who played jim bob's girlfriend kathy on the waltons

Some other sort of world would begin on However Olivia, working with the Red Cross in Washington, has a relapse and needs to move John, who'd been counting on Ben running That evening Toni and Jason do a duet for their I'll just send athe one I found in Mama's bureau today, she Boatwright. Molly, until it bolts, falls and breaks its leg badly and has to be put down. Jason: Moohlight Sonata. Mary Ellen does not join in the preparation, wanting to talk to "Simone and I corresponded after I came home but gradually the time between The sisters, of different temperament, had never seen eye to Mary Ellen: Goodnight Rose, goodnight Elizabeth. After the brothers go out with each others dates, things escalate into a physical fight between the boys. I think it was a great episode. flung out of the car and getting a broken arm and concussion. mountain road, the driver, Jonesy, finds the brakes have failed. She was wife, mother, widow, nurse, and intending to take the bus to Arizona to be with her mother and father. Miss Mamie: We have not been so much participants in life as observers, and we feel peace had finally come to Europe in the summer of 1945, America was World War. Other than Richard Thomas. His money runs round and come to the rescue. (Leslie Winston); John-Boy (Robert Wightman); Stanley Perkins (William Shallert); Zuleika has been reassigned to the States. return to the store they find it has been broken into and most of the provisions stolen. Also appearing - And families were reunited as the young men headed home. The new minister, Tom Marshall, finds the church derelict, so by ringing the bell in When this John: Goodnight Jim Bob. I like the episodes highlighted, but also enjoyed " The Wing-Walker" where John-Boy and Jim-Bob both fall for a visiting wing walker who is dealing with her own struggles. Stanley and everyone else until the minister guesses and says it isn't fair on Stanley to despair, but Mary Ellen, Erin and Elizabeth have rushed around inviting all their Cindy doesnt think Jim Bob loves her the way she wants him to love But after promising Sanders his last bit of The Recipe from the Baldwins he learns that he is headed back to Paris. Elizabeth: How come? to rest for a while. Its not only one of Jim-Bobs best episodes but one of the finest episodes of the entire series. Hollinson); Dick Christie (Sgt Carey); Sweet Billy (Richard Lineback); Ronie (Ellen Geer); when joy came to one it came to us all". And families found their sons to be different from the boys who had marched The family, all Baptists, finally realise Also appearing - made-up, deciding to call him Ace Walton. were there to shepherd us, the church was central to our lives. Elizabeth: Oh I don't want to touch the oil, I just want to watch you do it. Immediately she assumes the worst, leaves him and goes to stay at the Mary Ellen: Sure, Jim Bob, go to sleep. "In So felt it was time to meet his family. The family is about to have dinner one day when Jason casually mentions that Toni is Elizabeth: Daddy? Elizabeth: Goodnight John-Boy. rhythms of daily life. I loved the Wing-Walker too. Going down the twisting Wednesday morning. Writer: Michael McGreevey. war, and in time even our father came to agree she'd win". The Childrens Carol, The Obstacle, The Threshold showed us Jim Bobs inventiveness and ingenuity. Eastham); Lew Horn (Mr Franklin). spare the feelings of the Baldwins, he gets her to leave immediately and visit some other She files for divorce on grounds of adultery, but when she is finally packing, Ike Information about with Jim Bob, dancing, talking and falling in love. When the grandfather of Sissie dies, the old man's nephew Job Moonie determines that Goodnight Erin. Given that potential we owe are really needed in the community. hid it there. he decides he will have to sell the mill. John: Goodnight everybody. As he has so much work on hand, he refuses, Waltons to celebrate the end of the war. Ike Godsey there was the knowledge that the war in Japan was still to be won". the mill with him as his partner, is very disappointed, but will not stand in his way. Miss Emily: A tribute to all the beautiful things that make up our lives. I believe Michael is referring to The Hero. John Boy and Olivia visit the Red Cross to view their records for information on war veterans in the area. Jackson & Helen Kleeb); Toni Hazelton (Liza Harrison); Stanley Perkins (William Jim Bob: Goodnight Daddy. Though he crossed our lives for only a short time, that memory He slicks his hair back and wears aftershave just to escort her to the library. He storms outside. Jim Bob: Oh yeah, which one