megunticook lake fishing report

Now, we just need some rain. On lightly pressured lakes and ponds in Maine, you dont need to set the hook as soon as you see the strike.

The ice is officially out on Grassy and Chickawaukie Ponds in Rockport! Sometimes, the state lake survey maps are misleading. Make sure you have enough gas in your boat before venturing out on the water. If you dont like deet, rose geranium oil is an organic alternative that seems to work. Unfortunately, the forecast is calling for a couple of inches of snow tomorrow. On lakes that are not connected to the ocean, the bass bite remains very good. In early spring, wait until the water warms up before heading out to fish. Warm weather and April vacation is just around the corner. In addition to plenty of nice smallmouth and largemouth bass, we caught a boat load of white perch this evening. We still need rain, but the water has remained relatively cool. Only a few largemouth have been on beds, and they havent been as aggressive as the smallmouth. Ive started on next winters firewood pile.

Goose River Guide Canoe built by Bob White of Rockport, Maine Fly Fishing Camden, Maine, Water Temperature: Low 70s to high 60s. The bed fishing can be excellent, but there are also plenty of cruising, feeding fish if you know where to find them.

Largemouth fishing can be frustrating this time of year. Crank baits are also working.

If you have a handle on the fundamentals of fly fishing and fighting fish, you can have a good morning on wild trout. There is close to a foot of ice in most places, but be careful out there. The ponds and rivers are getting pretty weedy right now. After catching mostly largemouth and little smallies, Ash finally hooked into a big smallmouth. If you are fishing in 15 of water, you may want to use a crank bait that dives 20 t0 25. Once things settle down a bit, stream and brook fishing should be great. Wait for your bait to get down there! Saturday was cold and windy, but Sunday was a perfect day on the water! The fish are often very willing to take a fly and the scenery is unmatched. I lost count within the first hour of fishing. In larger lakes, the fish are on beds only in certain areas. (LogOut/ In the ponds, trout are cruising shallows and rocky ledges looking for minnows and mayflies. Guiding season is winding down and the animals are moving. Dry flies, nymphs, streamers, they all seemed to work. I like an improved clinch knot. Ive been experimenting with a lot of topwater bass flies recently. The best fishing has been early in the morning or late in the evening.

The fish show up in ponds 30 or more miles from the coast. In all of my years on the water, I have never seen a loon on a dock and have never seen a loon egg. Hatches of mayflies and stoneflies have got the trout up taking dry flies. Devin and Michelle had a great time and caught plenty of fish. In the spring, when the water is clear, fluorocarbon leaders and lines are the way to go. If you find that youre not getting the distance you want and your leader is not unrolling well, try waiting longer on your backcast. Its only March, but the ice is already out on the rivers and larger lakes. Swatting at them just makes them swarm more. The bigger fish sometimes take a little longer to bite! If you know where to go, the fishing can be excellent. But Cheese Curl Pond has some trophy bass! In the afternoons, when the sun warms up the shallow water, brook trout and brown trout have been cruising for nymphs. The state of Maine wants us to kill every pike we catch. Ed and his grandson had an awesome morning on Megunticook Lake. Success is important when introducing a little one to fishing. Trout fishing in the streams is excellent right now.

We are trying to play catchup from last summers drought and last winters poor snow pack. I love to fish ice out, but it isnt for everyone. Slack line is a fly fishermans worst enemy. Be patient, theyll be feeding soon.

Most people like dry flies, but when the water is cold, trout love a big streamer. Ive also started building butcher block counter tops and bases for my new kitchen. We had to work a little harder this time around, but we got into some excellent fish. Both the fish and reel were recovered. The water is cooling down and the fishing is still very good.

In addition to the two nice brook trout in the pictures, we caught several more excellent fish. Detecting strikes when spin fishing is one of the most difficult things to teach people. The smaller males will guard the beds, but the big females are still around. The water is cold so fish are actively feeding in only a few warm spots. Its just as fun as translating Latin. When its warm out, I like to fish early in the morning and late in the evening.

The fly caster and I sort of laughed at the thought of fishing a Jitter Bug. We still catch plenty of fish later in the day, but I work hard to put guests on great fishing and recommend we get on the water as early as possible this time of year. In early spring, I often wear the same clothes that I wear ice fishing. Casting sinking lines and big streamers for bass is the way to go when the sun gets high. Fish are moving into the shallows and feeding heavily on sunny days. Topwater and weightless soft plastics are producing well. Its not as tall, so it doesnt catch the wind like some of the original versions. Some ponds have been out for 2 weeks and others a week or a few days. If you have specific dates in mind, book your trip as soon as possible.

