5 examples of past perfect continuous tense

I've leftthe correct answers there. continuous past simple vs worksheet elementary reading worksheets grammar Write down your answers on a piece of paper or in the comments. They were walking 4. The action finished just now or very recently. They had been playing football in that field before it started to rain. Examples of Modal Auxiliaries for Expectation, Examples of Modal Auxiliaries for Probability. It's similar to the past continuous but rather than helping us to show two actions taking place at the same time in the past, we can use the past perfect continuous to show that one action was in progress before a second action started. So the action is the same, hard work but this time the action is complete. So even if it wasn't necessarily in progress at the exact moment that the shorter action happened, when the doorbellrang. 6.It had been raining so the ground was wet. 6. We had been enjoying the program thoroughly for three hours. But the consequence of that action has an impact on that specific moment in the past. 3. Jane had been gossiping in the coffee shop for two hours. Both actions happen at the same time but one action, the short one, interrupts theother one. I had not been watching the cricket match on television for two hours. I had been singing different kinds of songs for an hour. Had you not been enjoying the concert for three hours? Thank you Emma for this new grammar lesson, you well explained to us the difference between these 2 tenses. Alternatives to BUT! They both describe actions that took place in the past and they are both used a lot in combination with the simple past but they aren't the same. It had been raining . I'm going to give you a sentence. You can check your answers by having a look at the description below. Andof course, for negative sentences, we just add not. 1. They both describe an ongoing or continuous action. 2. It's not an easy topic, mostly for those folks whose native language structure is completely different. Answers to the practice questions . I had been waiting for new lesson since last Friday. Last Monday, at 8 am I was eating my breakfast. That'sincorrect. But using before emphasises that the first action started at an earlier point in time than the second action. So a huge shout out to all of you who made it through this lesson. Do you know when to use the past continuous & past perfect continuous? So you're going to choose between the past continuous and the past perfect continuous. Julia had been cooking for several hours but the meal still wasn't ready when her guestsarrived. I have a whole grammar playlist so it's worth bookmarking it so that you know where to find all of my grammar lessons when you needto practise, right? These English tenses are similar, but there are some differences you need to know if you want to use correct grammar! Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, I didnt have any energy to play with the kids because I. 4. You'll see a verb that you need to use in brackets but you'll need to put it in the right tense, all right? Polite Ways to Disagree in Professional Business Emails, How to Write Business Emails Professionally With its Types and Samples. 1.We had been waiting for the bus for hour when it finally arrived. Past Perfect Continuous Tenserepresents an ongoing action that started and continued for some time in the past. He had been reading different kinds of books since morning. NEW at The Free Dictionary: Wordle Word Finder! That's it from me today. When it comes to grammar, I've got your back, don't I? We had been shopping in that shop before we came home. I'm really just giving you a quick overview here because what we really want to focus on today is when to use the past continuous and when to use the past perfect continuous. I had been writing articles on various topics for three hours. 1.had been waiting 2.was eating 3.were walking 4.had been leaving 5.was listening 6.was raining , i don't understand the difference between : It was raining so the ground was wet / it had been raining so the ground was wet. I like your style very much! Thanks Emma for teaching a really complicated grammatical item in a simple but excellent manner. Okay, now it's your turn to put all of this into practice. We use it to say that an action was in progress at a precise moment in the past. Is it still raining? We had been watching a movie in this Cineplex for three hours. I enjoyed reading your training modules.

Now what I really want to do is help you to understand the difference between these two tenses, when should you use the past continuous andwhen should you use the past perfect continuous? I know that it's really hard to stay focused with grammar. It depends on what is more importent running occupancy (PPC) or interrupting event (PC), EXCELLENT MISS EMMA THANK YOU FOR IMPROVE MY ENGLISH GRAMMAR. So whether or not she was actually in the process of cooking when her guests arrived at the door doesn't really matter. Many thanks. Which of the following uses the past perfect continuous tense to form a conditional sentence? 4. In the past continuous, our auxiliary verb be becomes was or were depending on the subject.

Where does not appear in a negative sentence in the past perfect continuous tense? What's the difference? They had been playing hockey on that field for three hours. Jag was listening 6. Required fields are marked *. You are very good in teaching. Use better words in English , Small Talk Practice | English Conversation & Chit Chat at Work, How To Connect Ideas In English [with Linking Words], 6 Different Ways to use LIKE (real English vs. proper English), Pack My Bag With Me! Why was the ground wet?

I might have been studyingat that moment or I might not. 2. Whether or not I was studying at that moment when the doorbell rang is not really important and this is a big difference compared to the past continuous. I was in the process of studying at that moment. I had been helping him to do the task before I started the program. At the same time, the doorbell rang at 3pm yesterday.

