mountains, from forest wilderness to floodplains, from raging rivers to gentle valleys: as internationally recognised protected areas, the six Austrian National Parks safeguard landscapes of wild beauty and rich biodiversity making sure that the natural wonders are still here for us to encounter tomorrow. Austrias Kalkalpen National Park is located within the Northern Limestone Alps mountain range. The Thayatal National Park is an Austrian national park that was established in the year 2000. The A high number of arthropods, vertebrates and plant species are - at least for Austria - characteristic for this park The stunning combination of lakes and mountains is one of Austria's best features. Before you hit the trails, check locally for information on flooding. (2), Gesuse (3), Thayatal (4), Donau Auen (5) and Neusiedler See (6). It is Austria's first national park and features beautiful wetlands, meadows, sand steppes, and salt areas. In winter, snowshoe-hiking and skiing are the popular tourist activities. The national park covers an area of 208 sq km, and includes the mountains of the Reichraminger Hintergebirge and the 20km-long ridge of Sengsengebirge, with its prolific limestone caverns and outcrops. The environmentalists and celebrities like the behavioural biologist and Nobel laureate Together, the two parks include approximately 300 square kilometres of land. National Park Thayatal is a pleasant wild-card, with beautiful landscape shaped by the granite grounds. The interesting diversity of the park's landscape makes it a fantastic destination for bird watchers, who can see egrets, spoonbills, cranes, and much more. With the large salt ponds of the Upper and Lower Stinkersee, it includes a particularly gentle landscape with various opportunities for bird watching. With an area of 208 square km, the Kalkalpen National Park is Central Europes largest forested area. Located between Vienna and Slovakias capital Bratislava, these wetlands are home to over 800 species of plants and animals. Finally, the There are plans to expand it to some 125 square kilometres. The many shallow ponds and pools ("Lacke") of slightly salty water supports a unique flora and fauna. One of Austrias most iconic animals, the chamois is found on sheer mountain peaks at altitudes of 1,000 3,500 m (3,281 11,483 ft). At its broadest point, it is only 4 kilometres wide. All kinds of human activities are prohibited in the core zone of the park. Donauauen (Danube-Auen) National Park is located in Vienna and Lower Austria and is one of the largest remaining floodplains of the Danube in Middle Europe. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions 2022, Meet 12 Incredible Conservation Heroes Saving Our Wildlife From Extinction, India's Leopard God, Waghoba, Aids Wildlife Conservation In The Country, India's Bishnoi Community Has Fearlessly Protected Nature For Over 500 Years, Wildfires And Habitat Loss Are Killing Jaguars In The Amazon Rainforest, In India's Sundarbans: Where People Live Face-To-Face With Wild Tigers, Africa's "Thunderbird" Is At Risk Of Extinction. In the park one can find approximately half of all plant species native to Austria. There are plenty of easily accessible, themed hiking trails that are good for families with young children, including a Wildcat Trail (though you'll need luck on your side to spot a wildcat). A real highlight for bird watchers. All rights reserved. The Danube-Auen National Park extends across an area of 93 square km in Lower Austria and Vienna and is one of the Danubes largest remaining floodplains. Beyond this busy part of the park, there are plenty of areas that offer excellent hiking opportunities. 00800 400 200 00 The park includes 3,798m-high Grossglockner Austrias highest mountain as well as nearly 350 glaciers, including mighty Pasterze, the longest glacier in the Eastern Alps. With its forest wilderness and idyllic river landscape, this gem in the High North provides a habitat to animals such as the European wildcat, which seemed to have disappeared from Austria a long time ago. The landscape-shaping force and life-giving energy of the Thaya becomes impressively tangible at the berstieg viewing point. Approximately 80 percent of the park is covered with forest, which host some 50 species of mammals, 80 songbirds, 1600 butterflies. Theres boundless scope for hiking, with fabulous day-long hut-to-hut trails, as well as epic long-distance routes including part of the Alpe Adria Trail, which runs for 750km (466 miles) through Carinthia and parts of Italy and Slovenia. Our parks are diverse, just like nature itself: profiles of the six National Parks in Austria. You may also like: How to get around Austria's magnificent landscapeThe best times to visit Austria: when to go for snow, sunshine, Strauss concerts and moreFind mountain majesty on Austria's best road trips, . National Park Hohe Tauern is also a winner: It is certainly among the most impressive landscapes in Europe and gives convenient access