Keep a log of water temperatures and fishing conditions. It was a great morning! Weather: Cloudy with light winds from the west. When the water is cold, fishing the shallows for bass is often unproductive. Light colored mayflies and caddis are hatching. Also, I never trailer my boat with the motor on. In the picture above, Ash is holding his biggest largemouth to date. We even saw a loon incubating an egg on a dock. Give the fish more time than you think they need with a surface fly. We are catching a handful of large fish. Deer season was very successful. Topwater and big streamers will be the way to go. Despite a stiff northwest wind and cool temperatures, Nathan from DC managed to land a three pound November largemouth. The weird weather hasnt seemed to hurt the fishing any. They are also relatively easy and inexpensive to repair should you ever have a problem. Fishermen can unintentionally contaminate bodies of water with invasive aquatic plants transported on gear. I loved his Sage Smallmouth rodit threw a popper in 7 wt. The weather was hot, but the fish didnt care. Last weekend, I took a little break from the smallmouth fishing. What an awesome week of fishing! Fishing in April can be very cold. Great smallmouth bass are taking popper flies and spinning tackle. The other is a really cool 6 3 wt. Experienced fly casters are doing well. When cast well, a bamboo rod will do most of the work for you. I can teach you to cast in about 15 minutes and help you feel comfortable with rod and reel in hand by the end of a half day trip. If you are out for the better than average fish, make sure your casting is sharp. Sinking lines are still producing the best fish. Hope for a bit of rain. We released a big female before we could get a picture. A large portion of Seven Tree Pond in Union has open water. On Monday, Ash and I came across a large pleasure boat dead in the water. A few days later, Sophie harassed the fish out in Union. After a few days of sun, the fishing is off to a great start. He landed the fish on 4 pound line on an ultra light rod without a wire leader. The water temperature in some of the smaller ponds is in the high 50s and low 60s. The osprey dive bombed the loons for close to twenty minutes before the loons finally moved on. The trout fishing was excellent the entire month of October. The fish are spread out a bit more than last week and are a little more willing to take the same old bait. Im sure well see that fish again in the spring. The beginning of my open water season has been very good. The black flies are out and the trout fishing is great. The bugs were bad, but the fishing was excellent! It can be tough to find them, but when you do, youre in for some fun. The best bit is definitely in the morning or late evening.

I like to fish size 10 and 12 wulffs this time of year. The fish were close to shore and just a few feet under the ice. Its important to keep learning and trying new things. Now is the time for smallmouth bass!

I always get excited about the opening day of spring fishing. Im convinced this type of attitude makes people more successful on the water. But with sinking lines and a little patience, clients have been landing some large fish on fly tackle. Once he figured out how detect strikes and set the hook, he started to do some serious catching. Two of my favorite ponds come to mind. Its often a matter of putting in a lot of time on the water, or hiring a knowledgeable guide.

The hatches arent very strong yet. Patience and boat management become very important when fishing deep water. Now that fall is approaching and the nights are cooler, big fish are starting to feed heavily. The bass arent super aggressive yet. If you catch a white perch on bass gear, drop your anchor and switch to smaller tackle. If a fish trips your ice fishing flag and drops the bait, a jig rod can come in handy. Blair and I saw a gray squirrel swimming out to an island on Megunticook lake.

Fly fishing for smallmouth is great in the St. George River right now.

The fish came out of deep water and fought hard once it saw the boat. When fishing streams, dont overlook the fast water runs. You might bring a stream thermometer with you.

On certain ponds, the fish have been chasing bait to the surface. Right now, the water is low and warm. When we got closer, he saw a big smallmouth guarding the bed. They were tripping flags and taking bait, but not getting hooked. We watched huge schools of bass chasing smelts in ultra clear low water. If you can identify any patterns, keep looking for similar temperatures elsewhere. The awesome snowpack we had this time last month is almost completely gone. In the picture on the left Rachel is holding a nice smallmouth bass caught on a purple little kids rod she calls the Purpetrator. The rod was caught earlier this summer by a clients fishing on Megunticook Lake. As a guide it can be easy to fall into a routine of fishing the same spots with the same lures.

maine kinney mike guide Conditions like these are why you hire a guide. When you know the spawn is coming, make sure you get out as often as possible. The fish will likely come back to the bait.

We learned the hard way this week that a big fish in the rocks will almost certainly break off. These flies work best when fished very slowly and deliberately. They can make the bass fishing a little difficult, but we managed to do well this week. In the picture above, Josh holds a nice early season brook trout. Jigs and pegged sinkers give you a lot of control over the bait. He made a few improvements.