I was eating 3. The result of all of that hard work is that the presentation is almost finished but not quite. To indicate time reference for and since are used and it describes when the action started and how long it continued in the past. The past continuous expresses an action in progress at a particular moment in the past. It's really specific, right? Your email address will not be published. 3. I think they're a good clue. Now let's compare that with the past perfect continuous. Right that action is still incomplete so when John leaves, I'll probably have to finish doing the dishes right I'll go back to that action. How to Ask for Information in Business Emails? Great! The lessons are becoming more and more professional. We use when to join these two actions. There are two main differences between the past continuous and the past perfect continuous that I want to share with you today. And we do this to really emphasise the duration or the length of that action. Hi, Emma thanks! If you want to reference time in the past continuous, you've got to be precise because it's a tense that shows us an action in progress at a specific moment in the past. If you are paying close attention, you might have noticed something that I've used in the past perfect continuous sentences but not in the past continuous ones. Thank you, Emma, for this lesson. Learn and practice with me now, for perfect English grammar! It's not important.

We had been living there for months before we finally met the neighbours. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be the first to get my new videos, and come and say hi on my Facebook page!! so much about the lesson choose past continuous and past perfect Continuous I am very happy about in this lesson am need to study by you jest on Sunday I have free time am love study by you in thanks! Let's look at the structure for a minute because it's obviously a little different from the past continuous sentence, isn't it? Hopefully, you're feeling confident about using these tenses. So the action is all the hard work right it's an action and it's still ongoing, it's still in progress. Well actually, we don't know. 4.We had been living there for months before we finally met the neighbours. That's explaining why the ground waswet. The arrival of her guests interrupted her and interrupted her cooking but in this sentence here Julia has started cooking probably long before the guests arrived. Richard had been practicing to sing the song since morning. I'm going to come back to that point about the consequence a little later on in this video but first, I want to point out that when we're comparing the past continuous and the past perfect continuous, it is really important to pay attention to how we talk about time in our sentences. We had been waiting 2. 5.Jag was listening to the radio when someone knocked on the door.

Tom had been traveling around the world since the month of December. We can either use the normal form in a conditional clause that begins with. Okay so what changes when we use the past perfect continuous then? 5. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

It has been awhile and very happy to be back. The rain has stopped but the consequence of the rain, the wet ground, that's important. Thank you very much for your support taking care of my six. In all continuous tenses, the auxiliary verb be is essential, right? Precede - What is the Difference? Proceed vs. We'll focus on two important past tenses, the past continuousand the past perfect continuous.

3.They were walking home when suddenly it started to rain. Like: So the longer action goes in the past continuous tense and it's interrupted by the short action in the past simple. Which of the following types of verbs cannot be used in the past perfect continuous tense? That way we can help you to tell stories accurately and improve your English grammar and as usual if you watch the lesson through, I've got some questions to help you test your skills and to practise what you learn during this lesson which is super important. It's a time reference. by Emma | Mar 25, 2021 | Grammar | 32 comments. So in the past perfect continuous, we often specify a duration or a period of time, of course, using our adverbs for and since, very common in the perfect tenses. It shows us that the two actions took place at the same time right and the tenses give us information about the nature of these actions. So let's say that these two actions happened yesterday at 3pm. I will see you in the next lesson. Congratulations on the new look of the background, its shades and graphics. The most common use of the past perfect continuous tense is to describe an action that was in progress in the past before another past action or event occurred. For example: When we use the past perfect continuous tense in this way, we often describe the. The meaning of both sentences is quite similar. I was thinking about this grammar since have watched the last video and hope you will be talking about it because it was so confusing to me and I barely use the past perfect continuous. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/Past-Perfect-Continuous-Tense.htm, We usually use the past perfect continuous tense to emphasize the, To form the past perfect continuous, we use. A lot of practice is needed. The food wasn't ready when they did arrive. I was washing my hair. Gooday Teacher. 1- Had been waiting 2- Was eating 3- Were walking to 4- We had lived 5- Was listening 6- Was raining. 1. A past continuous action like it was raining informs the state of a second action. Today's grammar lesson is an exciting one, we're gonna practise the grammar that you need to accurately tell stories in English.

