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Readings will include exploration of the business model and common practices of for-profit art galleries and the primary and secondary markets for art sales. The seminar examines the evolution of emerging market multinationals and its effect on competitive strategies of devloped market MNCs. This course is a graduate-level seminar which introduces students to current research at the frontier of economics. These opportunities give us a chance to get to know these visitors better, and give visitors a chance to learn more about us and our work. Evidence from the National Flood Insurance Program.

Is contemporary Western family post-patriarchal? Visitors should also be aware that despite the controversial policy issues that motivate much of the research in economics, our seminars focus on questions that can be answered, one way or another, by an appeal to data. NOTE:All seminars will satisfy the FE major for this semester. | Nigerian Educational Consult -, Project and Seminar Topics with Materials on Economics. This seminar will take a critical look at the family. However, it will be helpful if visitors have a prior understanding of how these seminars work. Our seminars typically last 90 minutes.These are technical seminars pitched for faculty and Ph.D. students, rather than accessible talks intended for the general public. Is surrogate motherhood the future? The objective of this course is to provide a clear and concise understanding of Bitcoins design, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

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Topics are chosen based on relevance to current EPA issues and, more broadly, to issues of concern to the environmental economics research community. Search Here, Our materials can be used for both project and seminar, For Seminar: All you have to do is to exclude chapter 3 and 4 from the work and rename chapter 5 as chapter 3. & Graduate Catalogs. We pride ourselves in rendering quality services. Other research is primarily theoretical or relies on simulation methods. I'm sure that lots of things happened in 2004. On the other hand, they lack the competitive advantages of traditional multinationals such as experience, resources, and reputation. The aim of this seminar is to provide the students with the analytical skills and conceptual frameworks necessary to significantly deepen their understanding of asset management. The technology behind Bitcoin, the so-called blockchain, has also triggered a staggering number of potential applications for other purposes than managing a payment system. The course will consist of examining recent research that uses tools from Game Theory and Industrial Organization (although no specific knowledge is needed, students who are already acquainted with these areas are encouraged to enroll). All materials have been selected for authoritativeness, quality of writing and speaking, liveliness, and ease of understanding. Despite similar levels of son preference, womens status appears greater in China than India, is that correct and if so why? Many seminars rely heavily on advanced statistical methods that are intuitively similar to multiple regression analysis. The subject of this seminar course is government regulation of firms in the context of issues classified as antitrust and regulation. These visitors typically spend a full day visiting with interested faculty and graduate students during individual and group appointments and over shared meals. Topic: Private Equity & Hedge Fund Investing Do Discrete Choice Approaches to Valuing Urban Amenities Yield Different Results than Hedonic Models? Do You Have An Approved Topic Already? For some reason, I can't get it to start at 0:00.

Sample questions include: Why would sons be considered more valuable than daughters, and why more so in China and India than in the West? The seminar covers several examples using cases and published reports, and its goal is to help participants understand how they can enable and encourage similar technology-based innovation processes. JavaScript appears to be disabled on this computer. GU4911 (Sec. for classes should use WINS. We will learn how both situations were global in scope and how well economic policymakers handled them. Instructor: Prof. Lena Edlund Check the CC/GS bulletin for all seminar prerequisites and details. 4) MICROECONOMICS Seminar haile philip economics yale edu hillhouse Economic growth does not benefit all workers and firms equally. Understanding the current frontier of research and ways to ask and answer questions at this frontier will prepare you to work on your own original research in the field. Current Degree Requirements for the Ph.D. Instructor: Prof. milien Gouin-Bonenfant Topic: Seminar in Gender Economics Contact UW-W. Note to media:Seminars arenot open to the media. The second part of the seminar discusses the deal making of private equity managers as well as various investment strategies of hedge fund managers. 2022 Bentley University. Art appraisals, auctions, art collectors and art as investment will be discussed in detail. Students will be able to compare MNCs from Brazil, China, India, and Russia and their impact on the global markets place through case studies and group projects. Topic: Economics of the Arts A full list of past workshops dating back to 1998 is available here:Past Environmental Policy and Economics Workshops. Instructor: Dr. Neal Masia An effort will be made to bring in guest speakers from government agencies and the business community.