This fish can do significant damage to native populations of trout, salmon, and perch. The wind and rain should take care of the remaining ice in the next few days!

If you hire a guide, listen to your guide, but dont be afraid to make suggestions and experiment a little. Ive been complaining for a while about the lack of rain. Last spring, my friend Dave cut two spruce trees on his property and milled me these awesome beams on his portable sawmill.

Ive already heard reports of vehicles going through the ice. If you find a good school, you can catch fish on every cast. State biologists estimate the success rate for deer hunters in Maine at somwhere between 11 and 14 percent.

Last week, I was fortunate to fish with two fishermen who appreciate the pursuit of fish more than simply catching. The action was consistent the entire morning.

He gave the popper a nice strip. For the next week or two, I will be avoiding bodies of water connected to the ocean.

Trout fishing is still great, but the alewives have moved into the rivers and made the fishing a little more difficult. 90% of my clients dont wait for their fly rods to load.. Bob and I had a great morning on the St. George. If you see someone catching plenty of fish at the local river or pond, strike up a conversation and ask questions. Unless you have spent years hunting the same spots, I suggest getting out of the stand and walking around. The ice fishing is great this season. The lakes are large and picturesque with a variety of species to catch. The smallmouth spawn is on! The results can be surprising. Last week I took a trip to northern Maine for lake trout and brook trout. We are catching plenty of large fish on Megunticook Lake in Camden, but are working a little bit harder to get them than we did in June. The changing light has helped the water cool very quickly. I will teach you how to catch fish in Maine and give you some tips on places to go. Its great for throwing streamers. This is a fast canoe with a lot of secondary stability. This year has been unusually warm and dry. The water is still cold, but the fish seem to be collecting around deep, rocky structure and drop-offs. Despite the hot and humid weather, the rivers and lakes are low. The afternoon is often much more productive than the morning. Fishing will get tough until the alewives leave in the end of June. Another very large fish hit Edsons lure right at the boat, but we couldnt manage to land it. In spite of the heat, the trout fishing today was good. Things are greening up well. I have already booked a few trips for next season, so its never too early to make a reservation. The trout fishing has remained quite good with hatches of BWOs on the rivers and larger mayflies on the lakes. If things go well, you may have introduced your young friend to an activity that will become a life long passion. He weighed in at 184 lbs. For bigger bass during the late morning and middle of the day, deep water is the ticket. Some of the summer people have even started making their way to the area. On Saturday they boated over 20 fish with the biggest one at 4 pounds. Because most of our ponds and streams have very clear water, the best fishing is early in the morning or late in the evening.

In fact, the fishing has been so good for big fish that Ash decided to book another morning trip with me. When the weather is good and the fish are biting, fish as often as you can. This bite is difficult to feel, but if you think a fish hit set the hook and keep reeling. If nothing bites the jig, go back to your minnow imitation and keep covering water. The Northern Pike is an invasive species in Maine. The past seven days have been full of fish and fun clients from all over the country. In the picture above Bob caught a nice little brook trout on a bamboo fly rod he built. Plenty of nice fish are being caught in Midcoast. We got close to three bald eagles and plenty of loons. The purple rod barely had enough backbone to land the fish, but Rachel did an awesome job getting it in the boat. smallmouth in the picture above took a neko rig and the 3.5 lb. warden march report megunticook Some of the biggest fish caught by clients hit when I was taking out a tangle for them.

Learning to tie knots well is a must! He was one of the few guarding beds last week.

Water temperatures are in the mid 30s. Brook and stream fishing closed today. We saw numbers and size this week.

But the water is still relatively cool and the fishing is great. Above are a couple of guests who got into some nice smallmouth bass. I had an awesome season and cannot wait until next year. Most fishermen are superstitious. In the second half of the month, I took some time to head north for grouse. Now that the water is warming, fish are getting ready for the spawn. The fish made a couple of nice, line peeling runs. The nice togue in the picture on the left and the trout in the picture on the right are examples of what remote Maine ponds hold.

Pike is a good eating fish that deserves a spot on your table. Large and smallmouth bass, pike, trout and salmon can all be caught in this chain of lakes. There are no secrets here. The bass are not spread out the same way they are in the summer. Sometimes it takes skill, experience, and luck to get a big trout to eat in the heat of summer. Trout, bass, perch, and even pike of all sizes will bite a little swim bait. We all ended up going home with plenty of fresh fillets for the freezer. The water is warm and the fish are in shallow water. Dont be afraid to try something new.

