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Understand how to refer to helpful resources such as the PCard Index and the UF Directives and Procedures for guidance in compliance with PCard policies as well as getting instructional support from the myUFL Toolkits. Processing disbursements at the University of Florida can be very complex due to the overwhelming amount of rules and guidelines that must be followed.

This course covers which expenses are allowable and non-allowable on the PCard and how to identify fund-conditional purchases. Leave Policy is part of the Pro3 HR/Payroll track. The in-person class qualifies for CPE credit for Florida CPAs.

To register for a class, click on the in-person or online underneath the course name. In this course, participants will learn the journal entry process for departments that have large journal entries of six lines or moreincluding downloading and preparing the template; preparing and importing the Spreadsheet Journal into myUFL; and completing journal edits, budget checks, and posting. After completing this course, participants will be able to: This interactive session covers UFs approach to budgeting in myUFL. The myUF Marketplace will provide a user-friendly, streamlined way for departments to purchase and pay for goods and services. (352) 392-3261, Controller's Office Center for Excellence, Explain the differences between assets and property, Identify the different decals UF uses to identify and track department assets and attractive items, Summarize the responsibilities different individuals/groups have for managing and tracking property, Explain the importance of identifying and tracking property, Outline procedures for managing and tracking property, Determine what surplus property is, locate and use the UF Surplus Warehouse, and describe how users are authorized, List some resources they can access for assistance with property management, How to enter Credit Card and EFT Deposits. Trainings for Tier 1 and Tier 2 will vary based on your role in the department. Enterprise Analytics introduces users to the reporting dashboard through videos and interactive tutorials using IBM Cognos Analytics.

Take pictures with the app to add and update the property record. Please note that this online class is required for those employees designated Requestors, however, it is recommended for Financial Approvers and Shoppers. Text-Only Version, Higher Education Opportunity for Children of TEAMS Employees, Employee Award and Recognition Programs Policy, Financial Literacy and Retirement Education (FLARE), Managing at UF: The Supervisory Challenge, Human Resources/Payroll Management Certification, RAFT Research Administration & Financials Training, Fiscal certification requires completion of two elective credits, Most of the electives are grouped; you need to take all of the courses within a grouping in order to get one elective credit for that grouping, At least one of your electives must be within the Completing Transactions Competency, Together with the required core courses, the electives can help develop a foundation within the associated competencies, How to enter Credit Card and EFT Deposits.

It also explains the need for consistent treatment of direct and indirect costs. This workshop is required for the UF_GL_END_USER, UF_AP_VOUCHER_PROCESSOR and UF_AR_CASHIER roles. In this session, participants will learn how to record a deposit and create the accounting entry in the myUFL system. Online Effective March 1, 2014, this course is for DSOs only.

These best practices are focused on allocating and assigning appropriate costs correctly the first time and reviewing sponsored project transactions in order to identify any costs that might be placed incorrectly or require follow-up. Participants will learn about the budgeting model, budget terminology, and the budget timeline, as well as examples from myUFL.

fund investment gator student warrington placements hedge equity private cobie implementing Security roles associated with PST083: UF_N_MKT_FINANCIAL_APPROVER&UF_N_MKT_REQUESTOR. The myInventory app is the easy to use tool to complete physical inventory. This workshop will introduce UFs sources of funds along with the accompanying rules, or directives, that govern how each type of monies may be spent. This workshop is for decision makers, requisition initiators and department approvers who need to buy goods and services using requisitions and purchase orders.

This course is required to obtain and retain the UF_N_BP_COLLEGE_PLANNER role. Commitment Control is an accounting methodology that identifies and reserves (or commits) funds for future payment obligations. The course also discusses inventory policy and explains workflow of requests to department approvers and Asset Management for final approval and processing in myUFL. This content covers key PCard Policies and procedures for carrying and using this type of UF purchasing card, such as policy for hotels, rental cars, airfare, gasoline, conference registrations and travel-related purchases. The course discusses what constitutes PCard misuse for both cardholder and verifiers/approvers, and what constitutes fraud.

This class qualifies for CPE credit for Florida CPAs.