The lyricist had been writing realistic songs since the beginning of his career. The action likely finished at a point further in the past. When the second action happens, it interrupts and marks the completion of the first one. Here's a tip. We can also use the past perfect continuous in this way without an expression of duration, as in: Because it describes continuous, dynamic action, the past perfect continuous can only be used with, Sentences in the past perfect continuous tense can be made negative by using the word, When we make questions with the past perfect continuous tense, the subject and the auxiliary verb, We can also make interrogative sentences negative by adding, As we see in the first example, a negative interrogative question can sometimes be used rhetorically, implying that the speaker expects the answer to be yes., There are two ways we can use the past perfect continuous to form conditional sentences. And the good news is that there's some more practice coming over the next couple of weeks. We've got to get comfortable choosing between these tenses right and deciding which isthe right one to use. Finally I had found someone I can really undertand so clearly That I'going to stay tune with anytime I can. 5. What's important in this sentence is that the studying had started and it wasn't finished yet. It isn't complete. Thank you very much for your help. Okay, but what was I doing when the doorbell rang? 1. She hasn't finished right so that is the impact on that particular moment. You had been shopping in that market before you came home. I was doing the dishes but I stopped doing them when John arrived and I hadn't finished doing them yet. Studying is a long action, it's a continuing action but the doorbell ringing is a short action, right? However, in the first sentence. The idea of an action in progress in the past perfect continuous, it's a little bit abstract and by abstract, I mean that the progression of that action can go on formany hours or days or even years. But, it's getting clear. The difference with the past perfect continuous is that it expresses an action in progress before a particular moment in the past. We had been living 5. Stay safe and I wish both of you well and God bless! The past perfect continuous sentence has different auxiliary verbs. Learn Everyday Vocabulary for Travel & Clothes. Jeff had been studying in the library before he came to the class. We had been waiting 2.I was eating 3.They were walking 4.We had been leaving 5.I was listening 6.It was raining (In that moment was precisely raining and the consequence was that the ground was wet) If we use It had been raining means that it rained before but not necessarily happened at that moment. I was watching mmm lesson when my friend arrived. Emma, Is the following sentence grammatically correct? I haven't fully completed the review due to time constraints, but I will in a soonest possible time. Because raindrops were falling from the sky at that exact moment in time and they were making the ground wet. 2.Last Monday at 8 am I was eating my breakfast. We had been waiting for the bus for hours when it finally arrived. Okay so listen up because what I'm about to tell you is really important. Taken at face value, the past continuous and the past perfect continuous do seem pretty similar. Was I studying? Please help me to improve my English. I had been reading your video transcript until my mother called. Now I finally understand the difference between simple past continuous and past perfect continuous grammar. The cooking was incomplete. Why do we use the past continuous? Here are some other examples using the past perfect continuous tense: We can also use the past perfect continuous to indicate that the continuous action that finished in the past was the. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. so much in See you soon gad bless you Best Teacher, Hello Emma, 1.had been waiting 2.was eating 3.had been walking 4.had been living 5.was listening 6.was raining. Your email address will not be published. Are you with me? 1.had been waiting 2.was eating 3.were walking 4.had been leaving 5.was listening 6.was raining. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. So in this sentence, Julia had to stop what she was doing and go to the door and let her guests in right. Thanks Emma xan really really a good lesson I got all correct best regards. Now this tense is often used with the past simple tense to talk about two past actions that took place at the same time. So using this tense means that it isn't clear whether the action was actually happening at that exact moment. Video Transcript Section 1 Oh hey there I'm Emma from mmmEnglish! The work is finished right and the result of that completed work is that the presentation is done. You're probably quite familiar with the structure of past continuous sentences in English, right? So like I said, let's dive straight in. Download them and watch them anywhere! Using when emphasises that the action was unfinished when the second action takes place. They were walking/had been walking home when it started to rain. We want to focus on the difference. It's really difficult to see the difference, though your explanation is quite clear. First rained and this is why the ground was wet) Correct? It was raining/had been raining so the ground was wet. What form of the main verb is used to create the past perfect continuous tense? Hi Emma, I thought you changed the birthday from Friday to Saturday, is this Sgrammatically correct? We can still use the conjunction when to join these actions but we can also usethe conjunction before.


All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Jag was listening/had been listening to the radio when someone knocked on the door. Not: She was studying since 7am. The other way that we can compare these tenses is when we use them to express action and consequence. I had been listening to melodious songs for two hours. So here I spent some time studying and wasn't finished yet but later at some pointthe doorbell rang. They're going to help you to choose the right tense. Make sure you're looking out for those time references and those adverbs. We can say: So the result of the rain, the consequence of the rain is that the ground was wet. If you want to study and to practise a bit more with the past perfect continuous tense, I've got a whole lesson dedicated to it. The past continuous and perfect continuous are narrative tenses perfect tor telling stories in English! Do you see the difference there? What were you doing at 3pm on Friday? I'm going to be sharing a quiz and some speaking practice that will help you to review these tenses and help you to use them in context and get comfortable with them. So that means that one action informs the state of another action. I got all 5 correct. it's in progress, right?

Which of the following is a function of the past perfect continuous tense? It's right up there. I had been watching you teaching about the tenses. Tricky and skillful.Thanks. And the first one is the order of the events in the past in relation to each other. The poet had been writing romantic poems since morning. The fact is that the cooking wasn't complete so they didn't have anything to eat so that means that while the past continuous shows us a long continuing action that is in progress at a specific moment in the past, the past perfect continuous shows us a long continuing action that isn't necessarily in progress at a specificmoment in past. And if you're ready to keep practising with me, check out this video here or this one and of course, hit subscribe. So both the past continuous and the past perfect continuous can be used to give some context and express the result of an action. The impact is that her guests are there but there's no food to eat. I had been shopping with my elder brother in the fair since morning. Logical, right? CLICK HERE to read the full lesson transcript. Make sure you subscribe to the channel, turn on notifications and share my lesson with anyone that you think needs a little extra help with their English grammar. Thank you. Had and being followed byour main verb in -ing form which is common for all continuous tenses. mmmEnglish Video Lessons are a series of video lessons created to build confidence in English learners and focus on English in daily life. So can you see what I'm talking about? I'm going to give you onemore example to show you what I mean. That's an amazing lesson, i had been watching the lesson before i shut down my pc.