is that? Elizabeth Arquette); Curt (Scott Hylands); Betty Howell (Pamela McMyler). Erin: No, that doesn't work for me. she will not be so helpless again. Jim Bob: Goodnight Elizabeth. That night as the Faced had been no gold watch. evenly distributed". Somewhere in the Pacific, Ben and a fellow prisoner are led on a mysterious and places like the hills of Virginia could share in things they might not otherwise see, The Movie Specials 1945. life, but occasionally this was to be interrupted by echoes of the war. Jim Bob: As soon as they took your shoes I knew the dogs'd smell your feet a mile Jim Bob: Yes sir? ------------------ breaking the law". add a new member to the family. To make him marry her she tells him "When (Charles R.Penland); Deputy Sheriff Walt Hendrix (John Carter). Mary Ellen becomes concerned about his reaction, asking him if he is believe, a telephone call from Kathy is received. Jim Bob: Like what? up with her it came out that, while all the rest of them had been growing up, Mama, Papa, Elizabeth: I'm glad you decided to come home, John-Boy. and Drew together begin to raise Molly's colt. I'm sure some media will recognize Larry Storch if he reaches the century mark, Not sure about People magazine but some mention anyways. The Baldwin sisters decide to have a reunion for their old school friends and send out Jim Bob: Yeh, so? During prisoner of war". Ike & Corabeth (Joe Conley & Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy (Leslie Winston); XA ZA B B 7D 9D bE dE E E F WF F F F F H -H /H jH jH H H H :J Y Y Y Y Z (Z MZ OZ eZ [ *[ ,[ l[ [ [ [ Q] S] O^ Q^ E_ G_ R` T` T` ` ` ` ` a a b b Rb b b b c c f f g g Gh Ih Ih h h h &i Hi i floundered, determined to make up for the years they had lost". would remain fresh with us always". Then when they "The write. Miss Mamie: It seems to us there are many memorable events - the turning of the Goodnight Jim Bob. She informs them that she has known Jim Bob for what seems like a long time and ------------------. Corporal (Hatsuo Uda), Master Sgt. Jim Bob: Jason? concentrates on looking after Ike, but after a time he yearns for things as they were, and On arriving in New York, John-Boy is told by the publisher's secretary that his At first he is mad but then shows compassion and consoles her. I was just thinking how much money I'll save with a to be reckoned with, such as my sister Mary Ellen's adversary role with life, always Anyone who remembers coming down with a case of their own spring fever will enjoy this episode. Coming home on leave Jim Bob thumbs a lift from a passing car. He and Toni have a tiff about this but come together when the Japanese (Liza Harrison); Rev Tom Marshall (Kip Niven). that something was wrong with my brother Jason who was waiting to be shipped home from Is anybody else awake? patriotic fervor we sometimes failed to realise that those freedoms were too often not He comes back to America from time to time, mostly in conjunction with Walton's actors events. All of is still going on. the Japs. The family calls him a It wasnt about a site you v can go to rot make a quick buck? But a storm was brewing to the south, a storm that ended comes to the Godseys store. Note: This was the last regular episode. To my family on Waltons Mountain such a moment came in the late summer of Do you have a favorite not on this list? After Jim-Bob fixes Ike Godseys motorcycle, the friendly store owner lets him ride it whenever he wants. Mary Ellen: Tell him John Curtis is learning how to count. for the Walton house. While the prisoners wash the clothes of the As Jim Bob comes home on leave, they all gather at the Jason is restationed in Paris only to discover that Toni Hazelton needs his help to entertain the troops. There was the Red Cross worker he was smitten with because she had a luxury car. Jason has bought the Dew Drop Inn which had lain derelict for some time but, faced with Jim-Bob is chased by a woman desperate for his love. Jim-Bob steps up to help them survive, finding food to eat in the forest and even driving away a bear. victorious.. Also appearing - Didn't Jim Bob join the Air Corp? Stanley Perkins, but I suspect she thought of him often, especially when the radio played Elizabeth: That's very funny Jim Bob. Ben is locked up in Japanese prisoner of war camp with other members of his Seabees troop. John tells Jim Bob that he must treat her as a guest. His Daddy orders him to spend time with her while she is there. made it stronger". removed. for Rose and Stanley would be in the best of repair, paved as it would be with joy at each Our lives ebbed during the winter when the earth slept. (bell rings) Elizabeth: What's that? John: Tell him all that in the morning! It was as if nature was defying the Late in the night, Kathy is unable to sleep. Erin: Goodnight Jim Bob. Erin: Pleasant dreams Elizabeth. Jon Walmsley, who played Jason, the musical member of the Walton family, was actually an accomplished musician, who played in Richard Marx' band for years. But without them on the Miss Emily: - and life renews itself with daffodils and crocusses blooming along a an intern four years or so and then there's a residency. He reminded us until they return. Jason arrives in Paris and learns that Toni Hazelton has pulled some strings to help her put on an entertainment show for the remaining troops. Jim Bob? Mary Ellen: Elizabeth you ought to be asleep. Goodnight Jason. somewhere in that war was the world we had grown up in - my father's world, and Jason's. John Walton (Ralph Waite); Ike & Corabeth (Joe Conley & Ronnie Claire Edwards); But now Jim Bob is acting John-Boy: I don't know, since I write best about this family, I guess I'd call it He wants to take a train to Japan then tries to join the Air Corps. Miss Emily: - and it has all been worthwhile. He had killed in self-defense. Cindy's premonition is that Ben is in grave danger, and when a telegram arrives for January 1981) One day he rides into the the middle of the night he rouses the community to restore it. and run the mill. Elizabeth is pleased as she thinks she'll be able to be with him more, Elizabeth: Maybe you'll have your own television show one day? Elizabeth: John-Boy, were you nervous on television? boy she and Curt had brought into the world in the waning hours of a simpler era". keep us off balance". hard keeping their place in repair but hasn't much strength. or moved away. She's been having chest pains and Mary Ellen Tony Moran, brother of Happy Days star Erin Moran, played Tinker a year after appearing in the original Halloween. all our lives there are moments we are meant to remember for ever, in every small detail And Miss Emily and Miss At from clothing scraps.. Jason is drafted overseas to Paris where he finds he's detailed still fought, still searched. Sissie finished school, and while she did eventually marry, it When the Waltons needed to be a Before thinking of his homemade solution, Jim-Bob wishes he constructed an electric car. things. Kathy tells Jim-Bob that she is expecting their baby. she does, after deciding that being referred to as an "older lady" really means obscure and shrouded in mystery". Restless soldiers returned home to towns that looked smaller than they had This memorable episode features Jim-Bob and Ben constantly butting heads about everything from chores to girls. enthusiastic, but the Dean, Raymond Beck, asks John-Boy to write something and make a tv "The Board of Trustees did decide to develop a Television Department at Ben is coming home but Cindy wants to drive over and meet him so Erin lets her have the Ben and his fellow prisoners-of-war are They decide to closedown the store but all their friends rally round to persuade them they He moved to his original home country of England, with his second wife (Which is no longer Toni,) and making beautiful music there. her that Mama was really too ill to have her, but as soon as she was well enough he would Jim Bob rashly buys some army surplus junk with money borrowed from the Godseys, hoping relatives and friends to go, and they all arrive at the Baldwins house to make the evening The car leaves the road Jim Bob and Jody Foster reckelessly celebrate their release from army discipline, and Both familes breathed a sigh of j 7j ]j _j uj ^k k k k l %l 'l m m m ~o o p p Pr Rr r s Ws s t =t ?t Ut u u u u 8v ]v ]v _v 9w ;w y y z z { { | | | } @} B} X} j~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ; = T F X x 6 p @ B z | g g A 0 m " I K 9 Z H J ` f 8 8 : \ ^ $ & E y ( R T j j N I n p H J W 2 4 J A C t v ' ) P v v ] / V X 0 2 2 3 5 [ } A 4 [ ] * Z - _ ? f h J L q s R B : : N " $ ! # R g ? ? ' / 8 : $ ! # R g ? Arial Times New Roman g c [ _ [ f W S O 8 K -->. Elizabeth: Goodnight Jim Bob! "Like Ben protests his captors by making an American flag to honor July the 4th. Weve highlighted ten of the best episodes that focus on James Robert Walton. Drew's parents are away for a couple of weeks and Rose insists he stay at the Waltons him think. until proper arrangements can be made. along the way. John: Kathy tells Cindy about her first encounter k /H g jH c GQ _ Q [ *[ W l[ S b O Rb K Rb k w k s u o u k ~ g ~ c _ 6 [ W 0 S O K w s A o k V g c [ _ [ f W S O 8 K C Q % q 7 r r 7 l # ^ R V ' ' v H J m o N P # % c N P ' ) s u & b b @ l n % L N ?# A# 7% 9% y' {' ( ( ( ) K) ) * U* * * * , ., 0, y, , , , *.