Attendance and a paper will be required. Medieval Europe and 20th century East Asia are prominent examples of growth miracles; what do they have in common? Day/Time: Wed. 2:10pm 4:00pm Instructor: Prof. Thomas Piskula GU4913 (Sec. NCEElasthostedan Environmental Policy and Economics Workshopin 2012. If you would like to be added to the distributionlist for information about these seminars, please contact Carl Pasurka ( The course will also consider recent developments around cryptocurrencies and non-currency applications of the blockchain technology. Focusing on the fixed income market, this seminar will examine movements in investor sentiment, with the perspective that heuristics may be involved. The seminar emphasizes the importance of understanding both business and technology in making IT-based business innovation a reality. Please use. Emerging market multinationals have unique advantages. Welcome to Samphina Academy, this is the Official Project / Seminar Material Library for all students of the department of Agriculture. By continuing to use this website, you consent to Columbia Universitys usage of cookies and similar technologies, in accordance with the, Columbia University in the City of New York, Student Life Living in NYC and the Columbia Area, 2020 Annual Wueller Stipend Winners Announced, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion @ Columbia Economics, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Initiative Past Announcements, For Econ Staff: How to Edit the Site on WordPress, Adding media images, PDF, to a page or post, Columbia University Economics Department Website Accessibility Requirements, Undergraduate: Adding a New Post to Econ Info For Students, Email from Amy Hungerford, Executive Vice President for Arts and Sciences and Dean of Faculty, Guidance on Reimbursements for Research-Related Travel COVID-19, Instructions to obtain a Social Security Number, A Special Symposium in Memory of Kenneth J. Arrow & The 10th Annual Arrow Lecture, Q & A with Sun Kyoung Lee, Recipient of the $1M National Science Foundation (NSF) Economics Grant, Cognitive and Behavioral Economics Initiative, Call for Proposals for PER Research Summer Fellow (MA Students), Call for Proposals for PER Research Summer Fellow (Ph.D. Students), Department of Economics Graduate Student Appointments. All Rights Reserved. Should prescription drug prices be regulated by the government? Lectures will examine how current and potential public policy decisions impact the bottom line and the behavior of key industry sectors including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, nursing homes, and others. Will a merger of rivals lead to higher or lower prices? Given that seminar invitations lean towards the interests of our junior faculty, these topics also reveal the interests of our recent hires and therefore also suggest the current direction of the departments emphasis in scholarly research. It was on "Political Capitalism" by my friend Randy Holcombe of Florida State University. For instance, the productivity surge that began in the 1990s ended about 2004. Check the CC/GS bulletin for all seminar prerequisites and details.

The Internet has evolved from a communications network to a global computer network that links people, their ideas, and their information. All rights reserved. Below is a list of upcomingand recent seminars. These visits will provide students with a firsthand opportunity to see some of these companies in operation and to meet with their managers to discuss how they provide outstanding service to their customers. Students will be required to attend an art auction. GU4911 (Sec. Drinking Water, Internalizing Externalities Disclosure Regulation for Hydraulic Fracturing, Drilling Activity and Water Quality, Racial Disparities in the Health Effects from Air Pollution: Evidence from Ports, Externalities of Policy-Induced Scrappage: The Case of Automotive Regulations, America's Energy Gamble: People, Economy and Planet, Drinking Water, Fracking, and Infant Health, The Real Effects of Mandatory CSR Disclosure on Emissions: Evidence from the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program, The Macroeconomic Effects of a Carbon Tax to Meet the U.S. Paris Agreement Target: The Role of Firm Creation and Technology Adoption. We invite you to explore our roster of department seminars and read the detailed abstracts of these talks using the links in the sidebar menu. Scroll down to continue reading article , 7 Things That Cause a Lack of Motivation (And How to Fix Them), 30 Refreshing Routines to Boost Your Morning Motivation, 9 Types of Motivation to Make Your Goals Happen, 11 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Complete any Task in New Year, Book summary: A Technique for Producing Ideas, Free note taking templates and techniques, 5 Simple And Obvious Tips For Better Communication, 1 Minute Book Summary: The Productivity Project, 2 Minutes Book Summary: How to Read a Book, How to Increase Mental Focus and Stay Sharp, How To Get Fit If You Have a Busy Schedule. An Economic Calculation: Should You Buy a Vacation Timeshare? Miles C. Leahey Seminar students are expected to actively participate in class discussions, make an in class presentation of selected readings and write a term paper on an agreed upon topic. 