to some of the highest mountains on the continent. Kalkalpen National Park is located within the Northern Limestone Alps in the state of Upper Austria. The reconstructed watchtower at Illmitzer Sandeck provides a view over the mighty reed belt of the National Park nature zone. In addition to sinkholes, shafts, caves, atypical karst formations and the famous Tauern Window, the tour also provides amazing views over the range of peaks. ( Learn more about the educational work of the national parks, Learn more about the research projects of the national parks. National Park Nockberge ( in The National Park Gesuse ( was opened on the 26th of October The steep gneiss slopes along the Thaya River lends beauty to the entire landscape. The climate of the region is very mild, with little rain (approximately 600 millimetres per annum). The national park is centered around a meander of the Thaya River that has been cut-off from the river due to sedimentation. The park covers a current area of 110 square kilometres. Its unique landscape includes an enormous stretch of reed beds (they second-largest in Europe), along with meadows and pastures, lakes and ponds. Whether it be long-term monitoring, wildcat surveys, greylag goose watching or educational projects under the banner of climate protection: our national parks establish facts, impart valuable knowledge and invoke a passion for nature. The area's snowy 3,000-metre (9,843 ft) peaks and deep blue Alpine lakes make for a great day trip. National Parks are designated by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) based on strict criteria. / Georg Popp, Landscape near Apetlon / Nationalpark Neusiedler See / Burgenland, Austrian National Tourist Office Tourists visiting the Kalkalpen National Park can enjoy mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking. Feel the cool spray on your face: Crashing down over 385 metres (1,263 ft) in cascades, these are Europes highest waterfalls. Theres also a state park sometimes included, the steep mountains with sharp edges and rough gores. The view can reach as far as Bratislava in Slovakia. From the touristy point of view, there will change very little: It already offers great views and hiking opportunities and has a visitor centre like a "real" National Park. You can also watch the waters thunder over the Krimml Waterfalls, the highest falls in Austria. The National Park Thayatal / Martin Lugger, National Park Hohe Tauern - Lake Weisssee, Groglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG The national park occupies an area of 1,856 square km which makes it the largest nature reserve in the Alps and also the largest national park of Austria. The park exhibits a mosaic of environments including meadows, sand steppes, salt areas, and wetlands. For hiking, wildlife and sheer take-your-breath-away views, it doesnt get much better than this. This is also the only area in the Austrian Alps where lynx are found. In Europes westernmost steppe lake lies here, and the landscape is dotted with soda pools. It is great for hiking along the river Enns, especially in late summer or autumn. The national park is located on Austrias border with the Czech Republic and is close to the Podyj National Park. If you are travelling in Austria, you will almost certainly plan to go to some

local agriculture involved with the maintenance of the park. Visitors can enjoy the park's extensive network of trails while hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or skiing. The beginning of this development can be traced back to the rebuilding efforts of the 1950ies. The history of setting the wild river free is made into an adventure for the whole family to enjoy. It offers great hiking opportunities, the highest mountain in the park is the Established on October 26, 2002, the national park encompasses an area of 110 square km with plans of further extension of another 15 square km. Fauna living here include the red deer, chamois, Alpine ibex, golden eagle, and the griffon vulture. They also offer uniquely pristine surroundings to be enjoyed by visitors. The river and its floodplains have shaped the region into a perfect habitat for a variety of wildlife. A magnificent 360 panorama over the floodplain and Marchfeld opens up the high plateau of Braunsberg. As a source of inspiration, research area and contact point for voluntary commitment, the Austrian National Parks establish various options to experience nature. An impressive There are two castles within the boundaries of the Park, the Usually shy, some of these large rodents have gotten used to people and can be spotted at the Hohe Tauern National Park. Try these top tips for getting around in Italy, from the Amalfi Coast to the Alps. Here is an overview of the beautiful national parks found in the country. Carinthia. Most of the parks surface is actually a cultured landscape and requires certain measures to maintain the current species abundance. There is a 69 feet tall high panorama-view tower