Instructors: Ronda Mitchell and Sarah Hanson. Items included in the USML or in the 600 series of the Commerce Control list have military applications (fire arms, night vision goggles, Geo-synchronous mapping). Learn how to search for items in the Marketplaces 35 UF negotiated-price catalogs, how to create a cart for goods and services with other suppliers; how to add Ship To, Bill To, ChartFields and other required fields, how to assign a cart to a requestor, and submit an order. Please note, although this is a list of recommended training for fiscal staff, ultimately the training will depend on your role and should be discussed with your supervisor prior to attending classes or requesting associated security roles. This role will expire 90 days after receipt. This role will allow access to complete all needed Commitment Accounting actions. Commitment Control is an accounting methodology that identifies and reserves (or commits) funds for future payment obligations. The class also discusses steps to resolve purchase disputes as well as PCard voucher reports. This course will also cover the types of fraud that occur most frequently at UF and outline the strategies for preventing, detecting, and reporting fraud. Learn about requisition and purchase order approval workflow. This class is for UF staff and faculty who need to purchase services. To continue processing Commitment Accounting actions, complete PST986 Commitment Accounting Advanced prior to the 90-day expiration.

Departments will need to record the following information in myAssets to identify the attractive property. The fields with * are mandatory fields. The myInventory app has the following features: The myInventory app has the additional features when combined with myAssets and Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. This class qualifies for CPE credit for Florida CPAs. Available as an on-demand online course through myTraining. PST073 walks you through instruction guides and resources available to refer to when you are in the moment at your desk completing a purchase in myUF Marketplace on behalf of your department.

The Marketplace is a combination of myUF Market and myUF Payment Solutions. This session focuses on a key workplace skill identifying and achieving the desired results of your work. [y D4eRsm([Ea2h5l[1UqQhB]%\%LeH

This class qualifies for CPE credit for Florida CPAs. This is not a how to workshop. This would include cars, trucks, trailers, boats, ATVs, and golf carts costing under $5,000.

If UF property is going to be taken outside the United States, the Foreign Travel or Shipping Request procedures must also be followed. In this interactive session participants will learn the manual journal entry process within myUFL, including when a manual journal entry is required, types of manual journal entries, the key steps for entering and editing journal entries, common errors, and how to search or correct posted journals. Please reference the sample of an Attractive Property Directivefor more information. The Marketplace is a combination of myUF Market and myUF Payment Solutions. This includes decaling, identifying, annual inventorying, transferring, disposing of attractive property, and keeping the department up-to-date with attractive property policies.The property custodian will identify Departmental Contacts who will be delegated daily tasks.

In this class, we introduce reports, tools, directives, and recommendations for management of financial activities at the departmental level. Participants will learn about allowable expenditures for each funding source and have a chance to practice applying the rules to ensure uniform and consistent application of associated directives.

This workshop is designed for departmental representatives that perform travel-related duties.

The 600 series is a list of items maintained by the Department of Commerce. The 600 series items are also known as the Commerce Munitions List.

Gainesville, FL 32611 Designed for payroll processors, department administrators, and supervisors, this session provides an in-depth review of UF leave policy and facilitates a better understanding or FMLA and extended leaves of absence.

Participants will be introduced to an internal control framework and study the key concepts together with a series of questionnaires that will guide them in performing unit-based internal control self-assessments. Equipment Use Fee Equipment Management Policy, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, UF Space Tracking and Reporting System, STARS, University of Florida The adoption of the Marketplace represents UFs ongoing commitment to initiatives that strategically reduce costs without sacrificing quality. In this session we will consider how critical thinking, along with self-awareness and understanding of the mental shortcuts we often, and unknowingly, take can be integrated into a process to help cultivate good judgment. Topics covered include elements of a good quote, dollar thresholds where quotes and public solicitations are required, and tips for working within the system(s) and rules. This course folds in the most pertinent laws and policies involving basic human resource practices and impacting our employees. See T&OD schedule for dates, times and locations of Business Communication workshops. (352) 392-3261, Foreign Travel Requests and Off-Site Certifications, Off-Site Certifications for Capital Assets and Attractive Property, Completing Foreign Travel or Shipment Requests, Provide the Department Contact with your UFID number and the UF. This interactive session covers UFs approach to budgeting in myUFL. This session will focus on the processes and policies related to initiating, managing and closing out a sponsored project. This course discusses some of the most important management practices for sponsored projects. The overall objective of this workshop is to ensure UF employees with fiscal responsibilities understand how funding sources can be used when completing financial transactions. In this session, participants will learn more advanced Commitment Accounting concepts and actions involving Department Budget Tables USA such as: This workshop is required to obtain the permanent UF_KA_DEPT_BUDGETING_ADMIN security role. Completion of PST073 Introduction to Procurement is strongly recommended prior to attending this course. This interactive session is designed for those who handle, manage and/or deposit cash/checks at UF, and covers UFs cash/check handling control requirements, including why these controls are so important.