2:10pm 4:00pm That is the basics for making it a seminar. Instructor: Prof. Tri Vi Dang Day/Time: Mon. This seminar course discusses the economics of professional asset management with special focus on private equity and hedge fund investing. In a recent episode of EconTalk, Russ Roberts interviewed Stanford University's John Ioannidis to discuss his 2017 publication "The Power of Bias in Economics Research." Should a firm be required to sell the products or services of its rivals on nondiscriminatory terms? DAYS, TIMES and CLASSROOMScan be found on theRegistrarsDIRECTORY of CLASSESwebsite ( *************************************************************************. Information for New Majors for CC and GS students, This website uses cookies as well as similar tools and technologies to understand visitors experiences. Sections may be full or not open for registration. It will also include a discussion of the evolution of globalization and the role of international organizations in promoting a sustainable lgobal economic growth. Supplementary materials for popular college textbooks used in courses in the Principles of Economics, Microeconomics, Price Theory, and Macroeconomics are suggested by topic. In addition, they avoid the disadvantages of the first movers. Enter your email address to subscribe to our monthly newsletter: Comparative Advantage and the Benefits of Trade, Market Failures, Public Goods, and Externalities, Government Failures, Rent Seeking, and Public Choice, Price Controls, Price Ceilings, and Price Floors, Government Budget Deficits and Government Debt, Foreign Currency Markets and Exchange Rates. 6) MICROECONOMICS Seminar Day/Time: Wed. 12:10pm 2:00pm Certain seminars will also be used to emphasize the importance of and best practices in good written and oral communication. Degree Requirements for the Ph.D. (Prior to 2018), Events (PER Distinguished Lecture Series), Sixth Annual Bounded Rationality in Choice (BRIC) Conference, Columbia University Website Cookie Notice. This is the video of the recent event on immigration held by CSUMB. 3) MICROECONOMICS Seminar 2) MACROECONOMICS Seminar Seminars listed below areonly open toCCandGSundergraduate economics majors. If you browse through the archive of our previous seminar speakers, including the titles and abstracts of their talks, you will get a good idea about the kinds of topics that capture the interest of social science economists. All material The seminar will use economic analysis to examine the. Using recent white papers, blog posts, and journal articles to provide theoretical background, and hands-on exercises to gain practical experience, participants will investigate social media and social networking tools, cloud computing applications, and data management techniques, to better evaluate how social networking and Web 2.0 technologies benefit both consumers and the enterprise. Contact Usto ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Students will be introduced to different aspects of the fixed income markets, and various measures of investor expectations and sentiment. The purpose of all our seminarsis to foster the free exchange of information. Then I speak from about 16:00 to 26:00. We rarely advocate for one social goal over another. This seminar focuses on how managers evaluate global market opportunities and develop market entry and expansion strategies in order to create customer value internationally. Researchers from EPA, other federal agencies, and academia present current work, followed by a collegial discussion of this research. var d = new Date(); document.write(d.getFullYear()); By bringing in guest speakers in the fields of micro- and macroeconomics, the seminar exposes students to different types of research questions in the field of economics, as well as the different techniques researchers use to approach answering those questions. That is the basics for making it a seminar, Below is the List of Project / Seminar Research Topics and Materials on Economics Which You Can Select From for Approval, A Critical Analysis Of Gender Inequality In Nigeria And Its Impacts For Inclusive Economic Growth In Nigeria From 1982 2020, The Impact Of Public Spending On Economic Growth In Nigeria, Tax Policy On The Performance Of Revenue Profile Of Nigeria (A Case Study Of Nigerian Customs), The Role Of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) In Community Development, The Effect Of External Debt On Economic Growth Of Nigeria, The Role Of Manufacturing Sector On Economic Growth And Development In Nigeria, The Impact Of Multi-National Corporations On Economic Development In Nigeria, Effective Cooperative Loan Administration; A Strategy Tool For Poverty Eradication, The Role Of The Nigerian Stock Exchange On Capital Formation, A Critical Analysis Of The Effect Of Domestic Debt On The Nigerian Economy, Effect Of 2012 Flood Disaster On The Socio-Economic