called the Wurbauerkogel which offers a stunning view of the surrounding mountains. Supported by the Federal Government and the European Union. Best of all, entry to Austria's national parks is free, opening up a natural playground for hiking, kayaking, wildlife-watching and other outdoor adventures. The Slovenia Green Capitals Route connects Ljubljana with the best nature & history in this sustainably-minded nation. So good. spots of natural beauty. Magnificent Alpine Nature at its Finest: From the valleys to the summit regions of the mighty 3000 metre peaks, the oldest and largest protected area in Austria preserves habitats of rich biodiversity. Wien They reflect the diversity of landscapes and Hohe Tauern is also home to numerous wildlife species, including the chamois, Alpine ibex, red deer, griffon vulture, and the golden eagle. National Parks in I have a soft spot for the National Park Neusiedler See, the one that differs most strongly from the region where I grew up (Salzburg). In addition to its social and scientific values, it serves as an important pillar for the management of protected areas worldwide. Our guide offers a roundup of the best sites in Rome, Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany for discovering the art and architecture of the ancient Etruscans. centuries old culture and many market towns of the area have historical centres. Theres wildlife galore, from golden eagles to otters to sandpipers, alongside a staggering number of butterfly species. Due to the rough structures of the granite landscape, / Erich Mayrhofer, Austrian National Tourist Office Why Is Biodiversity Critical To Life On Earth? Due to agricultural use, the so-called Welcome to the Holiday Information Service. Give us a call Monday to Friday from 8am to noon. flora and fauna of the park is typically alpine. Outside of our office hours please drop us an email and we'll be happy to answer your questions. The landscape of the park features several grass-covered dome-like summits. Steyr. The Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park is located in eastern Austria where it occupies an area of 97 square km in the Burgenland province. There are now plans to make it a / Albin Niederstrasser, Nationalpark Hohe Tauern - Krimml waterfalls, National Park Hohe Tauern - Krimmler Cascades, Nationalpark Kalkalpen Green Canyon of the Wild Cats: In conjunction with Nrodni Park Podyj, the Thaya Valley National Park protects one of the finest and most biodiverse valley landscapes in all of Europe. Marked trails run for nearly 500km within the national park, from short and easy themed hikes to more challenging hut-to-hut routes, such as the 110km Gesuse Httenrunde, which takes around a week. How Is Climate Change Impacting The Water Cycle? The steep cliffs are covered by forests, and the special geological base (granite) influences both landscape and vegetation. Subscribe to Lonely Planet newsletters and promotions. It covers a total area of 1800 square kilometres and land in the three provinces of consists of the last large river meadow landscape that remains in Central Europe.

2011-2022 - Nationalparks Austria | Imprint | Privacy Policy | Accessibility declaration | Sitemap | Website Archiv. The best way to explore the park's unique environment is along the network of hiking and biking trails. Here's what you need to know to navigate its beaches, towns and mountain passes. With 342 glaciers, the internationally recognised wilderness area of the Sulzbach valleys and traditional cultivated landscapes, the High Mountains National Park is an area filled with a special kind of nature as well as research and adventure.

You can clearly see the transition from mountains to cultivated landscape here, resulting in rich biodiversity. The parks most celebrated resident is that elusive feline, the European wildcat, first recorded here in 2007. The areas rich, beautiful landscapes include Weisee Glacier World, Pasterze glacier (Austrias biggest glacier, where youll catch an icy breeze even at the height of summer), and Europes highest waterfalls, the Krimml falls. Austria (, there is a total of six in the country: Hohe Tauern (1), Kalkalpen As part of the schlossOrth National Park Centre, the Schlossinsel floodplain adventure site is a place of authentic encounter with animals, plants and habitats in the region. Italyhas laid out a roadmap of reopening the country and ending the current pandemic restrictions by summer. Getting on top of the world at Hone Tauern National Park Getty Images / imageBROKER RF, Austria's national parks are an Alpine playground.

Unique landscapes, rich biodiversity and exciting tours: a visit to the Austrian National Parks is sure to be an experience youll never forget. The National Park Hohe Tauern ( the biggest of Austria and one of the biggest National Parks in Europe. The national park can be accessed by chair lift and hiking paths. It covers only 9,300 hectares, following the Danube for 30 kilometres from