In this course, participants will learn the journal entry process for departments that have infrequent to regular monthly financial transactions including entering and editing journal entries online, budget checking, and posting.

This course introduces resources on campus and tips for getting your security roles. This course will enable you to develop a basic understanding of the accounting structure, system, and concepts used to manage the financial transactions and flow of money at the university. Business Travel at the University of Florida and be very complex due to the overwhelming amount of rules and guidelines that must be followed. Please note, the Excel elective grouping will no longer count towards the Pro 3 Fiscal certification. This role will allow access to complete all needed Commitment Accounting actions.

Please keep in mind the following guidelines for elective credit: Procurement 101 is an introduction and overview of purchasing best practices, along with the policies, regulations and statutes in place at UF.

This class qualifies for CPE credit for Florida CPAs. Designed for departmental staff who handle travel in their areas, this workshop introduces travel and expense processes. This workshop is designed for departmental representatives that perform travel-related duties.

However, if you have already completed the elective credit, it will still count towards the Pro 3 Fiscal certification. Identify clearly what you want and define your priorities, Explore methods for persisting in the face of challenges, Create goals that are clear and compelling, Develop a strategy that leads to accomplishment of your goals. Participants will have the opportunity to review and discuss specific case studies during the class. Asset Management recommends iPhone 6s or later because of the camera quality but the myInventory app works on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) running iOS 11.3 or later. Learn the responsibilities of the departmental verifier/approver and the steps for verifying/approving PCard transactions in myUFL. This course also introduces dashboarding and interacting with your data through sorting and filtering techniques. The department could require property to be tracked besides the mandatory attractive property described above. In this session, participants will review how to complete Department Budget Table transactions. This workshop is designed to provide an in-depth review of travel-related rules/guidelines and answer the questionWhat is allowed to be claimed in accordance with the UF Travel Directives?. Time reporting codes (TRCs) and earnings codes, adjustments, wage refund calculation requests, and leave processes/issues will be reviewed. This workshop offers guidelines for understanding and adjusting to the differences in people, through observation of their behavior. University of Florida This training is required for all myUF Marketplace users as a result of the elimination of the UFF-PA form. Other topics include time-worked rules, reporting time in myUFL, using Time and Labor tools, managing exceptions, and approving time. (Learn more about LinkedIn Learning here.). ), and other relevant university relationships, including the University Board of Trustees and Board of Governors.

When a department is relocating an asset to an off-site location, or an item is intermittently traveling, the department must complete an Off-site Certification Form in myAssets before the equipment is removed from campus. Learn how to refer to the PCard Index, UF Directives and Procedures for Travel, and the Florida Statutes for Per Diem and Travel Expenses, to help you remain in compliance with rules for using a UF PCard for Travel.

Learn the basics of using the Enterprise Analytics platform including navigation of the interface, opening a report, changing the homepage, and scheduling a report. This brief, 20-minute course covers the policies and procedures for accurately approving employee time and leave requests.

Ability to scan barcode and with one tap the app will take the user to myAssets so they can update property records, complete a transfer, or disposals.

Participants will learn about the core offices, how to find your DSA, and where to go for additional training.

(352) 392-3261.

Designed for employees who must deposit revenue without tracking customer information, this certified hands-on class will cover: This hands-on session is for individuals who create requisitions and receive assets for their department. Please review the Capital and Attractive Livestock Directive for information. In this session, you will learn to: This course provides a practical introduction and guide to fair and legal employment practices at UF.