Characteristics Of Cassava Farmers In Etsako East Local Government Area, Edo State, Crude Oil Price And Economic Growth In Nigerian (1986-2015), Contribution Of Pension Industry Invest To Capital Formation In Nigeria, Impact Of Commercial Bank On Economic Growth And Development Of The Country, The Importance Of Studying Economics Of Co-Operative Business Enterprises As A Qualifying Subject For The Award Of OND In Co-Operative Economic And Management, A Proposed Monetary Regime For Small Commodity-Exporters; Peg The Export Price (PEP), The Statistical Analysis On Inflationary Trend In Nigeria, Impact Of Financial Sector Development On Economic Growth Of Nigeria (1980 2014), The Impact Of Microfinance Bank On Economic Growth Of Nigeria, The Role Of The Agricultural Sector As An Accelerator To Nigeria Economy, Differential Impact Of Tax Policy In A Foreign Investment In Nigeria, The Impact Of Government Expenditure On Standard Of Living In Nigeria, The Effectiveness Of Taxation On Government Provision For Infrastructure, Trade Openness And Economic Growth In Selected ECOWAS Member Countries (1975-2004), Stock Market Capitalization And Financial Openness In Nigeria Economy (2000 2013), The Impact Of Industrial Sector On Economic Growth Of Nigeria, The Incidence Of Drug Abuse Among Secondary School Students (A Case Study Of Some Selected SSS Students In Esan Central Local Government Area Of Edo State, Impact Of Event Centres On Social Activities In Nigeria Cities, Organizations Reliance On Corp Members As A Resulting Factor For Youths Unemployment In Nigeria, The Impact Of Micro Financial Institutions On The Growth On Small And Medium Scale Business, Impact Of Government Expenditure On Nigerian Economic Growth (1987-2017), The Impact Of Industrialization On Economic Growth And Development In Nigeria, Impact Of Trade Liberalization On Nigeria Economic Growth, Critical Surveys On Fuel Price Changes And Its Effect On Nigeria Economy, The Role Of Stock Market In The Growth Of The Nigerian Economy, The Effect Of Stabilization Policies On Nigerian Economy, The Impact Of Capital Formation On Economic Growth In Nigeria, The Impact Of Family Planning Campaign On Ibagwa Couples In Igbo Eze South Local Government Area Enugu State, The Role Of Capital Market On Economic Growth In Nigeria 1985-2014, Impact Of The Money In The Growth Of Nigeria In Economy, Effect Of Interest Rate On Investment And Money Demand In Nigerian Economy, The Impact Of International Trade On Economic Growth Of Nigeria, Sample Size Determination In Qualitative And Quantitative Research, Food Security; A Strategy For Poverty Alleviation In Nigeria, An Appraisal Of The Effectiveness Of Macroeconomic Policies In Promoting Economic Growth In Nigeria, An Evaluation Of Monetary Policy In Nigeria And Its Impact On Economic Growth (1984 2015), The Role Of Fiscal Policy In The Nigeria Economic Growth, The Impact Of Tax Incentives On Economic And Industrial Development, Motivating The Workforce For Greater Productivity In The Banking Sector Of The Economy In The 21st Century, Impact Of Agricultural Marketing Cooperative On Sales Promotion (A Study Of National Archives Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd), Commercial Bank Credit And Agricultural Output In Nigeria (1982-2007), The Impact Of Exchange Rate, Variation On Balance Of Payment, Effects And Causes Of Overpopulation In Nigeria, Impact Of Selected Monetary Policy Instruments On The Growth Of Nigeria Economy, The Impact Of Monetary Policy In Controlling Inflation In Nigeria, The Survey Of The Factors Affecting The Growth Of Co-Operative Society, Instructional Planning, Class Size And Students Performance In Economics In Senior Secondary Schools, The Impact Of The Change Of Fuel Price On The Nigeria Economy, Impact Of CBN Cashless Policy On Reduction Of Crime In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Selected Resident Of Eti-Osa LGA, Lagos State), The Role Of Commercial Banks In Economic Growth In Nigeria, The Role Of Financial Intermediation On The Capital Market And Economic Development, The Effect Of Crypto Currencies On The Value Of The Nigerian Naira, Privatization And Commercialization Of Public Enterprises In Nigeria An Appraisal Of Telecommunication, An Empirical Analysis Of The Impact Of Deposit Money Bank On The Manufacturing Sector In Nigeria (1980-2011), The Impact Of Debt Burden On Economic Growth On Nigeria, The Control Of Inflation Using Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) Monetary Policy, Credit To Agricultural Sector And Nigeria Economic Performance, The Efficacy Of Monetary Policy As An Instrument For Controlling Inflation On Nigeria Economy, An Appraisal Of The Role Of Capital Market In The Privatization Of Public Enterprises, Effect Of Economic Recession On Industrialization Of Oredo Local Government Area Of Edo State, Effects Of Honesty On Cooperative Organization, Application Of Matrices To Real Life Problems, Effective Administration Of Credit In Cooperative Enterprises, The Impact Of Devaluation Of Naira On Nigerias Balance Of Payments, Exchange Rate And Nigeria Balance Of