bible verses on being intentional

If youre like me and have been busy trying to be intentional in your life, ask yourself if it is a mask for perfectionism. We need to plan how we will express His love to others in concrete, specific, intentional ways. I think this is the point of scripture that is often missed. var v = '?v=' + Math.floor(new Date().getTime() / (120 * 1000)) * 60;
How To Get the Most From A Weekly Meal Plan, For I Know the Plans I Have For You - Jeremiah 29:11 - Finding Time To Fly, Cotton Candy Frappuccino (like Starbucks), Easy Dinner Ideas for your Weekly Meal Plan, Pantry Essentials for a Well Stocked Kitchen, Favorite Dinners: Meal Planning in 15 Minutes. .site-description { Its what you do. Always remember that God does the saving through His Son Jesus on the cross. The Bible says we are saved by grace through faith. The wisdom we gain from our intentional relationship with Him shows us how to be intentional in other areas of our lives. I chose the wordforward. My goal was to focus on the future and concentrate on leaving the pain behind, and that is exactly what I did. As I look through this list, the one that speaks to me at this time is Seek first the kingdom of God. I need to be seeking God and his ways in all my living. .site-header{ Always remember that God does the saving through His Son Jesus on the cross. But today. Nolan Bushnell, To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first. William Shakespeare. Living intentionally has nothing to do with being perfect and everything to do with knowing who qualifies us. @media (min-width: 980px) and (max-width: 1279px ){ height: 720px; Its your thinking. clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px); function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} } It has been a blessing to me to hear from readers who have been positively impacted by a Bible verse, parenting tip, simple meal planning strategy, or an easy recipe I shared.

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