But the black flies are friendly and good mayfly and blue winged olive hatches are not far off. I have never understood why some lakes have great fishing after the ice goes out and others fish poorly.

Spend your time on a spot and you will likely see her cruising near the bed. Now we have a good 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground.

and had broken off his right main beam and left G2 antlers earlier in the season.

In another couple of weeks, the dry fly fishing will be great. Weather: Clear with South winds at 10 mph. The tip this week is to have fun fishing. I wish we could have got our hands on the big smallmouth that broke Tess off when it jumped. Sometimes it makes a difference and my fish to flag ratio goes up. The day started off rough. While we did see some nice trout, the fishing wasnt exactly what I had hoped for. When the water is cold, focus on throwing minnow baits to sunny flats and rocky shoals.

Just be careful, it can easily get out of control! The smallmouth in the picture makes the 10 inch trout look tiny. Ive been heading out after my morning trips with a fly rod and poppers. We managed to get a 5 year-old from Dallas his first few fish. Happy new year! We had an amazing trip! We never got to see the big one that broke his line. As the month progressed, the nights started to get cold. Trout can still be caught. A lot of people tend to overwork soft plastic baits. Weather: Cloudy with west winds at 10 to 20. I tagged out on day three with a small buck and two other friends brought over animals to butcher at my house. Consistently reaching out to 40 plus feet will score you some more fish. Last weeks trip almost was canceled due to road conditions.

Weather: Clear and hot with South winds at 10-15. I pulled one out of my boxI hadnt used it in many yearsand tied it on. With a little rain, the trout fishing should get very good again. The Jitter Bug is a classic bass lure that was first introduced in 1938. Some of the best sight fishing of the season should happen in the next one to three weeks. I cannot stress enough how important casting practice is to successful fishing. The water is cooling off and bigger smallmouths are showing themselves more readily than in late summer.

I finally got lucky when the big buck in the picture showed up. The summer season is in full swing. The male brook trout are in spawning colors with humped backs and hooked jaws. My thoughts about less intrusive surface flies were confirmed yesterday by a client.

There is rain and wind in the forecast for the rest of the week, but the weekend will bring ideal fishing conditions. Its actually the same spoon I caught last months featured brown trout with. This time of year, we tend to get fewer fish to bite, but the fish that do bite are generally large. The water level in the rivers and streams has come up a little, but the trout fishing remains good. In the picture above, a brook trout is resting where a cold water spring enters the stream. The light has changed and some of the maple trees are starting to get their fall colors. In spite of the hot weather, the water is still relatively cool. A tile backsplash and more painting is in store for the winter. I had two very different trips this weekend. It takes some coordination and practice. Afternoon Temperature: High 60s Low 70s. But the weather hasnt negatively affected the fishing. In the video above, Rachel had the knot she tied pull through.

The alewife run is a great opportunity to see ospreys and eagles fishing. This style of fishing is great practice for those who want to chase big saltwater species. This years weather is much more typical of winter in coastal Maine. Its okay to be aggressive with your flies, but be sure not to pop a fly right in the fishs face.

Black flies are a part of spring. We landed several other fish that afternoon ranging from a half pound to over two pounds. This canoe was built by Bob White of Rockport, Maine. All but one of the fish came up to dry flies. While I havent seen anything too impressive yet, some three pound brook trout, decent rainbows, and even an 8 lb.

If you get into a couple of fish, drop anchor and throw a jig. It weighed in at 5.04 pounds. In the next few weeks bass will begin staging and spawning. A lot of fish have been hanging around weed beds and rock structure. Even though I have the big one in this picture, Steve ended up landing a bigger 10 lb fish later that trip. Spots are filling up fast for June, July and August. Jeff caught his first smallmouth and Tess landed her biggest largemouth. A few males have made their way into the shallows and are guarding spawning beds. Trout streams are at very fishable levels and the smallmouth are on spawning beds on certain ponds. Use a sinking line and nymph or streamer fly. Bill landed this3 pound fish on a local pond. Ive seen people drifting nymphs with mixed success. This time of year is perfect for getting those projects done that I never seem to get to when the fishing is good. I tend not to do a ton of jigging while ice fishing. Hes been a great help with design and woodworking tips. Weather: Hot with light winds from the southwest. Scent control is extremely important. The bass are off the spawning beds and the alewives are running in the rivers and many ponds. Black flies are out and fish are biting. Last week on Megunticook Lake, I had the pleasure of guiding Bennet and his dad, Drew.

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Camden, Maine. Sometimes there are big fish following the perch.