Payment (1982 2014), Effect Of Savings On Interest Rate In Nigeria (1981-2013), Tax Reforms And Revenue Generation In Nigeria; A Longitudinal Analysis, The Effect Of Increase In Fuel Price On Transportation. A lock (LockA locked padlock) or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. Students looking to register 50 Things That Drain Your Happiness, 14 Scientifically Proven Ways To Stay Happy All The Time, 7 Couples Therapy Exercises To Try With Your Spouse, How To Practice Self-Advocacy in the Workplace (Go-to Guide), Powerful Daily Routine Examples for a Healthier Life, What Should I Do Today? Terms of Use |Privacy Policy |Sitemap. Samphina Academy is an Online Educational Resource Center that is aimed at providing students with quality information and materials to aid them in succeeding in their academic pursuit. We will first put the 2007 and 2020 experiences into a broad historical perspective, discovering that financial markets, while necessary for modern capitalist economies, are fragile and sometimes break. In 2020, a self-induced economic lockdown reduced the pandemic health threat but caused an even deeper but shorter recession compared to 2007. GU4913 (Sec. Topic: Public Policy, Economics and the Healthcare Industry Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Topic: Economics of Antitrust and Regulation Sample questions include: Should a social media platform be broken up into a number of platforms? Most speakers spend the first ten minutes explaining the research question that they have sought to answer, and why the question is important. Day/Time:Tues. 4:10pm 6:00pm In addition, many manufacturing companies now recognize that they can obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace with their products by providing their customers with outstanding service. An official website of the United States government. GU4911 (Sec. These topics include exploration of innovations in economic research methods as well as how research results can be used to improve environmental policy making. Topic:Distributional Macroeconomics But then they get into the more-technical details. Weekly formal seminars in the Economics department, during each quarter, represent our main opportunity to bring outside researchers to campus. Topic:Cryptocurrencies and the Economics of Blockchain 1) MACROECONOMICS Seminar Instructor: Dr. Andrew Abere Active class room participation and a term paper are required., Environmental Justice and the Multigenerational Persistence of Environmental Exposure. Each student will conduct research on an industry sector and a live public policy or regulatory issue of their choosing. Day/Time: Wed. 4:10pm 6:00pm Note:Hostingthese seminars does not necessarily express or implyEPA approval or endorsement of the speakers views. We will discuss the social, biological and material origins of different family systems, as well as consequences thereof, with a particular focus on the status of women. NCEEprovides this forum for presentations on timely topics in environmental economics. Select about 3 topics of your interest from this page. This course will provide students with and introduction to the major elements of service management and reinforce these concepts with visits to some of the world class businesses in the Greater Boston area. GU4911 (Sec. controversial aspects ofglobalization and its consequences for developed and developing economies. Junior faculty especially are encouraged to invite experts in their fields to visit campus as featured seminar speakers. Additional advanced resource links include primary source materials that are available online or graduate level readings.*. Economists agree about the principles, but differ about government policy recommendations.

Air Quality, Human Capital Formation and the Long-term Effects of Environmental Inequality at Birth, Machine Learning for Causal Inference: An Application to Air Quality Impacts on House Prices, Two Birds, One Stone? 5) MICROECONOMICS Seminar Compared to some other fields, there is relatively little room in economics for debating matters of opinion, or arguing about the way things should be. Much of economic research has to take a societal goal as given (such as a social objective that is defined/chosen by elected decision-makers in a democracy). Given such a goal, we try to uncover ways in which it might be achieved. The topics listed here can be used as guide to carryout academic research work for either Undergraduate / Postgraduate Project, Seminar or Thesis. For media inquiries, please contact the Office of Public Affairs ( Description:Seminar speakers present papers on macroeconomic topics, including issues relating to monetary and fiscal policies, economic growth, the role of institutions, and other research issues in the field. 6:10pm 8:00pm They are heavily supported be their governments. New Estimates and Implications for the Energy Efficiency Gap, Welfare Analysis: Bridging the Partial and General Equilibrium Divide for Policy Analysis, Past Environmental Policy and Economics Workshops, Benjamin Leard; Joshua Linn and Christy Zhou.